What is a wrestling e-fed???


A wrestling e-fed is built and run under the same style as a “real” wrestling federation only difference all the characters, events, etc. are all “FICTION”.  It is a way to simulate being in a wrestling federation and living out your dream without having to actually step in a ring and get hurt.


E-feds have made up shows and PPV’s just like the WWE would have……and the same way you would go onto the WWE website to find out what happened on RAW or Smackdown…..you will do the same thing for GCW.  The main difference is of course that the events in GCW are “make believe” but the wrestlers involved in the action are you and all the other people that joined the fed.


You will create a wrestler for yourself…….than you will “roleplay” for the character you created in the Roleplay Area and try to start feuds with the other people in the e-fed.  Roleplaying is writing a small script for your wrestler’s interviews just like what is done in the WWE.  Just pretend to be a wrestler and talk the talk of a wrestler…..you don’t have to walk the walk of course because  this is fantasy wrestling not real wrestling.  The best way to get a good idea of how to roleplay is to look at how some of the other people in the fed are writing theirs.  You only have to post a roleplay min. once a week so there’s not really much work involved…..as you will spend more time wanting to see how your wrestler did at the events and all the trash other people are talking about your character.  Just remember while roleplaying that you are “in character” and nothing said in GCW is personal attacks on anyone…….it is just an attack on your “wrestling character”.


Once the feuds get heated in an e-fed is when it gets really fun……..because this allows you to talk trash to people and never have to worry about backing it up.  Please remember that GCW is “pretending” to be a real wrestling federation and that most of what goes on in GCW is meant to make it seem as close to the real thing as possible.


If you are still confused or need more help……please feel free to EMAIL ME and I will do my best to help you out so you will be able to be part of the fun.  Don’t let having no previous e-fed experience stop you from joining GCW……because EVERYONE has to start somewhere…..and let GCW be that place for you.


Thanks for reading,

GCW Owner

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