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**Always stay in character**


**Try to have a set-up for your roleplays to give ppl reading an idea of where the interview is taking place, etc.**


**Don’t waste your time posting small one line roleplays as your best roleplays are the only one(s) that will count**


**Instead of writing a bunch of short roleplays….try to focus on writing longer quality roleplays that are worth reading**


**Try having a GCW reporter interview your character**


**NEVER include other wrestlers in GCW unless either A) you control the character or B) you have the persons permission to use them in your rolelpay**


**Try not to rip-off ideas from WWE, TNA, etc. (ex. Punjabi Prison or King of the Mountain Match)  We are trying to be as original as possible and using signature matches from WWE, TNA, etc. takes away from the originality of GCW.  Using common matches like Ladder Matches, or Cage Matches or any other match that has been used by most “real” promotions throughout the history of wrestling**


**Try to be as realistic as possible to what your wrestler would be able to say if he was actually on television in the WWE, etc.  Don’t swear a whole lot and do things that more than likely would never happen in “real” wrestling**



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