August 19th, 2006

Dallas, Texas




Commentators: Johnny Diamond & Ramblin Rick Rogers


JD: Welcome everyone to Saturday Night Showdown……we are LIVE in Dallas and what a show he have in store for you tonight!


Rick: That’s right JD…..the UWA is here and BAD isn’t!! That’s great…..and tonight is going to be great!!


JD: Well this has been a HUGE week in GCW leading up to the August PPV Event…..EXTREME HEAT!! Shane Stevens no longer owns GCW and he has come out of retirement…..and we’ve got his return to the ring…..right here….LIVE and only on Showdown!!!


Rick: I can’t wait to see the GREATEST legend in GCW history beat the living crap out of that smart mouth punk Ace King!! We all know who the REAL King of GCW is and it’s not some TV chump named Ace King!


JD: Well the fans love this guy Rick and he’s part of the new generation of GCW……and there’s a lot of talent in some of the youth here in GCW!!


Rick: Yeah…..and his name is the Paragon Blake Frederiksen!!! I can’t think of any other names JD!!


JD: Well we don’t have time to sit and argue about this…..actually I’m getting word that the UWA has just arrived in the building and cameras are back stage so let’s get back there now!




(Cameras go backstage where the UWA has just walked into the building…..and all 3 members look to be in a very good mood.  They’re all dressed in very expensive suits and Shane Stevens is carrying a briefcase.  The 3 continue through the backstage area and make their way to the entrance into the arena. Cameras go back out to the arena…..)


Rick: Guess who’s here??? Now the show can officially begin!!!


(The UWA make their way into the arena with no entrance music and the fans begin to boo and throw garbage at them.  The 3 continue to smile and make their way into the ring…….Shane Stevens has a microphone…..)


Shane: First of all……..all you godamn hillbillies in Dallas and go to hell!! I’m in a great mood and you can throw all the garbage in the world at us and it won’t change that…..because the UWA knows who the real garbage is in Dallas….and that’s each and every one of you inbred morons!!! HAHAHAHA!!


(The fans begin to chant “ASSHOLE” “ASSHOLE”)


Shane: Thanks……coming from you people…..it doesn’t surprise me…..it’s easy to call someone an asshole when you’re all a bunch of assholes yourselves!!!


(All 3 men start laughing and then Skip Jones grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up in the ring.  He grabs 3 chairs and throws them into the ring…..all 3 sit down at the table and Shane Stevens puts the briefcase on the table.)


Blake: Is it time to make history?


Shane: Oh you’re damn right it is……..Skip you’re the only man we trust to witness this contract signing for us…..are you sure you can handle it?


Skip: Come on Shane…..I’m not just a pretty face!!! I’m the prettiest face in GCW!! HAHAHA!!


Shane: That’s true…..now let’s get down to business shall we!


(Shane opens the briefcase and takes out a contract and 2 pens and puts them on the table.)


Shane: It’s time to make it official Blake!! Are you ready?


Blake: You know I am Shane……we’ve both been waiting along time to sign this contract so let’s just do it!


(Shane Stevens signs the contract…..then passes it over to Blake Frederiksen…..he then signs the contract as well…..then Skip Jones signs as the witness and Shane and Blake stand up and give each other a hug.)


Shane: This is the greatest day of my life……..tonight all these morons right here in Dallas are going to see the GREATEST Father/Son tag team in the history of professional wrestling!!!


(The 3 all hug each other and then they leave the ring…..cameras go to the broadcast location….)


JD: What in the hell is Shane Stevens talking about?? Father/Son tag team? Just what in the hell did that contract say?


(The UWA come walking up to the broadcast location and they all shake hands with Ramblin’ Rick and Shane throws the contract down in front of Johnny Diamond who starts to read it….)


JD: You gotta be kidding me!!!


(Shane Stevens rips the contract out of his hands and the UWA walks out of the arena…)


JD: I don’t believe this folks…….it appears that Shane Stevens has officially adopted Blake Frederiksen…..right here LIVE on Showdown!!!


Rick: Wow that’s the greatest thing EVER!!!


JD: Come on Rick……he already has a son you jackass!!! Why does he need to adopt Blake when his real son is a great wrestler himself!!! This is absolutely ridiculous and I can’t believe this just happened here on Showdown!!


Rick: You’re an idiot JD……now the 2 greatest wrestlers in GCW history are officially Father and Son!!! I think I’m about to cry JD……this is the most emotional moment EVER on GCW television!!!


JD: Let’s get to the action before you start crying!! We’re going to kick off the in-ring action with the biggest man in GCW history….The Great Krusher……taking on the hardcore star Sledge!!




(The Great Krusher makes his way to the ring and the fans are in awe at the size of him…..they’re not really cheering or booing him…)


(Sledge hits the arena and some of the fans start to cheer as he seems to have a bit of a following from some fans….)


JD: How in the hell is he going to beat this massive man?


Rick: He’s going to have to cheat…..that’s all there is to it!!


JD: Sledge is going right after the big man….he’s not backing down at all!! Look at those blows by Sledge….he’s hammering the big man but how’s he going to get him off his feet?? Here comes a running clothesline…….OH it rocks the big man but he won’t go down!!  Another big clothesline sends Krusher into the ropes!!! One more clothesline by Sledge and the big man just went over the top rope out to the floor…..BUT HE LANDED ON HIS FEET!! I don’t believe this!!


Rick: He’s a frickin’ GIANT!!


JD: Sledge is going up top…….here’s the leap out onto Krusher…..NO he’s caught in mid-air……OH and the Great Krusher just rammed the back of Sledge right into the ring post!!  Now he’s picking up Sledge….OH drops him throat first on the guardrail!!! He’s throwing Sledge back into the ring!! Krusher is back into the ring…..here’s a big leg drop…..NO Sledge got out of the way!! Sledge is chopping the hell out of the giant and he’s got him backed into the corner!! Sledge is climbing up the ropes…….he’s nailing Krusher in the face with hard right hands!!! OH MY the Great Krusher has got Sledge in a bear hug…….OH he just slammed him right down on the mat driving all that weight down on Sledge!! Here’s the cover…..1…..2….3!!!


Rick: Sledge made a mistake….he should have just ran!!!


JD: He put up a fight and actually had the advantage for most of the match……but size proved to be the deciding factor in the match….what are you going to do against a guy as big as the Great Krusher?


Rick: Like I said….RUN!!! HAHAHA!!


JD: Well up next we’ve got the former GCW Tag Champ the Mighty Knight taking on a man who’s making his debut on GCW television…..Perice McGee….how will he do in his debut?? Let’s get down to the ring!!




(Perice McGee makes his way to the ring and some of the fans already like this guy and a couple even have signs for the newcomer)


(The Mighty Knight hits the arena and the fans start to cheer…..there’s several signs that say “You were robbed”…..)


JD: Here’s the lockup……..both men are struggling for position!!! OH there’s a big chop by Perice…..OH and another!! Mighty Knight delivers a huge chop of his own!!! Neither man is backing down……look at them exchanging chops!!! Mighty Knight has backed Perice into the corner….OH there’s a big knee that stops Perice in his tracks!! Now Knight is going to go to work on Perice in the corner….look at those vicious elbows to the head of Perice McGee!! Here’s the whip to the far corner…..here comes Mighty Knight….NO Perice moved out of the way and Knight ran face first into the turnbuckle!! Here’s a roll up by Perice….1…2..NO!! That was a close one!!


Rick: He almost got him……see you never know when you can win a match!!


JD: Perice is going up top……Knight is up to his feet……OH what a great missile drop kick right on target!! Knight went down hard and here’s another cover by Perice….1…2..NO!!! Perice picks him up and here’s the irish whip……..he misses the clothesline……OH and Knight misses a clothesline…….a boot to the midsection by Perice…..OH what a DDT by Perice McGee!!!


Rick: That might be enough JD!!


JD: Perice is going up top again……here comes the big elbow…..NO Mighty Knight moved out of the way!!! The former tag champ is back to his feet….he’s got Perice……OH what a brutal backbreaker by the Mighty Knight!!! Here’s the leg drop by Knight and a cover…1….2….NO!!! Perice is able to kick out in 2!! The Might Knight is giving the sign for the Slamming Facebuster.  Here it comes…..NO it’s blocked by Perice who turns it into a great vertical suplex!! Perice picks him up and delivers a brilliant belly-to-belly suplex to the former tag champ!!  Perice is going up top….he’s giving the fans a sign…….OH MY GOD what a move by Perice McGee!!! What an incredible move he calls The Pericing Star!! Here’s the cover…1….2…..3!!!! What a win by the newcomer in his debut on Showdown!!!


Rick: Well there’s no better way to make a name for yourself then by beating a former GCW champion……and that’s what this guy just did right here LIVE in Dallas!!


JD: What a great match and up next we’ve got a match for a shot at the GCW TV Title and it features a member of the UWA and former TV Champ Skip Jones and a man who made his first appearance last week on Showdown and tonight makes his in-ring debut on Showdown…..Johnny Godless!!




(Skip Jones makes his way into the arena and some of the women start to cheer and everyone else if booing very loud…..Skip is more concerned with how he looks….)


(Johnny Godless hits the arena and the fans start to cheer…….there’s signs that say “Take out the Trash in GCW”……)


JD: Johnny is going right after Skip….but look at Skip run out of the ring like a coward!!!


Rick: That’s a smart move JD……it’s called changing your game plan…..don’t you know anything about wrestling?


JD: Yes I do….and this is definitely not it!!!  Wait a minute here comes Godless……he’s got Skip by the hair….OH he just slammed his face off the ring steps!!! Here’s the whip into the guardrail……OH my Skip hit so hard he went up and over into the crowd!! Johnny Godless has got Skip…….he comes the suplex back in…..OH right on the arena floor!!! Great move by Johnny Godless to bring Skip back over the guardrail!!


Rick: He could have just helped him back over….he didn’t have to do that!!


JD: Come on Rick!!! The action is back into the ring……here comes Johnny Godless off the ropes…..OH what a great flying clothesline sending Skip Jones down to the mat!! Godless picks up Skip…….here comes a piledriver!! OH great spike piledriver to Skip Jones….here’s the cover…1…2…NO!!! Skip was able to get his shoulder up!!! Godless picks up Skip again…..here’s the whip to the ropes……OH he catches him with an awesome powerslam…..another cover….1…2….NO!!! Skip is out in 2 again!!!


Rick: You can’t beat Skip Jones that easily……he’s in the UWA….they’re the best in WRESTLING!!!


JD: Well the best isn’t looking too good so far in this one!!! Godless is going to pull Skip to his feet again….OH no there’s a low blow by Skip Jones!!! Skip Jones comes off the ropes…..OH what a scissor kick to the back of the head of Johnny Godless!!! Skip is going up top…..OH what a moonsault off the top rope…..here’s the cover…1….2….NO!!! Godless kicks out in 2!!! Skip Jones is arguing with the referee…….he’s wasting too much time Rick!!!  Here comes Godless…..the roll up….1….2…..NO!! Skip kicks out again!!! Godless pulls Skip to his feet…..here’s the whip to the ropes…….Godless misses with the clothesline……Skip charges him…..OH my he back body dropped Skip over the top rope out to the floor!!!


Rick: Damn it!!! Come on Skip!!!


JD: Godless is going to wait for Skip to get back into the ring…….here he comes…….Godless is going to try and suplex him back into the ring!!! What did Skip Jones just grab out of his tights??  OH MY GOD he just nailed Godless in the face right in the middle of the suplex…..here’s the cover….1…2….3!!!!! OH COME ON!!!!


Rick: YES!!! YES!!!


JD: That was a total rip-off!!! Wait a minute…..the ref just saw Skip putting the object back into his tights!!! The ref has got Skip’s arm….he’s trying to get the object…….the ref has it!!!  I think the ref is going to reverse his decision!!


(The ref goes over to the announcer and Skip starts to flip out in the ring…)


JD: YES the ref reversed his decision!!! Johnny Godless is your winner and he’s going to get a shot at the GCW TV Title!!!!


Rick: That ref can’t do that!!! He can’t reverse his decision!!! This is a damn conspiracy against the UWA!


JD: You’re just an idiot Rick….that’s all!!! He did the right thing…..Skip just got caught cheating….that’s called justice!!!


(Skip Jones starts to flip out in the ring and starts putting the boots to Johnny Godless……..out comes Shane Stevens and Blake Frederiksen to help)


JD: Oh come on!!! The match is over and your man lost!!! This is bullshit!!!


Rick: Shut up JD……..this is the UWA’s show!!!


JD: NO it’s not…..Stevens don’t own this company anymore!!!


(All 3 men continue to put the boots to Godless…….then they pick him up and start to carry him out of the arena…..)


JD: Where in the hell are they taking him?? Why isn’t anyone helping him?


Rick: Hey he’s the one that said he could do it on his own…..Mr. Tough Guy…….and look where it got him!!! This is great……where in the world could they be taking him!!


(Cameras go backstage where the UWA is still carrying Godless and they walk out of the arena…….there is a large dumpster and they walk over and throw Johnny Godless in the dumpster……they start laughing and Skip says “You know what they say…..give a hoot…..don’t pollute” They continue to laugh and walk away…..cameras come back in to the broadcast location…)


JD: OH come on now!!! These guys can’t do this…….you see what happens when BAD isn’t in the building….these jerks go running around doing whatever they want!!! It makes me sick!!


Rick: Well you make me sick and I haven’t been complaining!! Johnny Godless got what he deserved and the UWA can do whatever they want……they’re the best and that’s that!!


JD: Well it’s time for Round 2 of the King of Extreme Tournament!! Who’s going on…….and who will be the crowned the King of Extreme and win $50,000?? Let’s go to the ring for match #1 between Freaky Bobby and Zach Fighter!!




(Freaky Bobby makes his way into the arena and some fans start to cheer…..others boo but it doesn’t bother the freaky one)


(Zach Fighter comes into the arena and is met with a ton of boo’s from the Dallas fans……he yells at the fans on his way to the ring.)


JD: Here we go…..the brawl has already started out on the arena floor. Remember falls count anywhere in hardcore matches so who knows where this match could go!! OH man Freaky Bobby just crashed into the ring steps extremely hard!!! Zach is picking up the stairs…..OH right down on the head of Freaky Bobby!!! Oh he’s getting a chair……here comes the chair shot…..NO Bobby nailed Zach Fighter with a boot to the midsection and Zach dropped the chair!! Freaky Bobby has the chair…….OH GOD what a chair shot to the face of Zach Fighter!! He’s busted open Rick!!!


Rick: I love blood…..you know I love blood!!! I don’t care who wins these hardcore matches….it’s not like they’re wrestlers!!! I just want to see them bleed!!! HAHAHA!!!


JD: Have some respect for what they do Rick!! You couldn’t take a chair shot to the face!!!


Rick: I’m not dumb enough to!!! HAHAHA!!


JD: I’d beg to differ on that one!!! They’re headed up the ramp……OH there’s a suplex by Freaky Bobby on Zach Fighter right on the entrance ramp!!! That ramp is made of steel…..that’s gotta hurt!!! Here’s the cover…1….2…NO!!! Zach Fighter got his shoulder up!!! Bobby has Zach and they’re making their way onto the stage area……..look at this brawl!!! Here comes a DDT from Freaky Bobby……NO Zach pulled the legs out right from under him!!! Bobby smacked the back of his head off the steel entrance stage!! Where’s Zach Fighter going??


Rick: He’s climbing up the set at the arena entrance…..what in the hell is this idiot doing?


JD: He’s gotta be at least 10-15ft up in the air…..he’s not going to…..NO!!! What a splash off the entrance set!!! I don’t believe what I just saw right here on Showdown!!!


Rick: He splashed a man on a steel stage from over 10ft up in the air…..and off the set??


JD: Both men are hurt……but here’s an arm across Freaky Bobby…..1…..2….3!!! It’s over!!! What a win for Zach Fighter!!! I don’t believe it!!


Rick: Wow…..that’s some extreme action!!!


JD: Zach Fighter is going on to the final of the King of Extreme tournament!!!!


Rick: I can’t wait to see the blood and gore in the next match!!


JD: Well that’s right because up next we have two of the best in the hardcore division facing off in Ryder and one-half of the Violent Dizazter…….Dizazter!!! It’s time to find out who’s going to face Zach Fighter at EXTREME HEAT!!




(Dizazter makes his way to the ring and the fans start to cheer….there’s a lot of signs for the Violent Dizazter)


(Ryder hits the arena and the fans start to cheer for him as well…….he slaps hands with the fans on his way to the ring…)


JD: This should be a great one Rick!!! Look at this…..both men are shaking hands first…..that’s a great sign of respect from these two great GCW superstars!!!


Rick: Come on and start bleeding!!


JD: Would you shut up Rick!!! Here we go and we starting off like a wrestling match…….Dizazter gets the upper hand and whips Ryder into the ropes……OH great sidewalk slam off the ropes!!! Dizazter goes outside and he’s got a chair…..now we’re going to get hardcore!! He sets up the chair in the ring…..he’s going to try and bulldog Ryder right on the chair!!! NO….Ryder blocked it and atomic dropped Dizazter right on that steel chair!!! What a great move!!!


Rick: He through a man on a chair….that’s not really a move!!!


JD: Ryder’s got the chair…..OH right in the face of Dizazter!!! Now Ryder is setting it up in the corner…..he’s going to whip Dizazter into the chair….NO it’s reversed and Ryder hit the chair FACE FIRST!!! Look at the blood pouring out of Ryder’s head!! Here’s a cover…1…2…NO!!! How did he kick out from that one?


Rick: Look at the blood…..I love it!!!


JD: Dizazter is going to get a table…….he’s setting it up outside the ring!!! Here comes Dizazter back in the ring to get Ryder……he’s going to try and powerbomb him right out on the table!!! No he can’t do this…….Wait it’s reversed!!! Dizazter just got back body dropped right over the top rope out through a table!!!! Unbelievable!!


Rick: It’s gotta be over JD!!!


JD: Here comes Ryder for the cover….1……2….NO!!! I can’t believe it!!! How in the world did he kick out!!! What is driving these men!!


Rick: That $50,000 probably…..they’re going to need it for medical bills!!! HAHAHA!!


JD: Ryder just threw Dizazter back into the ring……and he’s getting another chair!!! Wait a minute…..Dizazter has got the other chair……they both have steel chairs!!! What’s going to happen??  OH my what a chair shot to the face of Dizazter!!! Wait a minute……Dizazter comes back with a chair shot of his own!!  Another chair shot!!! Both men are exchanging chair shots…….they’re both bleeding….what in the hell is keeping them on their feet??  Dizazter goes for another chair shot……Ryder ducked….OH he just threw the chair off the face of Dizazter!!! OH my there’s a DDT on the other steel chair!!! Here’s the cover….1…..2…3!!!!!! Ryder is going on!! What an incredible match…..it didn’t even have to leave ringside……I mean I can’t believe the violence we just witnessed!!!


Rick: I can’t believe how many chair shots these two gave each other…….they’re never going to get the blood off the mat after this one!!!


JD: Now it’s official…….it’s going to be Ryder……versus……..Zach Fighter………LIVE on PPV and the winner will be crowned the King of Extreme and win a $50,000 CASH prize!!!  I can’t wait to see this one at EXTREME HEAT!!!


Rick: If it’s anything like what we saw tonight…..it should be awesome!!


JD: Well it’s going to be tough to top that match…..we just saw quite possibly the 2 best hardcore wrestlers battle it out….and if the brackets would have been different……I think these two men would have met each other in the final……because that match felt like a final match to me!!


Rick: Well it wasn’t…..that’s next Sunday on PPV!!!


JD: I know that Rick!! Well it’s time for the GCW U.S. title match……..will Shade be able to hold on to the U.S. title or will Sam McKee win the title and turn it into the Canadian Title like he said?


Rick: I sure hope so!!


JD: Well I don’t know about all that…..but we’re going to find out now….let’s go to the ring!!




(Sam McKee makes his way into the arena and the fans in Dallas absolutely hate him and he doesn’t seem to have much respect for them)


(Shade hits the arena wearing the GCW U.S. Title and the fans start to cheer. Some of the fans have signs for Shade)


JD: Oh Sam McKee’s not waiting for Shade!! He doesn’t even have the belt off yet!!! OH McKee just threw Shade hard into the guardrail!!! Now Sam McKee is taking the belt off of Shade……he’s raising it over his head…..he hasn’t even won the belt yet!! Now McKee is going to bring Shade into the ring……it’s about time!! Sam McKee is putting the boots to Shade…….he’s got him up……OH what a great neckbreaker by Sam McKee!! Now he’s going to try for a samoan drop……OH what a great move by Sam McKee….here’s the cover….1……2…..NO!!!


Rick: Damnit Sam…..don’t let up on him!!!


JD: Sam McKee is going up top…….wait Shade is up to his feet…….OH he just nailed Sam McKee who landed right down on the top turnbuckle…..he’ll be singing soprano tonight!! Shade is going to try for a superplex…..can he do it…….YES what a great superlplex by the U.S. Champion!!! Here’s the cover…1….2…NO!!! Sam McKee kicked out!!! Shade is going for a  figure four………he’s got it on!!! Can he make Sam McKee tap out……….NO…..Sam got to the ropes!!!


Rick: Great move by Sam McKee!!!


JD: Shade whips Sam to the ropes……..OH he threw Sam McKee straight up in the air and he hit the mat hard!!! Shade going for a powerbomb……..OH what a powerbomb to Sam McKee!! Here’s the cover….1…..2…..NO!!! He just got his shoulder up!! Shade picks up Sam McKee and he’s going for a chokeslam……NO low blow by Sam McKee!!! OH what a reverse DDT by Sam McKee!!! Here’s the cover…1…2…NO!!! Shade is out in 2!!


Rick: Damnit he keeps getting so close!!!


JD: Sam McKee pulls Shade up to his feet…..here comes a running clothesline…..NO Shade ducked and Sam McKee nailed the ref right into the turnbuckles in the corner!! The ref is out cold Rick!!! Wait a minute Shade has Sam McKee set up for the Shadow Replication……OH MY there it is!!! It’s over Rick……here’s the cover!!!


Rick: There’s no referee……too bad for Shade!! HAHA!!


JD: Come on ref…..get up!!! Now Shade is going to try and wake up the ref…………and he’s got the ref moving!! Sam McKee has got something……OH he just threw some powder or something in the face of Shade…….here it comes……OH Toronto Slam!!! Here’s the cover…..1……2…..3!!!!


Rick: We have a new champion!!! YES!!!!


JD: Come on……he robbed Shade of his title!!!


Rick: How do you figure?


JD: He threw something in the man’s face!!!


Rick: Oh I didn’t see that on my monitor…..maybe something is wrong with yours!!!  The ref obviously didn’t see what you’re talking about either!!! That’s why we have a new US champion…….and maybe the new GCW Canadian Champion!!!


JD: He can’t do that to the U.S. Title!!! He can change the name all he wants but it will still be the GCW U.S. Title!!  No matter what he calls it……somehow he’s walking out of here the new champion!!!


Rick: This is a great moment!!


JD: I’m getting word that cameras are following the UWA backstage……let’s get back there!!




(Cameras go backstage where Shane Stevens and Blake Frederiksen are walking down the hall to get Skip Jones…..they walk into his room but Skip Jones isn’t in his room. )


Shane: Where in the hell is he?


Blake: You know Skip….he’s probably out in the crowd picking up some ladies!


Shane: I suppose you’re right…..wait a minute….what’s this?


(Shane Stevens grabs a black t-shirt out of Skips bag…….when he opens it up it is a B.A.D. t-shirt)


Shane: What in the hell is this??


Blake: I’m sure it’s not what it looks like!


Shane: Skip wouldn’t do that??? Would he??


Blake: No…..someone had to have put it here!!


Shane: Who? B.A.D. is not in the building……so who could have done this?


Blake: I don’t know but let’s not get upset about this now……we have to go defend our UWA Tag Titles….we have to stay focused Shane!!


Shane: You’re right I guess…….but we have to find out why this was here!!


(The 2 men leave Skip’s locker room with the BAD t-shirt…….Shane throws it in the garbage and cameras go back into the arena.)


JD: Is Skip Jones joining B.A.D.??


Rick: Why in the hell would he do that?? Isn’t it obvious someone is trying to set him up?


JD: Like who Rick? Maybe Skip is going to screw over your precious UWA??


Rick: Why would he have knocked out Stacey then? Come on JD…..don’t start spreading rumours on TV!!


JD: Well all I know is that was Skip’s locker room and there was a BAD t-shirt in his bag…….you figure out what’s going on!!


Rick: We’ve got a Main Event to get to…..so let’s stop talking about this!!


JD: The UWA Tag Titles……sorry the stolen GCW Tag Titles are on the line as the new Father/Son team of The Mercenary and The Paragon take defend the gold against the TV Champ Ace King and The Predator!!! Let’s get to the ring for tonight’s MAIN EVENT!




(Ace King and Predator hit the arena and the fans go wild……there’s dozens of signs for Ace King and some for Predator as well.)


(The UWA Tag Champs make their way out with the gold on…..and the fans like always start to boo and throw garbage at the UWA)


JD: Look at all the garbage Rick!!


Rick: This is ignorant…..these damn fans don’t know a good thing if it slapped them in the face!!! I wish someone would slap some of these people in the face!!


JD: Well it’s time to see what Shane Stevens has got in his first match on TV in 5 years!! Of course Shane isn’t going to start this one off as Blake and Ace are going get the action started!!! Blake has already got Ace backed into the corner….OH what a chop by Blake Frederiksen!!! Oh and another……and another!!! Wait a minute……Ace grabs Blake and throws him into the corner…….OH a big chop…..another…..OH and another one that sends Blake up in the air and down to the mat!!! Ace King grabs him and whips him to the far corner…….here comes Ace…..NO Blake moves and Ace goes right through the turnbuckles shoulder first into the ring post!!! That’s gotta hurt!!!


Rick: I wonder when we’re going to see the GCW legend in the ring?


JD: Blake is in the corner putting the boots to Ace King!!! Blake is going for a vertical suplex…….look at how long he’s holding it……he’s letting all the blood flow down to the head……finally Blake slams him down to the mat!!!


Rick: You see that…….that was perfect…..that was a perfect move from the perfect wrestler!!!


JD: Blake is now distracting the ref……here comes Shane Stevens…..he’s choking Ace King…..come on ref!!! Now the ref has turned around but it’s too late now!! Blake is going to tag in Shane Stevens…….there’s the tag!!!


Rick: Now we’re going to see the legend in the ring!!!


JD: Here comes Shane Stevens…….Oh poke to the eye of Ace King!! Come on…..what kind of first move is that?? Here’s a whip to the ropes…….OH big back body drop by Shane Stevens!!! Stevens picks up Ace King……he’s going for a suplex……NO he just threw Ace King stomach first across the top ropes!!!


Rick: What a great move by the veteran!!!


JD: Shane Stevens is tagging back in Blake Frederiksen!!! Here comes a double team by the champs…….OH great double suplex by the UWA tag champs!!! Blake isn’t going for the cover………he wants the Predator in the ring!!! Blake just threw Ace into the corner to make the tag to Predator!!!


Rick: What are you doing Blake……..focus on getting the win!!!


JD: Here comes the Predator……..Blake charges him……but Predator ducked the clothesline and clotheslined Blake down to the mat!!! Oh there’s a clothesline to Shane Stevens sending him out to the floor!!!! OH Blake just nailed Predator from behind sending him out to the floor!!! Blake is distracting the ref again……..Shane Stevens has a chair……OH he almost took off the head of Predator!!! Now he’s rolling him back into the ring……the ref didn’t see anything because of Blake!!! Here’s the cover by Blake…..1….2…..NO!!! Ace King makes the save!!!


Rick: Come on ref get him out of the ring…..this match should have been over!!!


JD: Here comes the tag to Shane Stevens!!! Stevens is in the ring…….he’s going to whip Predator into the ropes……..he goes for the big boot but it’s caught by Predator!!! He’s got him by the foot……OH what a big clothesline that sends the Mercenary down to the mat!!  Predator is going to try and make a tag……can he make it…….Stevens is trying to stop him……YES he made the tag!!! Here comes Ace King!!! He’s cleaning house in there……he takes down Stevens and then he sends Blake off the ring apron into the steel guardrail!!! Ace King whips Stevens into the ropes….OH he caught him with a sidewalk slam!!! Ace King is giving the sign for the Black Jack…..if he hits this it might be over!!!!


Rick: Come on Shane……..don’t let this punk beat you!!!


JD: Here it comes…..NO a low blow by Shane Stevens!!! Stevens grabs his arms and nails him with a double underhook DDT!!! The Mercenary is going up top…….he’s giving the sign for the Mercenary Assault!!! If he nails this massive leg drop it’s all over!!! Here it comes……….OH MAN right across the throat of Ace King!!!!


Rick: YES YES!!! It’s over JD……pin him Shane!!!


(The lights go out in the building….)


JD: What in the hell?? The lights just went out………right when Shane Stevens was about to make the cover and this happens?


Rick: Come on……damnit…..didn’t they pay the hydro bill in this dump?


(The lights come back on and Blake Frederiksen is out cold on the arena floor with a B.A.D. sticker on his head that says “Courtesy of your Friendly Neighborhood B.A.D.”  In the ring Shane Stevens is out cold with the same sticker on his head and Ace King has been placed on top of Shane Stevens…)


JD: What the? Here’s the count…..1….2…..3!!!! We have new champions!!!!!! The UWA tag team titles are coming back to GCW!!!!


Rick: This is bullshit!!! What the f**k!!!! I thought BAD wasn’t supposed to be here??? Where are they now?? Those sons of bitches……I can’t believe they screwed the UWA again!!!!


JD: I think it looks good on them…..they stole the titles anyways and then made new ones!!! I hope that Ace King and Predator throw the UWA title in the garbage and bring back the GCW Tag Title belts!!!  I can’t believe we have new Tag Team Champions…..what a way to end a great show!!!


Rick: What are you talking about??? Shane Stevens had that chump Ace King beat right in the ring……..godamnit BAD!!!!


JD: And the same can be said for Ace King before Stevens hit him with a low blow!!! It doesn’t matter how it happened Rick……the GCW tag titles are back in GCW and now the UWA has NO titles……and is Skip Jones leaving the UWA already???


Rick: This is the worst show in GCW history!!! You see what happens when the new management take over…..everything goes to hell!!! I’m leaving…….I’m so disgusted with this!!!! Tell these fans to shut the hell up……why are they cheering this shit??


JD: Good…..get the hell outta here Rick!! These fans are going wild…….what a night despite what Rick thinks!!! What’s going to happen next Sunday LIVE on PPV??? Wait a minute I’ve just been told there’s a match that has just been announced for EXTREME HEAT!!  It’s going to be a #1 Contender Triple Threat Match for the GCW Tag Team Titles!!!  The Great Darkness (Shade & Krusher) vs. DMG & Mighty Knight vs. The Violent Dizazter!!!! The winner is going to get a shot at the belts 6 days later right here on Showdown!!! How about that one?? Well we’re outta time folks…….we’ve got a new US champ and new Tag Champs here in Dallas…….see you next Sunday Night for EXTREME HEAT only on PPV!!!! Goodnight everybody!!!


(Cameras fade to a promo for GCW Extreme Heat highlighting the Ultimate Cage Match and the participants)