August 12th, 2006

Anaheim, California




Commentators: Johnny Diamond & Ramblin Rick Rogers


JD: Welcome everyone to Saturday Night Showdown!! We are LIVE here in Anaheim, CA for the new live edition of Saturday Night Showdown!!  I am Johnny Diamond and I am joined as always by Ramblin Rick Rogers!!


Rick: Tonight is going to be great Johnny!! We have a Steel Cage Match right here LIVE on Showdown! I’m pretty sure the other promotions aren’t offering wrestling action like this!! Plus we have the start of the King of Extreme Tournament!!


JD: I’ve just gotten word that there’s some action outside in the parking lot!!


(Cameras go out back where the UWA limousine rolling into the parking lot. The limo stops and Blake, Max and Shane all get out of the limousine.)


Blake: I’ll meet you guys in the UWA locker-room in 15 minutes.


(Blake walks off and the camera-crew follows him. Blake then walks up to the locker room of Predator. Blake knocks on the door and when Predator opens to the door Blake jumps him and starts putting the boots to Predator in his locker room.  Blake grabs the Predator and starts taking him towards the arena entrance and continues to punch Predator the whole way.  They make their way into the arena and down the ramp where there is a referee waiting in the ring and the bells rings starting a match)




JD: Who in the hell does Blake Frederiksen think he is? Is this an officially sanctioned match?


Rick: There’s a ref isn’t there dumbass? Blake is kicking this guy’s ass and that’s what he gets for calling out the former GCW World Champ and soon to be UWA World Champ!!


JD: Come on Rick…..this isn’t a fair match? He jumped the guy in his locker room.  OH man what a devastating brain buster by the Paragon!! Look at him gloating in the ring….this guy is so damn arrogant!!


Rick: You would be too if you were him!!!


JD: Blake is setting him up for a double underhook powerbomb……OH what a devastating move by Blake Frederiksen!! Look at Blake making a cover with his foot!! There’s a 2-count by the referee!! I can’t believe he thought he could win like that!! Blake Frederiksen is giving the sign for the Paradigm…….WOW what a devastating move by the former World Champ!!


Rick: No one gets up from that move Johnny!! NO ONE!! HAHAHAHA!!


JD: Here’s the cover by Blake……1…..2…..3!!! Blake gets the win but this wasn’t a fair match Rick!! You can’t tell me Blake is going to actually take credit for beating Predator in a fair match!!


Rick: Shut the hell up Johnny……Blake can do what he wants…..he’s part of the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance!!


JD: Oh great now he’s got a microphone.

Blake: Who the hell are these ingrates somehow making their way into this company and making demands of me? Who is this fool lying beneath me who wanted to challenge me to a match here tonight? That wasn’t a match, it was a calf put out to the slaughter against the best the wrestling world has to offer. Predator, maybe now you’ll learn to stay your tongue and know not to irritate your betters but I really wouldn’t be surprised if you’re too dense to take on board this lesson. However I stress that this is not just a lesson to this dolt but to others as well. Ace King what on earth makes you think Predator or yourself are worth any of my time? No one makes demands of The Paragon and it comes to an end tonight.


(Blake throws down the microphone….)


JD: Can you believe this guy? Wait a minute……it’s ACE KING!!!


(Ace King comes running down the ramp and jumps in the ring but the Paragon slips out of the ring and the two men talk trash to one another as Blake makes his way back up the ramp.  Ace King helps up the Predator.)


Rick: What in the hell is Ace King doing here? He has no business being here!! This is the Paragon’s show not Ace King’s show!!


JD: What do you expect him to do? Sit back there and watch the actions of Blake Frederiksen continue? I don’t think the rest of GCW is going to sit back anymore and let the UWA do whatever they want!


Rick: What are they going to do? NOTHING that’s what!! This is Shane Stevens company and he has the two greatest wrestlers on his side that this company has ever seen!!


JD: How much is he paying you to say this nonsense on live television? It doesn’t matter because it’s time for our first match of the King of Extreme tournament!! Let’s go up to the ring!




(Sledge makes his way into the arena….the fans are split and it doesn’t seem like Sledge cares either way)


(Ryder hits the arena and the place goes wild……he slaps hands with the fans on his way into the ring…)


JD: This match is already underway and Sledge is taking it to Ryder!! He’s got him backed into the corner and is just laying in with hard chops and knee lifts! Here’s the whip to the far side……OH nice follow in with the running clothesline sends Ryder crashing down to the mat!! Here’s a quick cover….but only a 2 count.  Sledge just threw Ryder out to the arena floor and is on his way out after him!!


Rick: Now this match is going to get good!! Get a chair!!


JD: OH there’s a hard whip by Sledge into the ring post!! Ryder’s back has got to be sore after that one!! Now Sledge is getting a chair….he’s going to nail Ryder with it……but NO Ryder nails Sledge with a boot to the mid-section and now Ryder has the chair!! OH MY GOD what a shot to the head of Sledge!!


Rick: Look at the dent in that chair!!


JD: The fans are going wild!! It looks like Sledge was busted open with that shot!! Ryder is pulling back the mats around the ring…..what is he going to do? It looks like he’s going to try and suplex Sledge on to the exposed concrete floor.  OH MY what a suplex by Ryder!!


Rick: Right on the cement floor…….wow that’s gotta hurt!!


JD: Here’s the cover by Ryder…..1…..2…..3!!! It’s over Rick!! Ryder is moving on in the tournament!!


Rick: Well who’s gonna get up after a suplex onto a cement floor?? Do you know anyone JD?


JD: Not too many that’s for sure!! Ryder moves on in the tournament and up next we’re going to find out who is going to be Ryder’s opponent in the second round……..either The Mummy…..or……Dizazter!!! Let’s find out as its time for our next match here on the new LIVE Saturday Night Showdown!!!




(The Mummy makes is way into the arena and the fans don’t like this guy.  The Mummy starts yelling back at the fans….)


(Dizazter comes into the arena to a good response from the fans. A lot of the fans were cheering for Dizazter….)


JD: These two don’t like each other Rick and look at the brawl we have right now in the ring!! These two hardcore brawlers are exchanging hard blows back and forth and neither man wants to go down!! OH there’s a low blow by the Mummy and now he has control of this match!! The Mummy just dumped Dizazter out on the floor.  The Mummy is getting a chair……..OH there’s a hard shot across the back of Dizazter!! OH MY another hard chair shot by the Mummy!! Here’s a quick cover….1….2….NO!! Dizazter isn’t finished yet!!


Rick: Oh he’s a tough son of a bitch and the Mummy is in for a fight here tonight on Showdown!!


JD: Mummy is going to whip him into the ring steps….WAIT there’s the reversal by Dizazter and the Mummy just hit the ring steps face first!!  Dizazter picks up the ring step…..OH and he slams it right down on the back of the Mummy!! Dizazter is looking for something under the ring…….he’s got a table!! He’s putting the table in the ring…..and now the Mummy is thrown back into the ring!! Dizazter is putting the table in the corner….what’s he going to do?


Rick: I don’t know but it’s going to hurt!!


JD: Dizazter scoops up the Mummy on his shoulder…….I think he’s going to powerslam the Mummy!! Wait a minute….he’s pointing at the table in the corner…….he’s not going to……OH MY GOD he did it!!! Dizazter just powerslammed the Mummy right through the table in the corner!!


Rick: Holy shit what a move!! Both men are hurt though JD or I think that Dizazter would have this match won!!


JD: You’re right Rick……both men aren’t moving too much after that devastating bone crushing move by Dizazter!!  Dizazter is up against the ropes……now the Mummy is up…..Dizazter runs at him with a clothesline but Mummy ducked it!! Great clothesline by Mummy sends Dizazter out to the arena floor!! Here comes the Mummy after him!!  The fight is headed up the entrance ramp!! OH there’s a big slam by the Mummy right on the steel entrance ramp!! The Mummy is pulling Dizazter up to his feet…….what’s he going to do now?  NO……he isn’t going to do that!!


Rick: He’s going to powerbomb him right off the top of the ramp onto the cement floor JD!!


JD: NO……Dizazter reversed it!!! He just back body dropped the Mummy off the ramp onto the floor!!! I don’t believe it!! Dizazter is coming down to make the cover……here it is…..1….2…..3!!! Dizazter is moving on Rick!!


Rick: What a war we just witnessed!! I think he broke the Mummy’s back!! Did you see how high he was up in the air and then he landed down on the concrete!!! Damn that was great!!


JD: Well now it’s official…..next week on Showdown it’s going to be Ryder vs. Dizazter and the winner will go on to the FINAL at Extreme Heat and will have a shot at being crowned the King of Extreme here in GCW!!! Well it’s time for another match here in the first round of the King of Extreme Tournament!! Let’s go to the ring for more great action!!




(Zach Fighter makes his way to the ring and the fans don’t seem to like him very much either. There’s a lot of boo’s from the fans….)


(Violent Vick Vader hits the arena and the reaction is split. Some fans really seem to like him though while others boo)


JD: Well we’re ready for another hardcore match here on Showdown and this one is another brawl right off the start!! Now they’re brawling out on the arena floor!! They’re going over the guardrail and into the crowd Rick!!


Rick: This is one hell of a fight JD!!! I want blood!!


JD: They’re continuing to brawl through the fans here in Anaheim who are loving every second of this great action!! The fight is headed toward the merchandise area!! Those fans better get out of the way or they’re going to get hurt!! OH Zach just slammed VVV face off the cement wall!! Now Zach is getting a garbage can…..OH he smashed it right over the head of VVV.  Now Zach has VVV……he’s picking him up…..OH he just slammed him right through one of the vendor’s tables!!!


Rick: He just destroyed a t-shirt stand….this is great!!


JD: Here’s the cover….1…2…NO!!! VVV just got his shoulder up Rick!!


Rick: I think that was a 3-count JD!!


JD: That’s why you’re not the referee!!  Zach Fighter has a t-shirt and he’s choking VVV with it!! Now Zach is getting a chair…..he missed!!! VVV moved and then took him down with a Russian leg sweep right on the concrete floor!! VVV has got the steel chair!! He’s waiting for Zach Fighter to get to his feet…….OH GOD what a chair shot!!! He knocked him out cold folks!!! This one’s over…..WAIT A MINUTE it’s THE MUMMY!!! He just threw some kind of powder in the face of VVV!!!


Rick: He can’t see JD!! VVV can’t see a damn thing!!


JD: The Mummy just took off and now Zach Fighter has the steel chair….OH he just nailed him right in the back of the head with that chair!!! OH MY GOD a reverse DDT right on the concrete floor by Zach Fighter!!! Here’s the cover….1….2….3!!! Zach Fighter is going on…..with a little help of course!!


Rick: Hey this is a hardcore match JD……anything goes right?


JD: Sure….but come on now? It wasn’t fair but I guess it doesn’t matter because Zach Fighter is moving on regardless!!  Who’s he going to face next week on Showdown…….Skull…..or……Freaky Bobby?? Let’s find out!!




(Skull makes his way to the ring and the arena fills with boo’s.  There’s a lot of people yelling at Skull but he ignores them)


(Freaky Bobby comes out and the fans are split. There are a few signs of fans that support him but there’s still a lot of boo’s)


JD: Skull isn’t even going to let him in the ring Rick!! The fight has start out on the floor!! OH Skull just slammed Bobby’s face off the guardrail!! OH MY what a big boot to the face of Freaky Bobby from Skull!! Skull is going under the ring…..he’s got a kendo stick!!! OH what a shot across the back of Freaky Bobby!! OH and there’s on right in the head!!


Rick: Look JD he broke it!! Damn that’s gotta hurt!!


JD: Skull throws him back into the ring!! Skull is getting a chair now and he’s getting back in the ring!! NO….Freaky Bobby just dropkicked the chair right into the face of Skull sending him down to the arena floor!! Freaky Bobby is going up top…….OH big splash off the top right onto Skull out on the floor! Freaky Bobby is pulling out a table from under the ring! He’s setting up the table outside the ring…..now he’s going to try and put Skull on that table! Skull’s not going to let him…..there’s a thumb in the eye by Skull!! Big clothesline by Skull sends Bobby down to the arena floor!!


Rick: He’s reaching into his tights JD!! Are those brass knuckles?


JD: It sure looks like it…..Skull has got a pair of brass knuckles!! He’s pulling Bobby up to this feet……he’s going to hit him with those brass knuckles……NO Freaky Bobby ducked it!! OH MY GOD…….belly to back suplex right through the table!!! Freaky Bobby put him right through the table……both men are out cold!!


Rick: All that one of them has to do is lay their arm on the other man and it’s over!


JD: Freaky Bobby just rolled his arm on top of Skull……1…..2…..3!!!! I don’t believe it!! Freaky Bobby just won this match and neither man is even standing after going through the table!!


Rick: Damn what a close match! I guess this freak is moving on…….damn Skull why did you miss with those brass knucks?


JD: Well now it’s settled…….next week on Showdown…..Zach Fighter vs. Freaky Bobby in the other second round match!! One of these two men will go on to the final at Extreme Heat!! We’ll find out next week on Showdown!! I’m getting word that something is going down outside in the parking lot again!


Rick: Maybe the UWA are beating the hell out of someone else here tonight? I sure hope so!! HAHAHA!




(Cameras go out into the parking lot where another limo is pulling up to the arena. The limo stops and out steps VIP, then the Weazyl who helps Stacey out of the limo. Before the door is shut one more person gets out of the limo and it’s Howard Stern……..Reporter Misty Sun is standing by for an interview…..)


Misty: Oh my god……Howard Stern I’m a huge fan! What are you doing here on Showdown?


Howard: I’m here to support B.A.D.! I’ve been hanging with these guys all week and now I’m here to watch the Weazyl kick the shit out of that homo Skip Jones and also to watch VIP shut the mouth of that Canadian idiot Sam McKee!


Misty: What are your thoughts about tonight’s match Weazyl?


Weazyl: What is there to think about? How to beat Skip Jones? HAHAHA!! Come on Misty……everyone already knows I can beat Skip Jones…..who can’t? I bet I could let Stacey wrestle that homo tonight and she’d kick his ass all over Anaheim!


Misty: VIP you have a match for #1 contender for the U.S. Title……what are your thoughts about this match?


VIP: Well my first thought is DAMN you’re fine Misty!


Misty: (blushing) Thanks!


VIP: My second thought is…..what are you doing after the show?


Misty: Well….


VIP: You can answer me later sexy! Now onto my match here tonight…..I have to face that disgrace to Canada….Sam McKee! This guy doesn’t have a chance here tonight and he’s going to find out just how bad the Very Impressive Piledriver hurts! Maybe with a little luck it will knock some sense into this jackass!


Misty: Thanks for your time…..back to you JD!


(Cameras come back into the arena and to the broadcast location…)


JD: Can you believe Howard Stern is here at Showdown?


Rick: Who cares……Howard Stern is an asshole anyways!! I’m glad he’s not on regular radio anymore because now I don’t have to worry about hearing his annoying ass anymore!


JD: Well I think he’s great and getting even better now that he’s on satellite radio. Well it’s time for GCW TV Title match…..will Ace King be able to survive and keep the title against the Ultimate Power……Max Power?? Let’s find out now!




(Max Power hits the arena and the place starts to boo and throw stuff at Max Power. He is wearing the UWA Tag belt and yelling at the fans)


(Ace King explodes into the arena and the place goes wild. He is wearing his TV title proudly and slapping hands with the GCW fans)


JD: Look at the size difference!! What does Ace King have to do to win this match?


Rick: I suggest running away! HAHAHA!!


JD: Ace King charges right at the big man and is taking the fight right to Max Power! You’ve got to respect this guy’s heart and determination!


Rick: You mean stupidity!!


JD: He’s got the big man rocking…..he comes Ace off the ropes with a running clothesline nailing Max Power! He didn’t knock him down! Here’s a dropkick by Ace King and still he can’t knock down Max Power!! Ace is going up top…….OH he’s caught in mid-air by Max Power!! What’s Max going to do with him…….OH he just threw him over the top rope out to the floor!!


Rick: Max is going to kill him JD!! I love it!!


JD: Max Power is headed out to the floor….he’s got Ace King……OH he just whipped Ace into the ring post!! Here comes Max with to follow it up with a clothesline…..NO Ace King moved and Max hit his head off the ring post!! OH there’s a dropkick by Ace King and Max hits off the ring post again!! The big man is finally down!! The fans are going wild!!


Rick: These people need to shut up cuz this is far from over!


JD: Ace King is getting back in the ring…….here comes Max slowly getting back into the ring as well! Ace King attacks the knees of Max Power as soon as he steps into the ring! Look at him go to work on the big man’s legs! This is what he has to do to beat Max Power….keep him off his feet!


Rick: Come on Max…….you can do it!


JD: What are you a cheerleader now Rick?


Rick: F**K OFF JD!!


JD: I’ll take that as a yes! Ace has got Max down on his back…..he’s going up top again!! OH what a great flying elbow drop off the top ropes right across the throat of Max Power!  Here’s the cover…1….2….NO!! Max Power was able to kick out!! Ace King is going up top again…….but Max Power is up to his feet…….here comes Ace off the top with a missile drop kick that’s on target!! Wait Max Power went flying into the referee…..he’s out cold!  Here’s the cover by Ace but there’s no referee!!! Come on he would have had this match won Rick!


Rick: Come on JD…..you know that’s not true!


JD: Wait a minute….it’s Blake Frederiksen…..what’s he doing out here!!


(Blake comes running down the ramp wearing a referee shirt and jumps into the ring….)


JD: He’s wearing a referee shirt…..he’s not the ref for this match!! He has no business out here!!


Rick: He’s a ref here tonight isn’t he? That means he can ref any match he wants!


JD: Come on….this isn’t fair at all!  Ace King is up in the face of Blake Frederiksen……don’t get distracted Ace!! It looks like Ace is going to try and get the big man into a sharpshooter…….he can’t do it……or can he?  He’s fighting with the big man to get him over……but he did it….he’s got it locked in!! The regular ref is getting back up and is telling Blake he doesn’t need him anymore!! Ace King is going to win this match Rick!!


Rick: Come on Max……don’t give up!!!


JD: NO….NO……Blake just decked the ref!!! OH he just kicked Ace King right in the back of the head!  Blake is putting the boots to Ace King the man who had this match won!! Blake is setting him up for the Paradigm…..OH there it is…..Paradigm by Blake Frederiksen!! Max Power is back up and I think Blake just told him to give Ace King the Category 7!! Max is setting him up………WAIT here comes the Predator!!!


(Predator comes running down to the ring with a chair…..)

JD: Oh he just nailed Max Power in the back with the chair……..and there’s a swing at Blake but look at how fast Blake got out of that ring before Predator could take his head off with that chair!! OH there’s another chair shot to the head of Max Power sending him down to the mat!! Blake has got a hold of Max’s foot and he just pulled him out of the ring!!


Rick: Good……get him out of here Blake….this idiot Predator….who does he think he is?


JD: A man who was attacked earlier in the night….that’s who!


Rick: He’s going to pay……pay big time!!


JD: Well at least Ace King is still the TV Champion because he fought his heart out in this match against a man a lot bigger and a lot stronger then he is!


Rick: If it wasn’t for that damn Predator…..Ace King would be leaving here in a stretcher!!! This guy ruined EVERYTHING!!


JD: Relax Rick…..they got what they deserved! I’m being told Nick Lutz is standing by outside of President Stevens’s office and has some insider news for us!




(Cameras go backstage where Nick Lutz is standing outside of President Shane Stevens’s office….)


Nick: Hello everyone….I am Nick Lutz and have I got an inside scoop for you! Inside this office right now…..there is a team of lawyers sitting down with Shane Stevens in an important meeting.  I haven’t been able to get any official word from anyone inside the office of Shane Stevens’ but my sources tell me that it has something to do with some big contract signing next week on Showdown!! An apparently the contract has something to do with Shane Stevens and Blake Frederiksen! Now I haven’t been able to confirm any of this as of yet…..but one can only wonder what kind of big announcement this could be.  I mean is it a contract for a match? Is it a new contract for a new member of the UWA? I mean there’s so many possibilities we could be here all night!  I’m going to try and get some confirmation folks…..


(Nick Lutz knocks on Shane Stevens’ door.  He waits a minute….then knocks again………waits…….knocks again.  Still no one answers the door…..then the door opens and a hand comes out and sticks a sign on the door and closes the door.  The signs says……Official UWA Business…..everyone else……F**K OFF!!)


Nick: Well I guess they’re trying to tell me something! I don’t know what this is all about but hopefully we’ll find out more during the week or next Saturday on Showdown!  Back to you JD!!


(Cameras go back to the broadcast location….)

JD: Wow……a big contract signing? What in the world could this all be about?


Rick: I don’t know…..but what a great sign! HAHAHA!!  If it involves the UWA you know it’s going to be big!


JD: Well we’re ready to find out who’s going to be the #1 contender for Shade’s U.S. Title!! By the way…..has anyone even seen Shade in the building?


Rick: I don’t think he’s here…….why does he need to be here?


JD: He doesn’t need to be here…..but you think he might be interested in who he’s going to be facing next week on Showdown!! Who will face Shade right here on Showdown next week for the U.S. title……..Sam McKee…..or…..VIP Billy Stevens????




(Sam McKee hits the arena and the “asshole” chant breaks out. The fans hate him and the signs show it.)


(VIP comes out to a thunderous ovation and there are a ton of B.A.D. signs and “VIP will you marry me” signs…..)


JD: This should be a great match folks! These are two great young superstars here in GCW and look at them eye down each other in the ring.  OH Sam just slapped VIP right across the face. There’s a slap by VIP to the face of Sam McKee!! OH there’s a big chop by VIP and another one……he backs him into the corner and here’s the whip! OH Sam McKee hits the turnbuckle hard and goes flying over the top rope out to the floor!! VIP is going up on the top rope!! VIP nails Sam with a splash off the top rope!!


Rick: Damn it!! I hate this little punk VIP!! Come on Sam McKee get your ass up!!


JD: VIP whips Sam right into the guardrail….man did he hit hard!! In charges VIP…….OH but he’s back body dropped over the guardrail and into the fans!!


Rick: Great reversal Sam!!


JD: Sam McKee is going to try and suplex him back in……can he do it!! YES he just suplexed VIP over the guardrail onto the floor!! Sam rolls VIP into the ring and goes for the cover….1…2…NO!! VIP is out in 2!! Sam McKee is going up top…..VIP is up to his feet and he falls into the ropes!! OH MY Sam just landed on his family jewels in the corner!


Rick: OH MAN I can feel that up here!!


JD: VIP is going up top with Sam……..he’s going to try a superplex……..OH WHAT A SUPERPLEX!!! Here’s the cover….1…2…NO!!! Sam got his foot on the ropes!! VIP is going up top……..here comes a frog splash……NO he misses!!! Sam McKee rolls him up……1…2…NO!! Sam McKee is going for a figure four leglock…..can he get it on…….he’s got it!! Can VIP turn him over or get to the ropes!!


Rick: No way….he’s got it locked in tight and right in the middle of the ring!! Come on Sam break his leg!!


JD: VIP is reaching for the ropes…….look at the pain he’s in!! The fans are starting to chant “VIP”……will it be enough to help out Billy Stevens!! He’s fighting back……..he’s going to try and turn over Sam McKee….can he do it…….can he……YES he reversed the figure four and now he’s got the pressure on Sam’s knee!!  Sam quickly got a hold of those ropes for the ref to break the hold!


Rick: That’s a smart move!!


JD: He’s going to try and put it on again……NO VIP just kicked him right in the face!!! VIP is up……..he comes a superkick……NO he missed it…..and he knocked out the ref with that superkick!!! I don’t believe this!! Sam McKee just pulled something out of his tights……OH right between the eyes of VIP!!! He’s out cold Rick!!! Now he’s putting the object back into his tights!! He’s waking up the ref……..no don’t let it go down like this!!!  Here’s the cover……1……….2………3!!!! NO NO!!


Rick: YES…YES!!!


JD: Sam McKee just robbed VIP!!


Rick: Did the ref see it? That’s all that matters!!!


JD: Sam is going to get a chair…….he’s not done with VIP!!! Wait a minute……it’s the World Champion……The Weazyl!!!!


(Weazyl comes running down to the ring and jumps into the ring…..)


JD: Sam McKee is going to nail the Weazyl with that chair……NO the Weazyl ducked it and dropkicked the steel chair right into the face of Sam McKee sending him out of the ring to the floor!! It’s a good thing the Weazyl came out when he did! Sam McKee may have won this match but as far as I’m concerned he didn’t earn it!!


Rick: What in the hell do you know?? All I know is he’s going to get a U.S. title shot next week on Showdown…..NOT VIP!!! HAHAHA!!


JD: You may be right about him getting the title shot but that’s about it! It’s time to lower the cage here in Anaheim…..it’s time for a good old GCW Cage Match!!  Will Skip Jones get his revenge on the Weazyl tonight in the Cage? Or will B.A.D. embarrass Skip Jones yet again here on Showdown?  Will Blake Frederiksen be an impartial referee? The cage is ready…..the fans are ready…….let’s go down to the ring for tonight’s MAIN EVENT!!




(Blake Frederiksen comes out wearing a referee shirt and the fans start to boo and some fans begin to throw garbage at Blake…..he grabs a mic…..)


Blake: I just want to let everyone know backstage that I am going to call this thing right down the middle and NO ONE will be allowed down here to interfere in this match! If I see anyone down here at ringside they will be thrown out of the building by security!


(Blake throws down the mic…)


(Skip Jones comes out and the men boo and the ladies are screaming…..he is more concerned with himself……)


(The Weazyl hits the arena and the fans go wild. There are tons of “Weazyl – 7 Times” signs and B.A.D. signs….)


JD: The door is closed and both men are locked inside the steel cage…….only one man will escape!! He we go….and Skip Jones quickly goes after the Weazyl and the fight has begun! Skip whips Weazyl into the ropes….OH nice spin wheel kick by Skip Jones right into the face of the Weazyl!  Skip picks up the Weazyl and is going to try and throw him into the cage……..NO the Weazyl blocked it……Oh and he slammed Skip’s face off the cage!! Now the Weazyl is doing to good old cheese grater to Skip’s face!! If this keeps up he’s not going to be the sexiest man in GCW anymore!!


Rick: Shut up JD…….Skip is a great wrestler and even with a scar he’s still the best looking guy in GCW!!


JD: The Weazyl is going to try and leave the cage……..he’s going for the door!! Why isn’t Blake opening the door?


Rick: He doesn’t see him……he’s looking at the fans JD…….it’s not Blake’s fault he doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head!!


JD: Finally Blake sees him…..now the door is open……but Skip is up and nails Weazyl from behind!! Skip Jones picks up the Weazyl and slams him to the mat.  Skip drops the leg across the throat of the Weazyl.  Skip Jones is going for the door……Blake is opening the door!! How come he had no problem seeing Skip Jones?


Rick: Because the fans weren’t yapping at him that time! If these morons here would leave Blake alone he could do a better job!! Maybe we should kick the fans out of the building because this isn’t fair to Blake!!


JD: Skip Jones is half way out of the cage………WAIT the Weazyl has him by the foot!! He’s pulling him back into the cage…….now the Weazyl is putting the boots to Skip Jones!! The Weazyl throws Skip Jones hard into the steel cage!! Oh that one busted open Skip Jones!! The Weazyl grabs Skip Jones and delivers a great fall away slam to Skip Jones!! The Weazyl is going to try and climb out of the cage!! Seeing he can’t use the door he might as well go over the top!!  The Weazyl is up top…….but Skip Jones is up……he’s climbing up top with the Weazyl!! We have a fight on the top turnbuckle……..OH Skip just poked Weazyl is the eyes!! OH he slammed the Weazyl’s face off the top of the cage!! OH and again…….OH a third time and Weazyl falls down into the cage!! The Weazyl is busted open as well!! Skip Jones is going to climb out of the cage!!


Rick: Come on Skip!!


JD: Skip is stopping at the top of the cage……..what’s he doing?


Rick: Don’t do it Skip!!


JD: He’s going to……..OH MY GOD……he missed the frog splash off the top of the cage!!! The Weazyl rolled out of the way!!  The Weazyl is going to try and climb out of the cage…….he’s going over the top!! I don’t think Skip is going to be able to stop him!! Wait a minute……IT’S MAX POWER!!!


(Max comes running down to the ring and starts to climb the cage but Blake Frederiksen is on the floor looking for a contact lens….)


JD: How come Blake isn’t stopping this….he said he was going to be impartial and no one was allowed at ringside!!


Rick: He can’t see you idiot!!


JD: You actually believe that….this is another setup by the UWA!! Max Power is stopping the Weazyl and they’re fighting on top of the cage!! The Weazyl just slammed Max Power’s face off the cage……OH and again…….OH MY GOD Max Power just fell off the cage out onto the arena floor!! The Weazyl is going to get out of the cage!!! Wait…..Skip Jones is going for the door……who’s going to make it first?? I think it’s going to be the Weazyl!!!  NO…..it’s Shane Stevens!!! What in the hell is he doing out here??


(Shane Stevens comes running down to the cage…and grabs a hold of the Weazyl’s legs)


Rick: He’s owns the damn company he can do what he wants!!


JD: He’s got a hold of the Weazyl’s legs……..look at him he’s holding him against the cage so he can’t get down!! Blake is acting like he can’t see any of this…..come on…..this is HORRIBLE!!! Skip Jones is at the door…..oh look at how fast Blake can open the door for Skip Jones……NO NO……it can’t end like this!!! Skip Jones is out of the cage!!! DAMNIT!!


Rick: YES YES!!! I don’t believe it!!! What a great match….and what a great ref job by Blake Frederiksen!!!


JD: What are you talking about….he screwed the Weazyl!!!  This match isn’t over…..they’re putting the boots to the Weazyl out on the floor!! The cage is lifting off the ring and they’re taking the Weazyl back into the ring!!  Here comes VIP and Stacey!!!!


(VIP and Stacey Valentine come running down to the ring…….only VIP jumps in the ring to help Weazyl….)


JD: VIP is unloading on them…..come on Billy!!! OH Skip Jones clipped his knee from behind! Now they’re all putting the boots to VIP!! Come on this is ridiculous!!! Stacey is getting in the ring…….no don’t do it!!! She’s begging them to stop……….NO Shane Stevens has got a hold of Stacey!!! What’s he going to do to her? Blake is going to get a chair??


Rick: Uh Oh……this isn’t going to be good!


JD: NO…..they’re not going to hit Stacey are they? Blake has a mic and he just handed it to Shane Stevens!!


Shane: Well Skip……you got your revenge on the Weazyl…..just like we promised you would!! Now……if you want to join the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance……you must prove your loyalty and prove how far you’re willing to go to eliminate the cancer in GCW known as B.A.D.!! Blake give Skip that chair!!


(Blake hands the chair to Skip)


Shane: You want in……..all you have to do is use that chair and lay out this whore on her back like she’s used to!! Well??? What’s it going to be Skip?


(Skip hesitates for a minute………then he nails Stacey in the face with the chair knocking her out…)


Shane: Welcome aboard Skip……welcome aboard!!


JD: WHY?? Why in the hell would he do something like that?? That’s not right…..how could he do that to a woman?


Rick: She deserved it for what she put him through!!


JD: These monsters can’t get away with this bullshit!!!


(Ace King and Predator come running down to the ring….)


JD: Here comes some help finally!!! They’re taking it to the UWA……but it’s just not enough as it’s still 4 on 2 in there!!! Damnit now these bastards are beating down Ace King and Predator!!! Wait a minute………who’s that??


(Newcomer Johnny Godless comes running down to the ring to help out…..)


JD: It’s Johnny Godless!!! At least someone back there is willing to stand up to the UWA!!! Johnny Godless is on fire in the ring……he’s taking it to all 4 members of the UWA!! Come on Johnny!!!! DAMN it’s still not enough!!! What’s it going to take to stop them?


(Out of the crowd comes DMG and Mighty Knight with the old GCW Tag Team Title belts….)


JD: I don’t believe it……it’s the GCW Tag Team Champions!!!!!  They’re in the ring and they’ve got those title belts!!! They’re nailing all the members of the UWA in the face with the belts!!!  They just cleaned house in there knocking all the members of the UWA out of the ring to the floor!!! Now they’re helping up everyone else in the ring!!! Stacey is still out cold……I think she’s going to need some medical attention!!! The Weazyl looks pretty concerned!! The UWA is taking off through the crowd…….wait a minute……the ring is clearing out and they’re all chasing after the UWA through the fans!!!  The Weazyl is still in the ring with Stacey and finally here comes some medical help!!!


(The medical team comes down to the ring with a stretcher and start to put Stacey on the stretcher…)


JD: The chase is on folks……..and hopefully the GCW alliance will be able to get their hands on the UWA!!


(Cameras go out back where we see the UWA members come running out of the arena and jump into a waiting limo.  Ace King and VIP run up to the limo and start to pound on it……Ace King jumps on top and tries to get a hold of them through the sun roof.  The car takes off and Ace King falls off the car but isn’t hurt very bad.)


JD: Damnit they were so close!!! What in the hell is going to happen next week on Showdown?


Rick: Every week things just keep getting crazier here in GCW…..and I’m loving it!!!


JD: We’re out of time folks…….and we’ve seen a lot tonight and we’re left with so many un answered questions!! I mean we know Skip Jones is now in the UWA…….but how is Stacey Valentine after what he did to her?  What about the contract signing we heard about here tonight? Things just keep heating up heading towards the Ultimate Cage Match at Extreme Heat!!! What in the hell can happen next week on Showdown in Dallas, Texas??? See you next week on the hottest wrestling show on television…….GCW Saturday Night Showdown!!!!


(Cameras fade to black….)