August 5th, 2006

Los Angeles, California




Report by: GCW Reporter Hugh Jazz


Tonight Showdown was in L.A. and both the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance and B.A.D. were in the house.The Weazyl had to defend his title against Skip Jones and also wrestle in a Parking Lot Brawl with VIP to face off against Shane Stevenís team of Blake Frederiksen and Max Power. Would he be able to pull off winning two matches in one night? What about Max Powerís threat of taking someone out here on Showdown? Every title in GCW was on the line and the show started off with a bang, as cameras were backstage where Nick Lutz was standing by with the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance for an interview.




Nick Lutz: Blake Frederiksen and Max Power tonight you will team together for the first time against The Weazyl and VIP in a Parking Lot Brawl and the question is whether you can stop B.A.D. continuing their streak on from Ultimate Brawl with momentum on their side.

Blake Frederiksen: Jesus Christ Nick, have you never heard of impartial reporting? If you had youíd realize the UWA will be walking out of Los Angeles tonight as victors. Instead weíre hearing your bias drivel with you plugging B.A.D. so hard you deserve a merchandise percentage and it makes me sick. Not only am I looking forward to winning tonight but simply embarrassing and humiliating B.A.D. as a bunch of amateurs who donít even deserve to shine the boots of me or Max. Let me tell you though, I canít wait to punk out The Weazyl come the end of the night.

Max Power: Hey Blake, if anyone is going to be tearing that son-of-a-bitch a new asshole then itís me. Heís going to have one hell of a hangover from a Category 7 tomorrow morning!

Blake Frederiksen: Thereís going to be Weazyl blood on my hands tonight Max, not yours. I owe him.

Max Power: Well so do I!

Shane Stevens: Hey now guys, thereís enough ass for both of you to kick in tonightís match! Do you think that both of B.A.D. could even hold up against one of you? Hell, I know that Dark Magician Girl and Mighty Knight are most likely watching this now and even theyíre quaking in their boots at the sight of this team Iíve assembled. On one side you have the man whoís forgotten more moves inside the ring than Dean Malenko ever knew, Dave Metlzerís sexual fantasy, the man all other wrestlers resent, The Main Event, The Paragon, Blake Frederiksen. His partner is the only other man in GCW who could come up to measuring up against him, the behemoth, the giant, the definition of power and man of the hour, Max Power! The Ultimate Wrestling Alliance will underscore tonight who runs this company with the annihilation of Weazyl and VIP.

Nick Lutz: But Mr. Stevens arenít you concerned about your son being involved in a match with such potential for brutality and violence?

Shane Stevens: What have I just told you Nick you idiot? Blake can handle anything thrown at him in our main event tonight.

Nick Lutz: Blake? No I was talking about VIP Billy Stevens, sir.

Shane Stevens: Billy Stevens? Billy Stevens? Let me explain something to you Nick, that buttlick may have stolen my surname from me, a surname that I spent years earning respect and prestige for which he is now going around and disgracing, but he is no son of mine. I look at that punk and all I feel inside of me is a knot of disgust deep down in my stomach. I only have one son and in my heart itís Blake. Someone who shares the same morals and dreams that I do, that has the same vision that I do for this company. They say blood is thicker than water and I may disagree with that but I can guarantee the streets of Los Angeles will be thick with blood by the time Showdown ends tonight.


Would the Weazylís blood be all over the streets of Los Angeles? Up first though would be in ring action between the newcomer Freaky Bobby and Zach Fighter in a Hardcore Match.




Freaky Bobby made his way to the ring and the fans were split with some liking him and other not liking how freaky he is.Zach Fighter hit the arena and the place started booing immediately as they didnít like Zach in Los Angeles. Bobby flew right over the top rope and landed on Zach before he could even get in the ring.Bobby grabbed a chair and nailed Fighter across the back with the chair. Bobby grabbed Zach and threw him into the crowd and the two men began brawling in the fans.The brawl came back out of the fans and they ended up on the entrance ramp. Zach Fighter poked Bobby in the eyes and DDTíd him right on the entrance ramp.Zach Fighter didnít make the cover right away and took a minute to argue with the fans and then made a cover but Freaky Bobby was able to kick out.Bobby fought back and threw Zach Fighter down the entrance ramp.Freaky Bobby pulled out a table and put Zach Fighter on the table.Bobby went up on the top rope and jumped off with a big splash but Zach Fighter was able to move and Freaky Bobby went right through the table. Zach Fighter rolled on top of Freaky Bobby and was able to get the 3-count and score the win over Freaky Bobby.A high risk move cost Freaky Bobby in a match he looked like he might have been able to win.Anything can happen in the GCW Hardcore Division.


Up next the Weazyl would be defending the GCW World Title against Skip Jones.Would Skip Jones be able to get revenge on the Weazyl for stealing away Stacey Valentine? Or would the Weazyl once again get under the skin of the sexiest man in GCW, Skip Jones?




Skip Jones came out and the fans starting to boo right away and Skip looked in a very serious frame of mind.Before the Weazyl would make his way to the ring the cameras went backstage where The Weazyl, VIP, and Stacey Valentine were trying to figure out who was going to wrestle in the matchÖ..


Weazyl: Shane Stevens can book me in all the matches he wants to but Iíll do whatever in the hell I want.Iím not wrestling that punk Skip Jones, I mean Iíve already got his girl so what do I have to prove? We already know the Mr. 7-Times is going to win the match, I mean listen to the fans cheering for B.A.D. and look at all the signs out there.They already know the winner so thereís no need to waste my drinking time. HAHAHA


VIP: You know my jackass of a father said you have to wrestle on every show.I realize that it doesnít matter what that dinosaur has to say but thatís a nice paycheck youíre going to lose bro if you donít wrestle.


Weazyl: Well this is a World Title match, but I donít have to wrestle necessarily. How about you go out there and defend the gold Billy?


VIP: Come on man, I donít want to embarrass him either.


Stacey: Looks like thereís going to be a drink off boys!


(Stacey hands them each a beer and they slam the beer down.VIP beats the Weazyl this timeÖ)


VIP: YES! Get your ass out there Champ! HAHAHA!


Weazyl: Real funny Billy! Alright letís go embarrass him quickly before I lose my buzz! HAHA!!


Cameras came back into the arena where Skip Jones was still waiting for someone to come out and wrestle him and give him his shot at the GCW World Title.The Weazylís music hit and the fans were electric, but instead of the Weazyl coming out a mini-Weazyl came out wearing a mini World Title belt around his waist.This mini looked exactly like the Weazyl and Skip Jones was pissed off in the ring yelling at the referee.The fans were loving it and laughing loudly.Mini-Weazyl got in the ring and gave the ref the mini World Title.Then The Weazyl and VIP came out with lawn chairs and a cooler full of beer.They set up the lawn chairs and sat down and opened the cooler. Stacey came out and sat in the Weazylís lap and the two men started drinking beer.In the ring the mini-Weazyl attacked Skip and started biting him on the ass and Skip Jones was running around the ring with the mini attached to him like a pitbull.The fans and B.A.D. were loving it.The mini-Weazyl let go and then tried to apologize to Skip and put out his hand to shake Skipís.Skip hesitated and then put out his hand and the mini-Weazyl bit his hand and then gave him a running headbutt below the belt.Skip fell over in pain and the mini made the cover but Skip kicked out quickly.Finally Skip got control of the mini and started to put a beating on him.Skip Jones slammed the mini-Weazyl a couple times and then dropped a vicious leg drop across the throat.Skip Jones pointed out to the Weazyl and VIP and then went to make the cover when VIP came running down the ramp and pulled the referee out of the ring and he landed on his face out on the floor.VIP jumped in the ring and Skip tried to clothesline him but missed. VIP kicked Skip below the belt and then knocked out Skip with the Very Impressive Piledriver.VIP rolled the mini-Weazyl on top of Skip Jones. VIP then woke up the ref and rolled the mini on top of Skip Jones. The ref made a slow 3-count and the mini-Weazyl got the win and the Weazyl retained the GCW World Title.VIP picked up the mini-Weazyl and put him up on his shoulders and then walked up the ramp and all of B.A.D. began to celebrate on the ramp.The Weazyl gave the mini-Weazyl a beer and the 3 of them drank the beers in front of the screaming Los Angeles fans.


The Weazyl once again made a mockery of Skip Jones and embarrassed him yet again on television.What must be going through the mind of Skip Jones after what went down here in L.A.? The Weazyl still has to wrestle with VIP tonight against Blake and Max and I donít think these kind of shenanigans are going to work in a Parking Lot Brawl.Up next on the show was a Loser Leaves GCW Match between the Mummy and Sikopath with the loser having to pack his bags and leave GCW forever.There are no rules because itís a hardcore match and anything can happen here on Showdown.




Sikopath made his way to the ring and the fans were booing like usual as they donít like the hardcore legend.The Mummy made his way out and the fans in L.A. werenít much nicer to him.As soon as the Mummy got in the ring Sikopath attacked him. Sikopath whipped him into the turnbuckles hard and Mummy went up and over the ropes out to the arena floor.Sikopath went under the ring and pulled out a garbage can and nailed the Mummy in the face with the can. Sikopath then proceeded to slam the Mummy right on the trashcan and would attempt a cover but only got a 2-count out of it.Sikopath picked up the ring steps and dropped them right on the back of the Mummy.Sikopath once again went under the ring and pulled out a table and set it up.Then he went back under the ring and pulled out a kendo stick.Sikopath went to hit the Mummy but he missed and the Mummy knocked Sikopath down to the floor. The Mummy grabbed the kendo stick and smashed it right over the head of Sikpath breaking the kendo stick right in half.The blood immediately began to pour from the forehead of the hardcore legend Sikopath.The Mummy went and grabbed a chair and began to repeatedly slam it across the back of Sikopath.The Mummy pulled the bloody Sikopath to his feet and set him up for a powerbomb through the table.The Mummy wasnít able to get him up and somehow Sikopath was able to back body drop the Mummy right through the table. Both men were out on the floor and the ref proceeded with the 10-count.Sikopath finally started to move and made the cover on the Mummy but he was able to kick out in 2. Sikopath threw a chair in the ring and then rolled the Mummy into the ring.Sikopath placed the chair in the corner and was going to attempt to whip the Mummy into the chair, but it was reversed and the Mummy whipped Sikopath right into the referee knocking him out.The Mummy attempted a clothesline on Sikopath and missed and was nailed with a boot to the midsection.Sikopath scooped up The Mummy and had him in position for the tombstone piledriver when Zach Fighter came running down to the ring with a bat and nailed Sikopath right in the back with the baseball bat. Sikopath fell to the mat and the Mummy made the cover.The ref got up and came over to make the 3-count giving the Mummy the win and keeping his spot here in GCW.


Are Zach Fighter and Mummy now a team?With the help of Zach Fighter, the Mummy has ended the GCW career of Sikopath.The former hardcore championís career comes to an end on Showdown.Up next would be a match for the GCW U.S. Championship between Skull and the U.S. Champ Shade.Before the match began, cameras went backstage where Dizazter was standing by with reporter Richard Head.


Richard Head: So what are your thoughts on Skull?
Dizazter: Well I think he is all talk. If he has guts then accept my challenge for the inferno match at Extreme Heat on PPV so I can put you in hell, bring you back and send you down again!!!!!!!!!!
Richard Head: (scared) Ok and that was Dizazter.




Cameras come back in the arena where Skull is making his way to the ring and the fans show how much they hate him with an ďassholeí chant. The U.S. Champion Shade hits the arena and the place goes wild, then fans love the U.S. champ and a lot of them have signs as well.Skull immediately went out to the floor to stop Shade before he could get in the ring.The brawl started before Shade even had the belt off his waist. Skull threw him into the guardrail hard and then charged in with a clothesline but Shade backbody dropped Skull into the crowd.Shade finally got his belt off and pulled Skull back over the guardrail and threw him into the ring.Shade got back in the ring and started pounding on Skull. He whipped Skull into the ropes and caught him with a huge spinebuster and quickly made the cover but only got 2.Shade scooped up Skull and delivered a great sidewalk slam to Skull.Shade dropped a big elbow across the throat of Skull and made another cover attempt but Skull was able to kick out again.Shade grabbed Skull and threw him hard into the turnbuckles and the charged in with a clothesline but Skull was able to move and Shade hit the turnbuckle hard.Skull grabbed him from behind and nailed him with a beautiful german suplex. Skull slapped on a sleeper hold to the U.S. Champ and took him down to the mat.The fans started to cheer as the ref checked his arm and somehow Shade was able to keep his arm from hitting the mat a 3rd time.Shade fought back to his feet and was able to slam Skull to the mat, then Shade fell down to the mat as well.Shade would slowly start to make his way to his feet and Skull started to reach for something in his tights.Shade didnít see it and when he went to pull Skull to his feet, he nailed Shade right between the eyes with the object in his hand.Shade was knocked out cold and Skull made the cover.The ref immediately was suspicious of how Skull knocked out Shade with one punch and started to check Skullís hands for a foreign object.Skull tried to throw it out of the ring but the ref seen it and immediately called for the bell.Skull was furious and threw the ref out over the top rope to the floor.Skull then grabbed the U.S. Title belt and went to nail Shade with it but missed.When Skull turned around Shade caught him with the Shadow Replication and Skull was out of it.Shade then grabbed his U.S. Title belt and held it high over his head as the fans cheered.


Shade is still the U.S. Champion but I think this war is far from over.Will Skull get another shot at the U.S. Title or was this his last chance at winning it?Next up the GCW World Tag Team Titles were on the line as the champs Mighty Knight and D.M.G. were defending the gold against the new team of Violent Vick and Dizazter, known as The Violent Dizazter.




The Violent Dizazter made their way to the ring and the fans were cheering this new hardcore tag team.The fans went wild when the GCW Tag Team Champions hit the arena and there were a lot of signs for the champs as well.DMG started off the match with Dizazter and she quickly got the upper hand nailing a great flying headscissors on Dizazter. DMG went up top and sent Dizazter flying with a great missile dropkick. She made the tag to the Mighty Knight and he started to put the boots to Dizazter.Mighty Knight picked up Dizazter and powerslammed him to the mat. He went for the cover but VVV came in and made the save.Dizazter and VVV started to pound on Mighty Knight and nailed him with a great double suplex.Dizazter made the cover but Mighty Knight was able to kick out in 2.Dizazter made the tag to VVV and once again they started to double team Mighty Knight and that brought DMG into the ring.The 4 superstars started to brawl in the ring and then Dizazter was able to clothesline DMG over the top rope out to the floor.VVV pot Mighty Knight in position and pulled off a huge powerbomb to Ĺ of the World Tag team champions.VVV tagged back in Dizazter and VVV placed Mighty Knight on his knee and Dizazter went up top.DMG came over and pushed Dizazter off the top rope out to the floor.DMG distracted VVV and Mighty Knight got him in position for the Slamming Facebuster when Max Power and Blake Frederiksen came running down to the ring. The UWA members attacked Mighty Knight and VVV beating both men down to the mat.DMG came flying off the top rope but was caught in mid-air by Max Power who threw her half way across the ring with a fall away slam.Dizazter grabbed a chair and nailed Max Power with the chair.The chair shot stunned Max Power but didnít knock him down.Dizazter went to nail him again when the chair was grabbed by Blake Frederiksen and slammed off of Dizazterís head.Blake grabbed Dizazter and threw him out of the ring and then did the same with DMG.Max Power chokeslammed VVV and then rolled him out of the ring.Blake put the chair in the center of the ring and Max Power delivered the Category 7 to Mighty Knight right on the steel chair.Blake Frederiksen then slapped on the Figure Four Deathlock and Max Power put the boots to Mighty Knight.A medical team came out with a stretcher for Mighty Knight.Blake Frederiksen rolled the lifeless Mighty Knight out of the ring onto the stretcher.They started to take him out of the arena and DMG was following behind and she was crying.When the medical team gets backstage and to the ambulance where Shane Stevens is waiting beside the ambulance and he stops them from putting Mighty Knight into the ambulance.Max Power and Blake Frederiksen show up with the GCW Tag Team Title belts over their shoulders.Max Power grabs DMG and holds her arms, then Shane Stevens begins to slap the Mighty Knight who is laying on the stretcherÖ.


Shane Stevens: You want to question what I do around here boy?Donít you ever question Shane Stevens!! You donít have to worry about defending your titles because Max and Blake are going to be holding on to them for you!! HAHAHA!!! Max told you and everyone else that this was going to happen and itís going to continue to happen on Showdown until EVERYONE in GCW bows down to the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance!! If you two want your titles back, youíre going to have to come and get them next week on Showdown because theyíre U.W.A. Property NOW!! HAHAHAHA!!!Get this piece of shit the hell out of here and off of OUR show!!! Oh yeah and Weazyl I hope youíre watching because we have even worse things planned for you here tonight in L.A.!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!


(They put Mighty Knight in the ambulance and DMG gets in with him and they speed away from the arena.Shane Stevens hugs Max and Blake and raises their hand in victory.Max and Blake put the GCW World Tag Team Titles around their waist and the 3 walk away.)


The Mighty Knight is the first victim of Max Power and the U.W.A.Will Mighty Knight and DMG be able to get back the titles that were stolen from them?Who will be Max Powerís next victim?Next up the GCW TV Title is on the line in a Ladder Match between challenger Sam McKee and the new TV Champion Ace King.Who will walk out of here the GCW Television Champion?




Sam McKee hit the arena the fans were all over him as they all started chanting ďUSAĒ.Ace King made his way to the ring to the fans going wild as they love the new GCW TV Champion.The two men stood in the ring staring at one another and talking trash.Sam McKee slapped Ace King in the face.Ace came back with a big chop that knocked Sam down to the mat.Ace picked him up in a vertical suplex holding it for a few seconds and then driving Sam into the mat hard. Ace King went up top and came off with a great elbow drop right across the chest of Sam McKee.Ace King left the ring to go and get the ladder.He brought it back to the ring and threw it inside.As he was getting back in the ring he was stopped by Sam McKee.Sam nailed Ace with a great huracanrana sending Ace flying across the ring.Sam put the chair in the corner and whipped Ace King right into the ladder.Sam then pushed the ladder over and it landed right on Ace King.Sam McKee set up the ladder and began to climb it.Ace King got back to his feet and began to climb the ladder as well.Both men began to exchange punches at the top of the ladder.Ace King was able to get the upper hand and then superplexed Sam McKee off the top of the ladder.Both men were hurt and Ace was slow to get to his feet but was up first.Ace set up the ladder and began to climb it.Sam got up to his feet, but was still a bit out of it and accidentally bumped into the ladder and it fell over sending Ace King over the top rope and crashing into the guardrail throat first.Sam McKee picked up the ladder and threw it over the top rope out onto the back off Ace King who was out on the floor.Sam went out and grabbed the ladder and brought it back into the ring and set it up.The fans started cheering ďUSAĒ to try and help the TV Champion get back to his feet.Sam started to climb the ladder but the fans were getting to him.Ace King rolled back in the ring and pulled Sam off the ladder with a great neckbreaker off the ladder.Ace King rolls Sam McKee out of the ring and sets up the ladder.Ace begins to climb the ladder and Sam McKee tries to get back in the ring to stop him but he is too late and Ace King pulled down the GCW TV Title.Ace held the title high over his head as the fans started to chant ďUSAĒ again. Sam McKee was furious and grabbed a chair and nailed Ace King in the back with the chair knocking him off the ladder.Sam started to hit Ace King with the chair while he was down.Sam then laid down the ladder and put Ace King on top of the ladder.Sam climbed up to the top rope and came off with a huge leg drop right across the head of Ace King on the ladder.Sam McKee then spit on the TV Title and spit on Ace King and left the ring.


Ace King was able to win the battle and retain the TV title but was disgraced by Sam McKee in the end.How must Ace King be feeling after being spit on by Sam McKee?Will Ace King get his revenge on the Canadian Sam McKee? It was finally time to find out who was going to be arrested in Los Angeles, either the U.W.A. or B.A.D.Who would it be?




Cameras went out into the parking lot for the match.The brawl was already underway between these hated rivals.Max Power over powered the Weazyl and slammed him on the concrete out in the parking lot.Blake and VIP continued to exchange blows and they started to move away from Max and the Weazyl.Blake put a thumb into the eye of VIP and then slammed him off of a parked car.Blake charged VIP who was leaning on the car and he back body dropped Blake onto the roof of the car putting a huge dent in it.Meanwhile Max Power had a steel chair and nailed the Weazyl in the face with the chair.Max threw the chair at a car and slowly walked over to the Weazyl to pick him up when the Weazyl nailed Max Power with a low blow.The Weazyl then DDTíd Max Power right on the concrete.Max Power was busted open from the DDT.Weazyl made a cover but somehow Max was able to get a shoulder up.VIP was up on top of a car fighting with Blake. VIP went for a clothesline and missed and then was caught by Blake in a spinebuster right on the roof of the car.The Paragon makes the cover on the roof of the car and the Weazyl came running over to break it up.The Weazyl slammed Blakeís face off the hood of the car and then clotheslined him down to the concrete.VIP and the Weazyl began to put the boots to Blake Frederiksen when Max Power came running in and nailed both men from behind.Max picked up VIP and chokeslammed him on the hood of a different car.Max starts to choke out the Weazyl against the car.Max Power wipes the blood off his face and smears it across the Weazylís face. Blake Frederiksen and Max Power throw the Weazyl face first through the driver window.The Weazyl is busted open and bleeding badly.Max and Blake begin to laugh and Max reaches down and takes a taste of the Weazylís blood.Max and Blake grab VIP and slam him into the side of the car.All of a sudden Stacey Valentine comes running up with a chair and nails Max Power in the back but it doesnít even phase him.Blake grabs Stacey and plants a big kiss on her and she slaps him in the face.Max Power grabs her by the throat and is getting ready to chokeslam her when Ace King comes running in with a baseball bat and hits Max Power in the back of the head.Blake goes for a clothesline but Ace ducks and then nails Blake with the bat.Out of nowhere Ace King is nailed from behind by Sam McKee.The two men begin to brawl and move away from the rest of the wrestlers.VIP is checking on the Weazyl and slowly help him to his feet and both men go after Blake. They throw him up on the hood of the car and VIP climbs up and gives Blake the Very Impressive Piledriver right on the hood of a car.The Weazyl pulls Max Power to his feet and then Max grabs the Weazyl by the throat. The Weazyl nails him with a low blow and then VIP and the Weazyl give Max Power a double chokeslam on the concrete.The Weazyl and VIP high five each other sensing victory when out of nowhere a black car comes into the scene and hits VIP and the Weazyl. Both men are able to jump and avoid the front end of the car but crash into the windshield of the car smashing it.Both men fall to the ground.The car door opens and itís Shane Stevens and he grabs Blake Frederiksen and puts him on top of VIP and the ref makes the 3-count.Blake pulls VIP to his feet and holds him in front of Shane Stevens who kicks him below the belt.Blake pushes VIP down to the ground.Max picks up the Weazyl and holds him in front of Shane Stevens and he begins to slap the Weazyl in the face.Shane then spits in the face of the Weazyl and has Max Power throw the Weazyl to the ground.Shane Stevens motions for someone and then officers from the L.A.P.D. come in grab the Weazyl and VIP and start to drag them away to their squad cars.The Weazyl and VIP start to put up a fight before getting into the car and the police pull out a tazer and have to zap both the Weazyl and VIP.Once thereís no fight left in them, the police officers throw them in the back of the police car and slam the door.Shane, Blake, and Max walk over to the car before it drives away.All 3 men are laughing at VIP and the Weazyl and Shane asks the Officer to roll down the window so he could say something to them before they go to jail.


Shane Stevens: Do you think youíre going to make a mockery of OUR SHOW?I bet you thought that bullshit you pulled earlier tonight was real funny eh?I told you that NO ONE will make a joke out of MY company and that is why the UWA was formed, to make sure that GCW becomes the #1 wrestling organization in the WORLD!!! You two jackasses arenít going to ruin that for us, so have fun in jail tonight boys!! HAHAHA!! I hope you donít wet yourself Billy boy!! HAHAHA!!! Get them out of here officer and make sure you give them the ďspecialĒ treatment, if you know what I mean!! HAHAHAHA!!!


(The cop car speeds off with VIP and the Weazyl in the back.The U.W.A. stand there laughing and waving goodbye to B.A.D. as the show went off the air)


Can you believe what happened? Shane Stevens hit them with a car and then humiliated B.A.D. before they were even arrested.I donít think what the L.A.P.D. did was called for.What about Ace King and Sam McKee getting involved?I think Ace came to help Stacey from being hurt by the UWA. Was Sam McKee helping the U.W.A.? Or was he just trying to get a piece of Ace King? Or maybe he just doesnít like the Weazyl and was trying to screw him?Who knows here in GCW anymore, and what in the hell is going to happen next week on Showdown in Anaheim, California???This has been the Showdown Report, see you next week for another big show in Anaheim.