July 22, 2006

Detroit, Michigan




Report by: GCW Reporter Hugh Jazz


Tonight GCW Saturday Night Showdown hit the Motor City, Detroit, MI and how would tonight’s show stack up to last week’s premier which was an amazing show.  Two titles were on the line and a #1 Contender spot for the GCW World Title, as well as people going through tables of fire.  The fans in Detroit were pumped up and ready for the kick off of a great show that opened with a Triple Threat Match for the GCW World Tag Team Titles.


The fans were split between DMG and Mighty Knight and Johnny Thunder and Kayla.  The fans booed the Loc Dogs as always as they’ve never been liked in GCW history.  The match started off quickly with Mighty Knight laying a beating on Silly C of the Loc Dogs.  Whoompy D got involved which brought in DMG and a brawl broke loose in the ring.  Johnny Thunder went up top and nailed all four men with a splash off the top ropes.  Kayla went up top and frog splashed Silly C, the crowd was going wild.  The ref finally restored order in the match and Johnny Thunder was in and had control off the Mighty Knight.  Thunder gave Knight a big spike piledriver and almost got a 3-count out of it.  Mighty Knight would fight back and take in DMG who came flying over the ropes with a spin wheel kick that nailed Thunder right between the eyes.  DMG went for a cover but it was interrupted by Whoompy D.  Both Loc Dogs would attempt to double team DMG but was reversed by DMG and she sent both Loc Dogs down to the mat.  Kayla jumped in the ring and through DMG out to the floor and the two women began to brawl out on the floor.  Inside the ring the remaining four men were in a brawl.  The Mighty Knight and Thunder tossed the Loc Dogs out on the floor and the two men began to fight with each other.  Johnny Thunder came off the ropes with a flying cross body block but was caught by the Might Knight and powerslammed to the mat.   Mighty Knight looked to the crowd and gave the sign for the Slamming Facebuster, got him up in it and drove Thunder hard into the mat.  Mighty Knight made the cover and hooked the leg and there was nothing Johnny Thunder could do as he got the 1-2-3 and the victory.  The crowd went wild as DMG and the Mighty Knight raised the GCW World Tag Team Titles high over their heads with pride and excitement.  What a way to kick off Showdown by crowning new GCW World Tag Team Champions.


Up next it was time for the big one-on-one interview with GCW World Champion Blake Frederiksen.  The world was waiting to see what the man doesn’t respect GCW’s history had to say.  Would he run GCW into the ground some more? Here’s the up close interview with the World Champ in full……


(The Jumbotron screen above the entrance ramp comes into life suddenly as we see GCW Insider Nick Lutz sitting down on one of two chairs with a microphone in hand. However, Blake Frederiksen appears from off-screen with his championship around his waist and jeers and boos rise in the arena as The Paragon takes his seat next to Nick)

Nick Lutz: Good evening Blake, it’s a privilege to be here with you interviewing you on behalf of GCW.

Blake Frederiksen: You’re welcome.

Nick Lutz: Now firstly Blake, how do you feel about not being scheduled to actually compete here tonight in Detroit?

Blake Frederiksen: Well you have to be magnanimous about the situation, especially given that I’m the GCW World Champion. Shane Stevens obviously can’t have me tearing through the whole of the roster in just a few weeks because after that who’s left to face me? There’d be no new opponents for the champ and hence there wouldn’t any big buy rates or ratings as the weeks wore on. So if Shane feels I need to rest on my laurels for a week or so for him to find a new challenger for me to try and look good in the ring then I’m content with that so long as people don’t forget that Saturday Night Showdown is my show and GCW is my company now.

Nick Lutz: Well mid-week in Cleveland you pinned Skip Jones to retain your championship-

Blake Frederiksen: Is that so surprising? I do deserve acclaim for managing to pull a decent match out of him but the outcome was already a foregone conclusion. I’ve stated it before Nick and I’ll state it again: there’s no competition here in GCW that can beat me in the ring. One thing I want to talk about however is Stevens’ claim that “Tradition rules” here in GCW.

Nick Lutz: Are you saying it doesn’t?

Blake Frederiksen: Now Shane likes to take a pop at WWE oh so often and stress that the GCW isn’t about sports entertainment but about wrestling. Let’s just look at tonight’s show though shall we Nick? A Table Death Match and a No DQ Falls Count Anywhere Match? That reeks of gimmickry? Where’s the wrestling? You could drag any lug off the street and expect them to capably brawl their way through either one of those matches. I’m telling Shane now and the rest of the GCW roster that I am a professional wrestler and I will uphold the foundation and history of wrestling in the ring rather than catering to such sensationalism as the rest of GCW seems to. While I’m the World Champion here in GCW I’m going to ensure that this company’s run in my image and GCW will come to embody pure wrestling.

Nick Lutz: I’m not sure if that’s a sentiment you’ll find shared with everyone backstage here in GCW.

Blake Frederiksen: What am I telling you Nick? It doesn’t matter about anybody else here in GCW but just me because I am GCW. Now I don’t care whether Weazyl or Max Power walks out of Detroit tonight as the #1 contender to my championship because neither of them poses a threat to me or my reign as champion. Hell, I’m just going to leave the building right now.

(Blake stands up knocking over his chair and stalks out of shot off the screen)


The fans were in shock over what the World Champ had to say.  Blake Frederiksen continued to disrespect GCW and even question the Tradition Rules saying here in GCW.  What would President Stevens have to say?  What in the world is he going to do with the World Champ who claims that Showdown is his show and GCW is his company?  Next up on the show would be the anticipated Table Death Match between Ryder and THC. The fans were about to find out who is going to get set on fire here in Detroit.


The fans were electric when Ryder hit the building and it was obvious that they would be one his side tonight in the match.  THC on the other hand came out stoned as usual and actually was eating a big bag of chips on his way to the ring.  He was offering fans chips and then when they tried to take some he was pulling the bag away.  Ryder didn’t wait for THC to get in the ring as he jumped off the top and nailed THC with a plancha off the top rope out onto THC on the arena floor.  The weapons would quickly become involved as Ryder nailed THC a couple times with steel chair.  The match would return to the ring and Ryder layed out THC with a brain buster and went outside the ring to set up a table.  After he set up the table he grabbed THC and was going to attempt to powerbomb THC over the top rope through the table, but THC reversed it and back body dropped Ryder right over the top rope through the table outside the ring.  Ryder was hurt, but the match had to continue because the table hadn’t been lit on fire.  THC grabbed another table from under the ring and set it up in the middle of the ring.  He then grabbed some lighter fluid and lit the table on fire right in the center of the ring.  THC pulled Ryder back into the ring and was going to try and suplex Ryder through the table of fire.  Ryder blocked the suplex and nailed THC in the head with some big fore arm shots that sent him rocking back into the corner.  Ryder put THC up on the top rope and climbed up with him.  The fans were standing as it appeared Ryder was going to attempt to superplex THC off the top rope through the table of fire.  Sikopath came running down to the ring to try and stop the superplex, but Skip Jones was right behind him and intercepted Sikopath.  The two men started brawling out on the floor.  Ryder still had THC set up for the superplex and he got THC up and superplexed him right through a table of fire.  The fans went wild as Ryder had one the match. Luckily for THC he put the fire out with his body or he could have been badly burned.  The match wasn’t over as Sikopath nailed Skip Jones with a chair on the floor and then he got in the ring and nailed Ryder from behind with the bent chair. Ryder was out cold and Sikopath helped THC back up to his feet.  THC took the steel chair and put it around Ryder’s knee and began stomping on the steel chair.  Sikopath grabbed another chair and slammed the chair off of the chair on Ryder’s knee.  Ryder rolled around on the mat in a ton of pain when security and refs came out to pull the badly injured Ryder out of the ring.  Sikopath and THC remained in the ring gloating over the beating when all of a sudden the lights in the arena went out.  When the lights finally come back on, Sikopath is knocked out and SHADE is standing behind THC.  Shade grabs THC and lays him out with a move he calls the Shadow Replication.  Shade left the arena through the crowd.


The fans had no idea what to think about what had just happened.  Why did Shade pick THC?  Maybe next week on Showdown we’ll know more about what Shade did here in Detroit on Showdown.  The night was already explosive and we still had a TV title match and a Falls Count Anywhere in Detroit match.  Up next it was time to decide who would be the new GCW Television Champion, the sexiest man in GCW Skip Jones or the massive Crusher.


Skip Jones and the beautiful Stacey Valentine entered the arena to a ton of screams and whistling.  I think most of the fans were cheering for the gorgeous Stacey more so than Skip Jones, but he ate it all up like it was for him.  The Crusher hit the arena with a mean look on his face and a split reaction from the fans.  The monster got in the ring and went to go after Skip Jones immediately but Jones hit behind Valentine and The Crusher was in awe staring at the half naked Stacey Valentine.  Skip Jones jumped on the opening and went after The Crusher pounding him with running clotheslines.  He rocked the monster but couldn’t knock him down so he went up top, but The Crusher caught him and through him almost all the way across the ring off the top rope.  Skip Jones rolled out to the floor where Stacey tried to help him to his feet.  The Crusher came out and grabbed Skip and whipped him hard into the guardrail.  He picked Skip up over his head and through him over the top rope back  into the ring.  Skip Jones was being dominated by largest man in GCW.  The Crusher went to pick up Jones but was nailed with a low blow from Skip Jones.  The Crusher was hurt and Skip Jones started to work on the big mans knees and was able to finally knock him off his feet.  Skip went up top and nailed The Crusher with a huge moonsault off the top rope and made a cover, but the big man was able to kick out before the 3-count.  The Crusher got back up to his feet and Skip Jones tried to nail him with a clothesline but was met by the big boot of Crusher right in the face sending Skip crashing down to the mat.  The Crusher gave the sign for his finisher when Stacey Valentine got up on the ring apron and started pleading with Crusher not to do it.  Stacey started to undo her shirt and was starting to do a strip tease for The Crusher who obviously couldn’t stop staring like everyone else in the arena.  Skip Jones climbed up the top rope behind The Crusher and jumped off and drove The Crusher’s head down into the mat from behind with a vicious top rope bulldog.  Skip quickly covered Crusher and the ref made the 3-count making Skip Jones the new GCW Television Champion.  Stacey Valentine grabbed the belt and ran into the ring to celebrate with Skip who started jumping up and down with Stacey when she handed him the belt.  The fans were loving seeing Stacey jump up and down.


Another great match and another champion crowned and we still had a huge main event to come.  Falls would count anywhere in Detroit and one man would have a shot at UltimateBrawl to meet World Champion Blake Frederiksen for the GCW World Title.  Speaking of the world champ, he had been reported to have left the building which didn’t make much sense as you think he would have wanted to see who he’s going to face in Las Vegas on PPV.  The world was ready with or without the world champ to see the Weazyl and Max Power battle literally anywhere in the city limits of Detroit.  Right before the match was ready to start cameras went backstage where GCW Insider Nick Lutz was trying to get an interview with President Stevens who was walking down the hallway on his way to Blake Frederiksen’s locker room.  Nick was able to get an interview with Shane Stevens and here’s what the GCW President had to say……


Nick Lutz: Mr. Stevens if you’re looking for the world champ he’s already left the building.


Prez Stevens: First of all it’s President to you Nick…..we’re not that close.  What do you mean he’s left the building?  This guy has a real attitude problem doesn’t he?  I mean if it isn’t enough I have to deal with the Weazyl’s antics……now I have to deal with the disrespectful jackass?  Now he’s going to talk about the fact that tradition doesn’t rule here in GCW……what in the hell do you even know about tradition boy?  I mean where does some 24 year old punk get off saying what he does about GCW.  You say I talk about the WWE……well I’m not the one who brought it up…..you are boy!  As far as I’m concerned the WWE doesn’t even exist……the only thing that matters is GCW!!!


Nick Lutz: What about Blake saying that Showdown is his show and he owns GCW now?


Prez Stevens: Nick do you think I’m supposed to be scared of Blake Frederiksen? Am I supposed to be worried that some egotistical punk kid thinks he owns MY company?  It was my BLOOD and SWEAT that made GCW what it was……..and I was the one that made B.A.D. what it was.  Now I am the man that has the money, power, and genius mind to make GCW even bigger than ever!!  Why did you leave the building tough guy?  Scared to confront YOUR BOSS face to face like a man???  Just like I made The Weazyl realize who is the boss around here I will make you realize the same damn thing Blake.  I’m not going to take shit from you……I’m not going to take any shit from The Weazyl….and I’m not going to take shit from anyone else in this damn company that thinks they’re going to call the shots around here.  The Mercenary called the shot in and out of the ring in GCW past and now in GCW present…..Shane Stevens calls the shots!!


Nick Lutz: Were you serious when you said you were going to fire someone tonight if they interfered in the match?


Prez Stevens: Do you think these great fans here in Detroit would have wasted their time even showing up if they thought Shane Stevens wasn’t a man of his word?  I know…..the fans know…..and everyone else better know that I mean what I say and if you want to test me…….I welcome you to try.  We’ve got a match to get to Nick so let’s quit wasting time and give these fans what they came here to see…..and that sure as hell isn’t me and you standing here in a hallway talking!!


The world knew that President Stevens would have some kind of response for Blake Frederiksen.  It would have been great to see a face to face confrontation between the world champ and the GCW President Shane Stevens.  Like the President said it was now time for the Main Event between Max Power and The Weazyl to determine the #1 contender for the GCW World Title.


The Weazyl was met by a mixed reaction from the fans as some of the fans are starting to like the antics of the former 6-time GCW World chamipion The Weazyl.  Max Power was met with an eruption from the fans and the massive 7-footer now has a pretty big following here in GCW.  As soon as Max Power hit the ring he went right after the Weazyl who quickly jumped out of the ring to get away from the big man.  Max stepped over the top rope and went right after Weazyl who started running around the ring to get away.  Weazyl jumped back into the ring and when Max tried to get in The Weazyl knocked him off the ring apron out to the floor.  Weazyl immediately went and got a steel chair and nailed Max Power a couple time across the back.  The Weazyl waited for Max Power to get to his feet and was going to nail him in the face with the chair when Max ducked the chair shot and then almost took The Weazyl’s head off with a big boot to the face.  Max picked up The Weazyl and dropped him right across the guardrail.  The brawl then went into the crowd when Max through Weazyl over the rail into the crowd.  Max pounded on Weazyl up the stairs of the arena through the fans.  Weazyl fought back with a poke to Max Power’s eyes and then he nailed him with a low blow shot that made him fall down the arena stairs.  The Weazyl kept going up the stairs and into the lobby area of the arena.  Meanwhile Max Power was still trying to make his way back up the stairs.  Max finally makes it through the curtain into the lobby where he is met with a garbage can to the head courtesy of the Weazyl.  He put the garbage can on Max’s head and Weazyl drops the leg on the garbage can and goes for the pin, but Max Power is able to kickout at 2.  The Weazyl is pissed off at the ref’s count and threatens him by pushing him a few times.  The match then proceeds through the lobby area where GCW souvenirs and refreshments are being sold.  The Weazyl grabs a Max Power T-Shirt and wipes his ass with it then shoves it into Max Power’s mouth.  The Weazyl walks over to another stand and grabs a beer and drinks it down.  The Weazyl takes Max Power and throws him through the exit doors and the two men end up outside of the arena.  Weazyl attempts to smash Max’s head off of a trailer but it is blocked and Weazyl is sent crashing into the trailer.  Max Power slams the Weazyl’s head into a dumpster busting the Weazyl wide open.  Out of nowhere the Loc Dogs attack Max Power from behind.  The Loc Dogs start pounding on the back of Max Power but the blows don’t seem to effect the big man.  Max Power goes to nail Silly C with a big boot but Silly C ducks and Max Power nails the referee right in the head knocking him out cold.  The 7-foot monster gets a hold of the Loc Dogs and throws the two of them into the dumpster and shuts the lid on them.  Max grabbed a hold of the Weazyl and the two men started to make their way back into the arena from a different entrance.  The brawl continues until they’re back in the arena and the two men went toe to toe on the entrance ramp.  Max Power got the upper hand and suplexed The Weazyl on the ramp and went for a pinfall but there was no referee to count.  All of a sudden out of the crowd comes the world champion wearing a referee shirt and runs up the ramp to make the count, but luckily the Weazyl is able to kick out.  No one in the arena could understand what the champ was doing back and especially with a referee’s shirt on.  Both men went and grabbed a steel chair and the two of them got into the ring and right when they were about to nail each other with the chairs, Blake Frederiksen called for the bell to stop the match.  Blake grabbed a mic and told the fans that both men were unable to continue the match and that there would be no #1 contender for his title and that there would be no world title match at UltimateBrawl, then he laughed and went to walk out of the arena.  Then out came President Stevens with security and he motioned for them to grab the world champ and start to escort him out of the building.  President Stevens grabbed a mic and had this to say about what went down…….


Prez Stevens: I can’t believe this……what in the hell do you think you’re doing Blake Frederiksen?  I should fire your ass right now!! Sure you didn’t attack either guy but you still interfered in this match with your damn nonsense.  Instead of firing you……I’m going to make your match at UltimateBrawl even tougher because not only are you going to defend that title whether you want to or not…..but now instead of one opponent you have TWO!!! That’s right Blakey boy……now you’re going to have to defend the gold against both Max Power and the Weazyl and to make it even better for you…….as someone can win your title without even having to pin you.  Have fun trying to hold onto that title now…..because I told you that I would make you learn who was the boss around here.  Get him out of here security!!!


(Security drag a fighting Blake Frederiksen out of the arena)


Prez Stevens: Oh I’m not done yet……cuz you see Weazyl I told you what would happen if someone tried to get involved in the match.  So guess what……you’re two lackies the Loc Dogs……well THEY’RE ASSES ARE FIRED!!!!!  I’d tell you to take out the trash but Max Power already did that for me earlier when he tossed those two goofballs in the dumpster out back.  Have fun winning without help Weazyl because we know you have no friends in GCW……..and now you’re going to have to try and win that title all by yourself. HAHAHAHA!!!!  See you next week everyone when Saturday Night Showdown takes over the windy city of Chicago!!!!


Shane Stevens exited the building as the Weazyl was throwing a fit in the ring like a child, which the fans were getting a kick out of.  What an announcement about UltimateBrawl, a triple threat for the GCW World Championship!!!  What’s going to happen next week in Chicago with all the ego’s of GCW?  Will the Weazyl be able to win without his lackies?  How is Blake Frederiksen feeling about being dragged out of the arena?  What will he think about President Stevens announcement about UltimateBrawl??  Hopefully we’ll have all the answers by next week on Showdown in Chicago.  See you next week in the Windy City for more great GCW action.