July 29, 2006

Chicago, Illinois




Report by: GCW Reporter Hugh Jazz


The night before the return of GCW to Pay-Per-View, Showdown in Chicago was the definitely the most shocking show yet.  Three titles were on the line tonight and the wrestling career of the Loc Dogs was also on the line.  The question everyone was waiting to find out is who was going to be World Champion going in to UltimateBrawl?


The first match of the evening featured a newcomer to GCW, The Mummy up against the Thunder from Down Under Johnny Thunder.  The fans seem to like Johnny Thunder as he received a good cheer from the Chicago fans.  The Mummy received mixed feelings from the fans as some fans didn’t really like this guy very much.  The match started off quick and Mummy looked like he was out to prove something throwing Thunder around the ring controlling the early going.  The Mummy set up Thunder for a great fall away slam and came close to a 3-count with the cover attempt.  Mummy would take the action out to the floor as he hurled Thunder over the top out to the concrete floor.  He would then proceed to slam Thunder into the guardrail several times.  Some of the fans starting to get on the Mummy’s back and distracted him from the action allowing Thunder to get back to his feet.  The Mummy was nailed with a vicious dropkick from Thunder and he sent the Mummy back in the ring.  Thunder would go up top and nail Mummy with a big elbow drop and went for the cover but Mummy was able to kick out.  Thunder grabbed Mummy and was giving the sign for the Thunder Down Under but it was reversed by Mummy with a big back body drop.  The Mummy would take control of the match and would get Thunder in position for the Black Out nailing him with his finishing maneuver.  The Mummy would cover the knocked out Thunder and would score the win in his debut on Showdown.  The match didn’t stop as The Mummy proceeded to go get a chair and attempt to injure the defeated Johnny Thunder.  Mummy placed the chair on Thunder’s head and went up to the top and came off with a big leg drop right on the chair.  Finally they were able to get Mummy out of the ring but not after busting Thunder wide open with that vicious move.


Right after the match the cameras went backstage where Violent Vick Vader was being attacked by Zach Fighter with a barbed-wire baseball bat.  Zach busted open Violent Vick with the barbed-wire and then he began to hit himself in the head with the barbed-wire bat until he had busted himself open as well.  Zach Figher walked away laughing and with a face full of blood.  Violent Vick wasn’t even scheduled for action tonight and found himself lying on the concrete in his street clothes covered in blood.


Next up would be a match for the #1 Contender spot for the GCW Television Title and match tomorrow night at UltimateBrawl against either Skip Jones or Shade.  Would it be White Lightning or another newcomer Ace King?  The newcomer received a pretty good welcome to GCW by the windy city fans.  Sydney Cole would receive his usual warm welcome from the fans as the U.S. fans seem to have respect for this ex-U.S. Marine.  Ace King didn’t waste anytime trying to make a name for himself here in GCW as he took the action right after White Lightning.  He nailed White Lightning with a flying clothesline off the ropes that rocked the ex-marine.  Ace threw Lightning into the corner and went to work on him in the corner.  He put him up on the ropes and was going to attempt a superplex when it was blocked by White Lightning who pushed Ace off down onto the mat.  Lightning quickly followed it up with a moonsault off the top ropes right on the ribs of Ace King.  He would go for the cover but only get the 2-count.  Lightning threw Ace out to the floor, then White Lightning went for a run off the ropes and flew over the top rope landing right on Ace King out on the floor.  Lightning would attempt to whip Ace into the ring steps but the move was reversed and White Lightning was sent crashing into the ring steps knocking them flying.  Ace picked up the steps and slammed them on the back off White Lighting.  The ref could have easily called for the bell but decided to let it go because of what was at stake I guess. Ace would take the action back into the ring and whipped Lightning into the ropes but missed his clothesline attempt and was nailed with a spin wheel kick by White Lightning.  Sydney Cole would go up top and give the sign for the Lightning Bolt when Sam McKee came out and started yacking at White Lightning.  He was talking trash about the U.S. Marines and the distraction was just what Ace King needed as he slammed White Lightning off the top rope.  Ace would give the sign for the Blackjack and got Lightning in position and nailed it perfectly.  It looked like that would be enough and Ace King made the cover and was able to score the win and also get himself a shot at the GCW Television Title tomorrow night on PPV.  It doesn’t get much better than having a title shot on a GCW PPV and especially one with the history of UltimateBrawl.


It was time to decide the fate of the Loc Dogs wrestling career and against the monster Max Power.  Could the Loc Dogs actually pin the 7ft Max Power?  Before we would find out the cameras went out into the parking lot where a limo was pulling up to the arena.  When the door opened it was Shane Stevens the President of GCW.  As he was getting out of the limo he was talking to someone but it wasn’t possible to tell who it was in the limo with him.  The President closed the limo door and entered the building.  Cameras went back out to the ring where the Loc Dogs were making their way down to the ring rapping and dancing like always and were entertaining some of the fans with most just laughing.  Max Power exploded into the arena to a mixed reaction like always from the GCW fans.  When Max hit the ring the Loc Dogs jumped out of the ring to the floor and it was obvious that they were both scared of Max Power.  They played rock/paper/scissor to see who would go into the ring and start the match.  Max Power didn’t wait and grabbed both Loc Dogs and threw them into the ring.  Max got in the ring and delivered the big boot to both Silly C and Whoompy D.  Silly C went over the top rope out to the floor and Max Power began to beat down Whoompy D.  He pressed slammed him over his head and threw him out on top of Silly C out on the floor.  The Loc Dogs re-grouped and came into the ring from different sides and attacked the knees of the big man.  The Loc Dogs delivered a double dropkick to the knees of Max Power sending the big man down to the mat.  The Loc Dogs climbed up opposite corners and Silly C nailed Max with a leg drop and Whoompy D nailed him with a splash.  Both men covered Max Power but he was still able to kick out and the Loc Dogs landed on the referee knocking him out.  Whoompy D tried to wake up the ref and while he was doing that Max Power gained control of Silly C by the throat.  Silly C kicked Max below the belt and then both men proceeded to double DDT Max Power.  The Loc Dogs made the cover but the ref was still out and they clearly had more than a 3-count on Max Power.  All of a sudden Shane Stevens came running down the ramp and got in the ring and clotheslined both Loc Dogs down to the mat.  Stevens threw Whoompy D out of the ring and picked up Silly C and drove his head into the mat with a brainbuster.  Shane Stevens pointed to Max to cover Silly C while Stevens was waking up the ref.  The ref crawled over and made the 3-count ending the wrestling careers of the Loc Dogs.  Shane Stevens grabbed the arm of Max Power and raised it in victory and then he grabbed a microphone and had this to say……..


“See ya later Loc Dogs……or what they’re going to be calling you…..the Broke Dogs!! HAHAHA!!! I told you Weazyl……I told you not to screw around with me!  Now what do you have?? You sure as hell don’t have the World Title……nor will you EVER have it…..and now you don’t even have your dufus lackies the Loc Dogs to help you out.  I mean you can still hang out with those morons outside of GCW……but those two idiots will be arrested on the spot if they ever even come close to a GCW ring again!! You remember this guy don’t you? (pointing at Max Power)  Of course you do because he layed your ass out right in the middle of the ring with the Category 7…..just like he’s going to do tomorrow night at UltimateBrawl!! You’re looking at my new hired gun…….he’s the guy that’s going to make sure know one EVER tries to f**k with me and he’s the guy that’s going to destroy you Weazyl!!  So have fun the rest of the night Weazyl…….oh wait…..you’re not going to be having any fun here in GCW are you? HAHAHAHA!!  Mr. 6-time champion is going to remain a former 6-time champion……because 7 is NOT your lucky number Weazyl…..it’s NEVER going to happen…..I GUARANTEE IT!!!!  Come on Max let’s get out here because we still have a show to put on here for the fans of Chicago!!” (The two men exit the arena)


What is the Weazyl going to do now?  He doesn’t have the Loc Dogs and Shane Stevens now has a hired gun in Max Power.  What about the guarantee the President made that the Weazyl will never become the 7-time World Champion?  The Weazyl has a World Title match tonight and another one tomorrow night and he couldn’t possibly lose both, or could he?


It was time for the first of three title matches on Showdown.  The Mighty Knight and D.M.G. were defending their GCW World Tag Team Titles against the team of THC and Sikopath who we all know can do some damage, just ask Ryder.  THC and Sikopath came out to the usual boos they receive as the GCW fans really hate these guys.  The fans love the GCW World Tag Team Champions and as soon as they hit the arena the place went nuts.  DMG would start the match against THC and she took the action to THC early nailing him with several aerial moves.  DMG whipped THC into the ropes but it was reversed by THC, however he missed with the clothesline attempt and DMG dropkicked THC right in the face.  DMG tagged in Mighty Knight and now we would get a preview of tomorrow night’s 4-way cage match for the U.S. Title.  Mighty Knight came in and delivered a couple different style suplexes to THC, which ended him up in his corner and able to make the tag to Sikopath.  The two men started brawling in the ring and then Sikopath got the advantage and sent Mighty Knight out to the floor.  Sikopath then nailed DMG in the face sending her out to the floor too.  Sikopath went up top for a high-risk move and it cost him as he missed the splash attempt and landed on the concrete floor.  THC got into the action that brought DMG into it and the brawl started on the floor.  Mighty Knight picked up THC and dropped him throat first on the guardrail and then rolled him into the ring.  Then out onto the ramp walked Skull to check out the competition for tomorrow night’s match.  Also out in the crowd was Shade who was making his way down to the ring through the fans.  Meanwhile in the ring Sikopath and THC were double-teaming Mighty Knight.  DMG would climb the turnbuckle and nailed both THC and Sikopath with a double dropkick sending them down.  The ref would get THC and DMG out of the ring and Mighty Knight got Sikopath set up for the Slamming Facebuster and drove him hard into the mat.  He made the cover and THC came in to break it up but was met with a flying cross body block by DMG and Mighty Knight was able to get the 3-count and retain the GCW World Tag Team Titles.  The match wasn’t over as THC would attack Mighty Knight from behind and then throw DMG out of the ring.  Then both Skull and Shade hit the ring and a 4-man war broke out in the ring.  The fans loved the action and finally security had to come out and break it up.  What’s going to happen when they’re all locked in a cage and the U.S. Championship belt is on the line?


The second title match would be for the GCW Television Title and the champion Skip Jones was looking to go into UltimateBrawl tomorrow night still the TV Champion.  Shade after the brawl he had just been in, had an opportunity to win not one but two titles on back-to-back shows.  “The Shadow of Life’ Shade came out to a warm welcome as the fans seem to like this guy and especially after the brawl he was in earlier.  The TV Champ and Sexiest man in GCW made his way to the ring with Stacey Valentine and once again all the cheers were for her and none directed towards Skip Jones.  The big man Shade went right after the much smaller Skip Jones and Skip quickly took off out to the floor. Shade followed him out and Skip proceeded to hide behind Stacey and then when Shade was distracted he hopped back in the ring.  Skip tried to knock the big man down when the action returned to the ring, but it wasn’t enough and Shade caught Skip in a big sidewalk slam rocking the TV Champ.  Shade made the cover but Skip was just able to kick out.  Shade put Skip in the corner and started choking him with his boot.  He whipped Skip to the far corner and came in after with a clothesline but Skip ducked out of the way and Shade crashed hard into the turnbuckles.  Skip ducked down behind a dazed Shade and he fell over Skip Jones.  Skip went for the cover but Shade kicked out.  Skip Jones went up top and came off with a knee drop right into the face of Shade.  Skip gave the sign for his finisher Big Time when suddenly the Weazyl appeared on the JumboTron.  He was sitting in his dressing room hold a picture of himself and Stacey Valentine.  He proceeded to tell Skip that Stacey wants him and the picture only told half of the story.  This totally pissed off Skip and he jumped out of the ring and started yelling at Stacey.  He grabbed Stacey and his TV belt and took off up the ramp dragging Stacey by the arm.  The referee proceeded to count out Skip Jones and Shade won the match but not the TV Title.  Why did the Weazyl have that picture?  Was something really going on between himself and Stacey Valentine?


It was finally time for the Main Event for the GCW World Title.  Who would go into UltimateBrawl tomorrow night on PPV the champion, Weazyl or Blake Frederiksen?  The Weazyl hit the arena and the fans in Chicago were actually cheering him.  Weazyl is used to being hated by the fans so this is a change for him.  When the World Champ hit the arena the booing could be heard 3 blocks away.  After the comments Blake has had about GCW, the fans are really starting to get really annoyed from them.  Instead of an explosive start to the match, the two men met at center ring to trash talk one another.  After the Weazyl held up 7 fingers and the crowd started to cheer, Blake hit the Weazyl and went to the attack throwing him into the ropes and then nailing him with a running clothesline.  Blake started to show off his technical skills with a couple German suplexes to the Weazyl.  He went for the cover but the Weazyl was out in two.  Blake threw Weazyl out onto the floor and went out after him.  Blake whipped Weazyl into the ring post back first, then Blake charged in for a clothesline but Weazyl moved and Blake crashed into the ring post.  Weazyl whipped Blake into the guardrail and then tossed him back into the ring.  Weazyl nailed Blake hard with a devastating swinging neckbreaker.  Weazyl made the cover but Blake was out in 2.  Weazyl whipped him into the ropes and sent Blake high up into the air with a big back body drop.  The Weazyl went up top and came off with a big elbow that landed right on the chin of the world champ.  Weazyl went for the cover again but Blake was able to kick out again.  Weazyl got Blake into the corner and started laying the boots to him and then climbed up and started nailing Blake with punches.  Then he chopped Blake so hard it knocked him off his feet.  The Weazyl attempted to whip Blake into the far corner but it was reversed and Blake sent Weazyl chest first into the turnbuckles.  Both men fell to the mat with neither man moving for a few seconds.  Blake made it to his feet first and picked up Weazyl and spike piledrived him in the center of the ring.  He went for the cover but the Weazyl was able to get his shoulder up at the last second.  Blake was pissed with the referee’s count and thought the match should be over.  Blake grabs the Weazyl and goes for the Irish whip but it’s reversed and the Weazyl sends Blake crashing into the ref knocking him through the ropes out to the floor.  The Weazyl goes up top and nails a dazed Blake Frederiksen with the Armageddon and then covers him and hooks the leg.  There’s no ref to count when all of a sudden Shane Stevens comes running out with a referee shirt on and slides in the ring to make the count.  Shane makes the count but stops right before 3 and said that Blake’s shoulder was up even though it wasn’t.  The Weazyl is pissed off and gets in Shane Stevens face and then he shoves the President into the ropes.  Blake Frederiksen grabs the Weazyl from behind and rolls him up for the pin and Shane Stevens quickly falls to the mat for the count and makes a quick 3-count.  The Weazyl gets up and kicks Shane Stevens in the stomach and then DDT’s him knocking out the President.  Blake Frederiksen grabs his World Title and smashes the Weazyl in the back of the head with the belt.  Blake helps Shane Stevens to his feet and the two men begin to stomp down the Weazyl.  Shane motions to the back and out comes Max Power with a couple tables.  Max Power sets up the tables outside of the ring and then gets in the ring to join in on the beat down that’s being put on the Weazyl.  Shane Stevens motions to Max Power to throw the Weazyl over the top rope out onto the tables.  Max Power picks up the Weazyl and powerbombed him over the top rope through two tables.  The Weazyl lays on the broken tables motionless, and then Shane Stevens grabs a microphone as place is booing very loudly……


“The Weazyl……is DEAD!!! B.A.D. will NEVER be in GCW AGAIN!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I told you Weazyl I was going to make sure you never win the GCW World Title again…..well I think this is a damn good start…..don’t you???  (fans start chanting “asshole”)  You’re absolutely right……I AM AN ASSHOLE!!! I can’t play Mr. Nice Guy ANYMORE!!  I used to be known as the REAL HEEL for a reason you know……because I don’t care about the fans or anyone else for that matter!  Who would have thought it……..Shane Stevens and Blake Frederiksen on the same team?  What about all the things he said about GCW and about it’s tradition…blah….blah….blah!!  Why would I get upset…….when it was part of our plan?  You people and the morons in the locker room were too blind to see it all unfold right in front of their own eyes.  I mean did you honestly think I would let some guy come into my company and run it into the ground?  I actually can’t believe you all fell for it……especially the Weazyl!!! Well he’s been falling for…..or should I say through a lot of things lately!! HAHAHAHA!!!  When I had Blake escorted out of the arena last week on Showdown who’s limo did you think they put him in?  It was my limo…..that took him to my mansion and we partied with playboy bunnies and strippers and movie stars and everyone else that was worth being there.  What were we celebrating?  We were celebrating the greatest joining of forces in GCW or wrestling history for that matter!!! Blake Frederiksen is the f**king man!!! I thought I was the greatest wrestler ever…..which I was…..until I met the Paragon and he made me realize that his potential is unlimited!! Think about it……Blake Frederiksen…….the greatest wrestler in the world today and the GCW World Champion……under the guidance and genius of Shane Stevens!!! Every time I think about it……it blows my damn mind!!! That yacht that Blake was partying on with Nick Lutz……..where do you think he got it?  Just a little bonus for taking GCW back to the top of wrestling again!!! Here’s another shocker for the Weazyl…….you don’t make the most money here buddy old pal……nope…..The Paragon Blake Frederiksen makes a considerable amount more money than you do!! HAHAHA!!! Seeing I’m dropping the nice guy act I’ve got some more things to get off my chest.  First of all…….I NEVER liked the Weazyl…..that’s right you heard me!!  I was the main attraction in GCW and I was the man that was a wrestling genius…..and the people that used to run this company asked me to take this guy under my wing and try to make something of him.  Did I want to do it……hell no…..but what are you going to do when you’re not the boss?  So I took him in and I turned him into a champion…….and I was the mastermind behind the infamous B.A.D. group…..what did he do…….just jump on for the ride!!  You see finally now that GCW is my company……I can hand select the guy I want to guide to greatness well beyond what either one of us ever achieved here in GCW…..and that guy is Blake Frederiksen!!  The Weazyl can’t beat Shane Stevens…..and he sure as hell isn’t going to beat Blake Frederiksen and that doesn’t take a genius like myself to figure out!!! Now that Blake has joined forces with myself and the hired gun Max Power…..there’s nothing in the world that can stop us and the new reign here in GCW!!!  Blake Frederiksen is going to take this company and this show……HIS SHOW……to the highest ratings in television history!!  NO ONE can stop us……..NO ONE will ever stop us…….and if anyone has anything to say about it or wants to do anything about it…….just let me know in advance so I can get you a spot down at the city morgue because that’s the only place you’re going to end up if you mess with any of us.  I am the Ultimate Genius…….Max is the Ultimate Power……and Blake is the Ultimate Wrestler…….we are the ULTIMATE WRESTLING ALLIANCE and things are going to be A LOT DIFFERENT here in GCW from here on out!!! Hey you know what I just realized…..that’s U….W….A……didn’t there used to be a UWA in GCW?  You remember……don’t you Weazyl!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Well it’s time to celebrate boys…….let’s get the hell out of Chicago before we end up becoming as pathetic and low as these people sitting here in this arena!!!  Oh yeah Weazyl I hope you realize that this means your triple threat match tomorrow night…..well it’s now a handicapped match…..I’d like to see you win this one!!! HAHAHA!!! See you at UltimateBrawl Weazyl……..if you even show up after the embarrassment you suffered here tonight!!! HAHAHAHA!!!”


The fans immediately began to throw all their garbage into the ring and at them as well.  They stopped at the top of the ramp and raised their hands in victory with cocky smiles on their faces and the show came to an end.  Who in the world would have ever thought this would happen here the night before UltimateBrawl??  Now the Weazyl must face both Blake Frederiksen and Max Power??  What about what Shane Stevens said about the Weazyl and their past?  President Stevens said things were going to change here in GCW, in what way?  What in the world is going to happen tomorrow night on PPV.  Things can’t get any crazier than this, or can it? Find out tomorrow night at UltimateBrawl ’06!!!