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Wrestler's Age: 30

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 260

Hometown: Toronto, ON Canada (Originally from Windsor, ON)

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Brawler

Name of Finishing Move: Armageddon

Description of Finisher: Buff Blockbuster off the top rope


Wrestler's Theme Music: music to follow

Manager/Valet’s Name: Stacey Valentine

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): 6 time GCW World champion/ 3 time GCW Canadian Internet Champion/ GCW Tag Team Champion / First ever GCW World Champion. Has held every tilte in GCW with the exception of the US Internet champion. Won the match to combine the GCW Canadian and US internet titles into 1 title, can't remember the name.

Wrestler's Appearance: Hair- Brown Eyes- Brown (covered usually by red Oakley M Frames)
Ring Attire- Black Combat Pants and Boots and a Tshirt with B.A.D. on o the front and 6 TIMES!!!! on the back.
Non Ring Attire- Usually expensive suits to show off all his money.



“The Mercenary” SHANE STEVENS (U.W.A.)


Wrestler's Age: 45

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 269lbs.

Hometown: Beverly Hills, California (Originally from Windsor, ON)

Alliance: Bad Guy

Wrestling Style: Technician

Name of Finishing Move: 1) Mercenary Assault 2) Royal Coronation

Description of Finisher: 1) Leg Drop off the top rope. 2) SuperKick


Wrestler's Theme Music: “Down with the King” by Run DMC

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): The original foundation of GCW and has been in wrestling for over 20 years. 3-Time GCW U.S. Champion, 2-Time GCW Tag Team Champion, Only EVER King of the Ring, 1-Time GCW World Champion (Longest reign as champion in GCW history).  Shane Stevens is the former friend of The Weazyl and is the father of VIP Billy Stevens.  Shane Stevens briefly owned GCW and has returned to the ring to finally get a shot at his former friend and son, and to take the UWA to the top of wrestling.  He calls himself a wrestling genius and was the creative mind behind some of the biggest screw jobs in GCW and wrestling history.

Wrestler's Appearance: Hair- Brown(short) Eyes- Brown (Usually wears Gold Oakley’s), still has a pretty good build for 45 years of age. He has a brown goatee.

Ring Attire- Wears a black trench coat to the ring that has his picture on the back and says “The REAL Heel”.  He wears black tights (full length) with red lettering….on one side “The Mercenary” and on the other side…..”King of GCW”. He also wears black motocross style boots with UWA on each side of the boot in red lettering.
Non Ring Attire- Wears expensive suits and usually has a lot of gold and diamonds on.




Wrestler's Age: 28

Height: 7'0"

Weight: 340lbs.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Alliance: Bad Guy

Wrestling Style: Brawler

Name of Finishing Move: Category 7

Description of Finisher: Sit-down style Power Bomb

Wrestler's Theme Music: "TNT" by AC/DC

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Grew up on the streets of Oakland, was in and out of jail for assault charges until he starting power-lifting training in Venice Beach, CA. Once he gained his massive biceps he went to Japan to try his hand in wrestling. After spending the last 3 years wrestling in every kind of match imaginable in Japan, he's ready to make the big bucks in GCW.

Wrestler's Appearance: Long brown hair, brown eyes, and has a full beard. Wears black pants with "Max Power" down the leg, has black gloves and wears a black t-shirt that says "The Definition of Power, to the MAX" on the back of it.





Wrestler's Age: 26

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 220lbs.

Hometown: Tampa Bay, FL

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: High Flyer

Name of Finishing Move: Big Time

Description of Finisher: moonsault off the top rope

Wrestler's Theme Music: "Can't Touch This" MC Hammer

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Spent most of his time in gyms working on his chizzled body. Got into wrestling only a year ago and trained at the GCW powerplant.

Wrestler's Appearance: Short blonde hair, blue eyes, great body. Wears red,white, and blue tights and matching boots. Stacey wears a matching short skirt and tight top.





Wrestler's Age: 27

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 260lbs.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Technician

Name of Finishing Move: Thunder Down Under

Description of Finisher: jumping spike piledriver

Wrestler's Theme Music: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Been in wrestling for 15 years, spent most of his time wrestling in Australia. Came to the USA to train at the GCW Powerplant for a shot a becoming a star in GCW.

Wrestler's Appearance: Long black hair, goatee, pretty good build with "Thunder" tatooed on his right bicep, and a tatoo of the Australian flag on his back. Wears red and black tight pants and has black boots.





Wrestler's Age: 24


Height: 5'11"


Weight: 204lbs.


Hometown: Northampton, England


Alliance: Bad Guy


Wrestling Style: Technician

Name of Finishing Move: 1) The Paradigm 2) Figure-Four Deathlock 3) Backblaker



Description of Finisher: 1) Fisherman Crusher 2) Figure-Four Deathlock 3) With opponent face down on mat Blake delivers Double Knee Stomp off the top rope onto their back


Wrestler's Theme Music: Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Having worked the independent scenes across Japan, Europe and Mexico delivering ****+ match after match "The Paragon" Blake Frederiksen has finally come to GCW to test his mettle.


Wrestler's Appearance: Black hair with often different streaks of colours. Wears a beard/stubble sometimes. Wears black shorts in the ring with "Paragon" emblazoned across the back in gold type.


Click to see picture





Wrestler's Age: 32

Height: 6' 9"

Weight: 325 pounds

Hometown: Parts Unknown

Alliance: Bad Guy

Wrestling Style: Hardcore

Name of Finishing Move: The Death Penalty

Description of Finisher: Last Ride Power Bomb

Wrestler's Theme Music: Super Beast by Rob Zombie

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): SIKOPATH is as his name says, he’s a psychopath.Years ago he was commited  to a mental institution after the first and only scaffolding suicide dive match where he killed his opponent. He has only been released under the supervision of G.C.W authorities. after the closing of the fed he was sent back to the institution where he has been awaiting the return of the G.C.W and his rein of terror. He is totaly deranged and when he gets into the ring any thing is possible. Former G.C.W Hardcore Champion.

Wrestler's Appearance: black jeans, black boots, black tank top, long black hair, ripped with muscles




Wrestler's Age: 27

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 340 pounds

Hometown: Tipp City, Ohio

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: High Flyer

Name of Finishing Move: Slamming facebuster

Description of Finisher: Puts the oppenet on his shoulders, flips his legs over his head and slams him (and his face) on the mat.

Wrestler's Theme Music: True - Chamillionaire ft Lil flip and paul wall

Wrestler's background/history? (optional):

Wrestler's Appearance: Light grey tights, light grey t-shirt, blue boots, horse tatoos on his arms.





Wrestler's Age: 28

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 253

Hometown: Orlando Florida

Alliance: Neutral

Wrestling Style: Martial Arts

Name of Finishing Move: Lethal Injection

Description of Finisher: Grabs opponent's neck with hand from the front, and puts them to sleep, with his grip.

Wrestler's Theme Music: don't fear the reaper- blue oyster cult

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Has many belts and titles in martial arts, including secret martial arts competitions. Some of which included battle to the death. He decided to clean up his act a bit, and decided to join the GCW. He has no known relatives. He had a brother, who was killed in an alley in Bangkok, by assasins with the chinese mafia.

Wrestler's Appearance: Wears black martial arts pants, with a white dragon going down the side of the right leg. No shirt. Has very defined muscles. Black hair. Green eyes. Cleanly shaved face, with a scar across his right eyebrow.





Wrestler's Age: 26

Height: 5’ 7”

Weight: 210 lbs

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: High Flyer

Name of Finishing Move: Cradle, Flying Crucifix

Description of Finisher: The attacker jumps onto a standing victim's back and wraps their arms around one of the victim's arms and wraps their legs around the victim's other arm. The attacker uses their weight to cause the victim to fall backwards and pulls them so their shoulders are pressed to the mat.

Wrestler's Theme Music: ridin'

Wrestler's background/history? (optional):

Wrestler's Appearance: native, long black hair, hazel eyes, strong but still hott ;)





Wrestler's Age: 18

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 147

Hometown: Hollywood California

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Submission

Name of Finishing Move: Dark Magic Attack

Description of Finisher: Smash opponent so that legs are hngin on turnbuckle and then powerbomb him

Wrestler's Theme Music: SOS (rescue me) by rihanna

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Wanted to be a magician so went to stephen chens house for some training,

Wrestler's Appearance: Purple mage hat, purple gloves, wristband, elbow pads, purple pants that go knee down, purple mage shoes, short purple tank top with white stripes on the back





Wrestler's Age: 23

Height: 6'3

Weight: 285 lbs

Hometown: Chicago, illinois

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Hardcore

Name of Finishing Move: RyDoLoGy

Description of Finisher: its a combanation of a ddt then a powerbomb.

Wrestler's Theme Music: how we do ( The Game ft. 50cent)

Manager/Valet’s Name: JoY

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): He's a hardcore street fighter. Raised on the tough streets of Chicago.

Wrestler's Appearance: Spikey brown hair, Shirtless, tattoos all over the body, soul patch, baggy denim jeans, sports footwear.





Wrestler's Age: 32

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 475

Hometown: Edmonton Alberta

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Submission

Name of Finishing Move: Necktwister

Description of Finisher: Choke the opponent to sleep while twisting (submission)

Wrestler's Theme Music: Ridin' by chamillionaire

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): I lifted weights for 7 years.

Wrestler's Appearance: Camo shorts and a black t-hirt





Wrestler's Age: 31 (Silly C), 32 (Whoompy D)

Height: 5'9" (Silly C), 5’11” (Whoompy D)

Weight: 170lbs. (Silly C), 180lbs. (Whoompy D)

Hometown:  Toronto, ON Canada

Alliance: Bad Guys

Wrestling Style: High Flyers

Name of Finishing Move: Smoked Out (Team Finisher)

Description of Finisher: One holds the guy on his knee, the other jumps off the top and leg drops him (a variation Demolition’s finisher)

Wrestler's Theme Music: “Humpty Dance” by Digital Underground

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Two wanna be white rappers that have been wrestling for years and had several stints in GCW before almost capturing GCW gold. They got into wrestling when they couldn’t get a record deal with any company in the world.

Wrestler's Appearance: Where old school adidas track suits like Run DMC used to wear.  Silly C wears red and Whoompy D wears blue.  They both wear clocks around their necks to the ring.





Wrestler's Age: 31

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 230lbs.

Hometown: Amsterdam (Red Light District)

Alliance: Neutral

Wrestling Style: Brawler

Name of Finishing Move: The Bud Buster

Description of Finisher: Puts guy on shoulders then gives a swinging diamond cutter.

Wrestler's Theme Music: Blueberry Yum Yum by Ludacris

Manager/Valet’s Name: The Collector (400lbs. bodyguard)

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Spent a lot of time wrestling and getting high in Amsterdam and other parts of Europe. Moved to Japan but they were to strict on their drug laws so i had to move to British Columbia, Canada where they have the chronic.

Wrestler's Appearance: Average build, green cornrolls, wears marijuana leaf contacts. Wears yellow tights and yellow boots and wears a McDonald replica t-shirt that says over 1 billion stoned on the front, and 4:20 on the back.





Wrestler's Age: 32

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 200lbs.

Hometown: Berkley, Michigan

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Technician

Name of Finishing Move: The Lightning Bolt

Description of Finisher: Runs up the turnbuckle and does a backflip off the top into a dropkick sending his opponent flying.

Wrestler's Theme Music: Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Wrestled in U.S. Marines for 10 years becoming champion 7 times. Spent the past 2 years wrestling in local promotions in Michigan waiting for a shot at the big time. Now he's here to become a champion in GCW.

Wrestler's Appearance: African American, hair is slicked back into small ponytail, and small chin goatee. Very muscular physique. Wears solid white pant/tank-top combo tights (like x-pac). There's a bold yellow lightning bolt on his shirt and down the side of his pants. Wears solid white motocross style boots.



“The Shadow of Life” SHADE


Wrestler's Age: 19

Height: 7'1"

Weight: 310lb

Hometown: The Dark Alley

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Brawler

Name of Finishing Move: Shadow Replication

Description of Finisher: Chokeslam into Backbreaker

Wrestler's Theme Music: Striken by Disturbed

Manager/Valet’s Name: Minister of Darkness

Wrestler's background/history? (optional):

Wrestler's Appearance: Black cloak and Spike braclets




Wrestler's Age: 24

Height: 6 ft 4 in

Weight: 234 lbs.

Hometown: New Jersey

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: High Flyer

Name of Finishing Move: Blackjack

Description of Finisher: An under-hook canadian destroyer.

Wrestler's Theme Music: Victim by 18 Visions

Wrestler's background/history? (optional):

Wrestler's Appearance: Red pants,Elbow pads,knee pads,a glove on his right hand,spikey blonde hair with some black highlights




Wrestler's Age: 37

Height: 7 ft 3 in.

Weight: 304 lbs

Hometown: Hell

Alliance: Bad Guy

Wrestling Style: Hardcore

Name of Finishing Move: Crush

Description of Finisher: A jumping chokeslam.

Wrestler's Theme Music: Animal I Have Become by 3 Days Grace

Wrestler's background/history? (optional):

Wrestler's Appearance: A skull like mask. Large black Kurt Angle like overalls. Boots.



VIOLENT VICK VADER (Violent Dizazter)


Wrestler's Age: 39

Height: 6ft 8in

Weight: 279 lbs.

Hometown: The Streets

Alliance: Neutral

Wrestling Style: Brawler

Name of Finishing Move: Lightning

Description of Finisher: Torture Rack F-5

Wrestler's Theme Music: Ex's and Oh's by Atreyu

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Trained for 5 Years...then he stopped training and failed to get a wrestling contract...then he got involved with gangs...he was framed for murder a year after training and spent 4 years in Prison until they found the real killer...he then trained for 6 more years...

Wrestler's Appearance: Muscular,handsome,where's Blue ane like pants with black lightning stripes on them.





Wrestler's Name: The Great Krusher

Wrestler's Age: 21

Height: 7'5"

Weight: 571lbs

Hometown: Long Island New York

Alliance: Bad Guy

Wrestling Style: Hardcore

Name of Finishing Move: Krusher Klamp

Description of Finisher: CObra Clutch

Wrestler's Theme Music: With Legs Like That-Zebrahead

Manager/Valet’s Name: Krusher Kwali

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Favourite match: Punjabi Prison Match

Wrestler's Appearance: Same attire as The Great Khali





Wrestler's Age: 24

Height: 6ft

Weight: 256

Hometown: new jersey

Alliance: Neutral

Wrestling Style: Hardcore

Name of Finishing Move: black out

Description of Finisher: i put him in a pedigree position and piledrive him"

Wrestler's Theme Music: unleashed

Wrestler's background/history? (optional):

Wrestler's Appearance: mummy mask on head red tights on legs black boots on feet a cross tatoo on back barb wiretatoo on shoulders



DIZAZTER (Violent Dizazter)


Wrestler's Age: 25

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 257 lb.

Hometown: Pittsburgh ,Pennyslvania

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Hardcore

Name of Finishing Move: Death Callz

Description of Finisher: You hold the person in the position of the Dominator (Bobbby Lashley's) and then instead of flipping them onto to their stomachs,you flip them and then grab their head and do a DDT.

Wrestler's Theme Music: Headstrong (Refrain to ending)

What is your wrestler's background/history? (optional):

Wrestler's Appearance: Has hair like Test (new) but in black.He has a goatee in black.Wears two black wristbands.He's white.He has brown eyes.Wears tights with symbols on them.He weras black boots over the bottoms of his tights.He is not very muscular but not weak in the middle.





Wrestler's Age: 25

Height: 6ft6

Weight: 255

Hometown: california

Alliance: Neutral

Wrestling Style: Hardcore

Name of Finishing Move: destroyer

Description of Finisher: 2x power bomb

Wrestler's Theme Music: hey yo

Wrestler's background/history? (optional):

Wrestler's Appearance: black boots black hair red tights





Wrestler's Age: 19

Height: 6 ' 4

Weight: 229 lbs

Hometown: Toronto , ON , Canada ( Originally from Red Bank , NJ)

Alliance: Bad Guy

Wrestling Style: Technician

Name of Finishing Move: Toronto Slam

Description of Finisher: An STO

Wrestler's Theme Music: The Canadian National Anthum

Manager/Valet’s Name: Her Name is Rachel

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Born in New Jersey then moved to Toronto , Canada & is Anti-American & always says good things about Canda & Bad things about America

Wrestler's Appearance: White Skin , Blue Eyes , Short Brown Hair , Blue Shorts , Orange Boots





Wrestler's Age: 19

Height: 6'2

Weight: 230`

Hometown: Atlanta,Georgia

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Brawler

Name of Finishing Move: "Eight Wonder of the World"

Description of Finisher: Back to back double underhook piledriver,mainly it's a Vertebreaker

Wrestler's Theme Music: "Bodies" by Drowning Pool

Manager/Valet’s Name: Michelle Jacobs

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Born in Atlanta,Georgia raised in Athens.Father ran a indy promotion in Georgia."Eight Wonder of the World" has been around wrestling all of his life.

Wrestler's Appearance: Long red hair,wears denim shorts(Out and in the ring),black shirt that says GCW on it(Out of the ring)





Wrestler's Age: 59

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 260lbs

Hometown: The Dragons Lair

Alliance: Bad Guy

Wrestling Style: Brawler

Name of Finishing Move: (1)Dragons Desire, (2)Forever Knight

Description of Finisher: (1)Rock Bottom-Chokeslam, (2)Shining Wizard

Wrestler's Theme Music: Night Of Disturbance By Down And Under

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Hails from the Dragons Lair, Wieghing in at 260lbs, And stands over 6'8", BLACK DRAGON!

Wrestler's Appearance: The Undertakers first attire




Wrestler's Age: 21 years

Height: 6 foot

Weight: 260 lbs

Hometown: Belfast, Ireland

Alliance: Bad Guy

Wrestling Style: Technician

Name of Finishing Move: The Celtic Crab

Description of Finisher: Basically Eddie Guerrero's Lasso from El Paso, a modified Texas Cloverleaf in which the wrestler pushes his knee into the opponent's back to increase the pain.
Wrestler's Theme Music: My Last Breath by Evanescence

Manager/Valet’s Name: 'The Celtic Queen' Francie O'Toole

Wrestler's background/history? (optional):

Wrestler's Appearance: He wears black short tights with designs of green shamrocks on both sides. He has black boots, wrist bands and elbow pads. He has brownish-blonde hair, and is off regular wrestling build.




Wrestler's Age: 23

Height: 6'1

Weight: 212

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Alliance: Neutral

Wrestling Style: High Flyer

Name of Finishing Move: 450 Splash

Description of Finisher: Opponent is lying belly-up on the ground. Knave goes top rope, does a 450 degree frontflip and lands it.

Wrestler's Theme Music: "Figured You Out (Acoustic)"-Nickelback

Wrestler's background/history? (optional):

Wrestler's Appearance: Not scrawny, nor buff, brown hair, brown eyes, small goatee, no tatoos, wrestles in pants and no shirt




Wrestler's Age: 25

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 158lbs

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: High Flyer

Name of Finishing Move: (1)Toronto Timing (2)Heat Horror

Description of Finisher: (1)Moonsault(2)Corkscrew Moonsault

Wrestler's Theme Music: Pon De Reply by Rihanna

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): 5 time womens champion, 12 time tag team champion, and 20 all american

Wrestler's Appearance: pink short skirt and a black bra




Wrestler's Age: 34

Height: 7ft

Weight: 300

Hometown: Pennsylvania

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Hardcore

Name of Finishing Move: freak out

Description of Finisher: gorilla press and then when the opponent is on the floor he hits him several time on the head and

other guy gets busted open

Wrestler's Theme Music: freak out

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): he won many titles sometimes gets too freaky and then hits anyone with a weapon close by

Wrestler's Appearance: pants on legs shirt saying gcw and elbow pads and knee pads





Wrestler's Age: 21

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 225lbs.

Hometown: Toronto, ON Canada (Originally from Windsor, ON)

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Technician

Name of Finishing Move: Very Impressive Piledriver

Description of Finisher: High jumping spike piledriver.


Wrestler's Theme Music: B.A.D. Theme Music

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): The son of GCW LEGEND and current President Shane Stevens. Grew up idolizing The Weazyl and mixed the technical style of his father with the brawling style of the Weazyl.  Wrestled in GCW past when he was only 17 years old.

Wrestler's Appearance: Short spiky blonde hair, clean shaved and good looking.  Muscular natural looking physique with the tattoos “V.I.P.” on his right arm and “B.A.D.” on his left arm.  He wears a black tight suit like RVD and it is trimmed with blue down the sides.  On his crotch area it says “VIP” and on his butt it says “B.A.D.” and under it “The New Generation”.  He wears black and blue motocross style boots with “VIP” on the sides of them.





Wrestler's Age: 36


Heigh: 5'4"


Weight: 228


Hometown: Calgary Alberta


Alliance: Fan Favourite


Wrestling Style: High Flyer


Name of Finishing Move: 1. Tornado DDT 2.The Snow Plow


Description of Finisher: 1. Set the oppenent on top turnbuckle and does a tornado DDT 2. a combination of kicks then runs behind opponent and gives him a low blow then a sunset flip.


Wrestler's Theme Music: Rollin by Limp Bizket


Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Has won many titles in his hometown wrestling.


Wrestler's Appearance: White Pants that saw SNOW on left leg and PLOW and right leg, brown hair, green eyes, white boots.





Wrestler's Age: 31


Height: 7ft6


Weight: 331


Hometown: nj


Alliance: Fan Favourite


Wrestling Style: Brawler


Name of Finishing Move: sledge hammer


Description of Finisher: piledriver


Wrestler's Theme Music: its goin down


Wrestler's background/history? (optional): best championship wrestler in nj won many champions and when lil involed with many gangs


Wrestler's Appearance: black boots balck pants black hair




Wrestler's Age: 28

Height: 6' 8"

Weight: 285

Hometown: Hell

Alliance: Neutral

Wrestling Style: Brawler

Name of Finishing Move: Silent Death

Description of Finisher: It starts out as a tombstone then you lift them half way up and slam their face in the ground

Wrestler's Theme Music: Combination of Kane's and Undertaker's

Wrestler's background/history? (optional):

Wrestler's Appearance: Has a mask half like Predator's(Alien vs predator) and half like Jason Vorhees(Friday the 13 th)mixed into one mask.Wears all black tights with chains wrapped around them,and two black fingerless goloves.He wears an all black sleeveless shirt with with chains and rips and tears in it.Has fake hair like predator's(alien vs predator)and has a tattoo of a skull on his left shoulder.Wears black boots also




Wrestler's Age: 22

Height: 5,7

Weight: 178

Hometown: seattle , washington

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Technician

Name of Finishing Move: krystal dreams

Description of Finisher: flying knee strike to the face off the top

Wrestler's Theme Music: link 234 by rammstein

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): a high school janitor from washington state
born to a poor family
smokes and drinks a bit too much
fed up with making minimum wage
trying to make extra money on the side by wrestling
using a unique variation of technical slams and high flying strikes johnny is a oddball at best but his strange in ring style makes him a tough opponent

Wrestler's Appearance: wears a pair off black coveralls with no sleaves pantlegs tucked into tall black combat boots wrsits and hands taped up with white athletic tape
gruff and unshaven face short brown hair buzzed all over except for a short mowhawk
blue large balck and grey eye tattooed on left arm and black upside down cross on right arm



"The New Age icon" PERICE MCGEE


Wrestler's Age: 23

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 225

Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Technician

Name of Finishing Move: 1)The Pericing Star, 2) The Pericing Clash

Description of Finisher: 1) Shooting Star Press 2) Sweet Chin Music

Wrestler's Theme Music: "Don't Stay" by Linkin Park

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Perice got his start at the age of 18 in UAWF. Perice became one of the top rated superstars in UAWF by Wining the Television and Tag Team Championships. He held the TV Title longer then anyone and it was still around his waist when the fed shut down in 2001. Perice would then move on to WIWF in early Feb of 2002. Once again starting from the bottom and working his way to the top. He won the Intercontinental Championship on his way to the top but he had to forfet it when he won the World Championship. Perice held the World Title for only a few months before the fed shut down in late Oct 2003. Perice choose to take some time off from the ring untill he got a call from a friend to come up to a new federation just stating called HCG. it was March 2004 before Perice signed on with HCG. Perice became one of the HCG's biggest stars within a few months. He would go on to win the United States Championship 3 times, The Tag Team Championship 2 times, The World Championship 2 times, The Television Championship 1 time, and the only Grand Slam Winner in HCG history. HCG would close it doors in Jan. 2006. Perice once again choose to set back and relax for awhile. Untill now! It has been almost 8 months since his last match and he's ready to get back in the ring and hear all the fans cheer for him once again.

Wrestler's Appearance: Hair color - Sandy Blonde

Hair style - Surfer cut with a pony tail

Eyes - Hazel

Body Type - Toned & Muscler

Face hair - Short Blonde Mustache & Goatee

Ring Attire - Wave Tights (Colors Vary), Right leg has "New Age Icon" down it, Left leg has Perice McGee down it, White or Black Elbow Pads, White or Black boots, White Or Black Knee Pads.

Ent. Attire - He wears a Black or White Leather Jacket to the ring with "New Age Icon" in red letters on the back along with Red Round Sunglasses.

Out of Ring Attire - Depends can be anything from just a t-shirt and pants to suits.


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Wrestler's Age: 31

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 240lbs

Hometown: Detroit

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Brawler

Name of Finishing Move: Stoner Stunner

Description of Finisher: Stone Cold Stunner

Wrestler's Theme Music: Session By Linkin Park

Wrestler's background/history? (optional): Former Druggie

Wrestler's Appearance: Knee Braces and Nike Air Force Ones with Black Jean shorts




Wrestler's Age: 30

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 245

Hometown: West Newberry, MA

Alliance: Fan Favourite

Wrestling Style: Hardcore

Name of Finishing Move: STUNNER

Description of Finisher: He kicks his stomach, and slams other's jaw on hisshoulder

Wrestler's Theme Music: I walk alone-Saliva

Wrestler's background/history? (optional):

Wrestler's Appearance: he wears a black t-shirt,camo pants, sneakers, knee and elbo pads






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