August 27th, 2006

Miami, Florida




Commentators: Johnny Diamond & Ramblin’ Rick Rogers


(Cameras open inside a SOLD OUT arena and the fans are going wild and there signs everywhere. Fireworks and explosions go off inside the arena……afterwards cameras go to the broadcast location…..)


JD: Welcome everyone to Miami, Florida……WE ARE LIVE….and this is GCW EXTREME HEAT!!! I am Johnny Diamond and I’m joined as always by Ramblin’ Rick Rogers…..and what an unbelievable night of action we have in store for you!!


Rick: That’s right JD……we’re going to make WRESTLING HISTORY tonight on PPV as not only are we going to see the most unique and exciting cage match EVER….but we’re also going to see ONE MAN walk out of here with a history making 3 GCW Championship belts!!


JD: You’re right about that Rick…..we are going to make history but we’ve got a lot of great other action here tonight on PPV!!  Also I have a big announcement to make to kick off things here on Extreme Heat!! Starting this Wednesday…….GCW is launching a second television show!!! The show will be a classic GCW show called GCW BLAZE and it will be one hour of great GCW action every Wednesday night on the same cable network as the hit TV show Saturday Night Showdown!!!


Rick: That’s HUGE news……I mean a second show?? We’ll get to see the UWA on more then one night?? I can’t believe it…..it’s almost like a dream come true JD!!


JD: Is that all you think about is the UWA??


Rick: No I think about women too!! HAHAHAHA!!!


JD: Speaking of the UWA I’m being told that cameras are backstage in The Mercenary Shane Stevens locker-room!!!




(Cameras go backstage where we see Shane Stevens in his own locker-room backstage in Miami, the members of the UWA having their own locker-rooms rather than a communal one tonight, as the door is opened up. The Mercenary looks up from lacing his boots as Blake Frederiksen walks in and both men rise up and briefly embrace one another. Both men then sit back down and Shane carries on lacing his boots as Blake takes a swig from an energy drink)


Blake Frederiksen: You’ve got my back tonight right Shane?


Shane Stevens: Of course I do Blake, you don’t need to ask me that. I adopted you as my son for Christ’s sake! Blood’s thicker than water.


Blake Frederiksen: But-


Shane Stevens: Yeah I know we don’t actually share the same blood but we’ve both bled for the same cause and that’s taking GCW to the top in the wrestling business. It’s a goal that only the UWA can accomplish and we’ll be a step closer to it when the UWA claims victory in the Ultimate Cage tonight. I’ve got your back tonight and you don’t need to worry about it all. Where’s all this coming from? You’re not still dwelling on finding that B.A.D. t-shirt in Skip’s bag are you? Is that why we’ve all got separate locker-rooms tonight?


Blake Frederiksen: Hey now, maybe I still am a little concerned about Skip and where his loyalties lie. I’ll hold my hands up and say I’ve got a little doubt about his reliability. Back when Max was in the picture we always knew where we stood with each other but after last week I got a little bit nervous. So maybe I was the one who arranged separate locker-rooms for us all tonight but there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of caution just in case.


Shane Stevens: Just in case?


Blake Frederiksen: You know, just in case of certain situations. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought it up. Just forget about it Shane, I’ll see you out there later tonight. We’re still sticking to the plan tonight?


Shane Stevens: Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m going to reveal a B.A.D. shirt while I’m out there.


(At this both men laugh and shake hands before Blake exits the locker-room leaving Shane with a thoughtful look on his face. Cameras go back to the broadcast location.)


JD: It seems the Paragon is a little paranoid Rick!!


Rick: Don’t worry about the Paragon he’ll get things together by the time the bell rings inside that Ultimate Cage!!!


JD: Well it’s time to kick start the action here on Extreme Heat……it’s time for a Hardcore match between newcomer Eye Scream Man and ½ of the GCW Tag Team Champions……..The Predator!!!




(Eye Scream Man’s music starts and pyro goes off as he makes his way to the ring, some of the fans seem to like the newcomer)


Announcer: The following contest is a Hardcore Match and there are NO RULES and falls will count anywhere in the building. Now making his way to the ring….from West Newberry, MA…….he is the……EYE SCREAM MAN!!!!


(Predator’s music starts and fireworks go off as he make his way to the ring wearing his tag title belt….the fans like him and some have signs.)


Announcer: On his way to the ring…..he claims to hail from Hell……..he is ½ of the GCW Tag Team Champions……THE PREDATOR!!!!


JD: This should be a great hardcore match to kick things off here on PPV!! We’re underway already folks as a brawl has broke out in the ring!!! For some reason these two don’t seem to like each other very much!!


Rick: That makes for a better match JD!!! More violence!!!


JD: OH big clothesline sends Eye Scream Man over the top rope and out to the arena floor.  GREAT suicide dive over the top rope by Predator right out onto Eye Scream Man on the floor!! Predator is getting a steel chair……OH right across the back!!! Again another big chair shot to the back of Eye Scream Man!!  Now Predator is going under the ring for something!!!


Rick: He’s got a table JD!!!


JD: He’s setting up the table…….it looks like he’s going to put Eye Scream man on the table!!! He’s going up top Rick….if he hits this it could be over already!!!  OH MY GOD……he missed!!!! I can’t believe Eye Scream man got out of the way in time……did you see how hard Predator hit that table??


Rick: He’s gotta be hurt JD!!! Actually they’re both hurt or this match would be over!!


JD: Eye Scream Man is pulling Predator to his feet…..it looks like he wants to punish him!!! He whips him hard into the guardrail and Predator goes right over into the crowd!! Uh Oh…..it looks like the brawl is coming to the fans as both men are battling it out in the Miami fans!!  Where are they going??  It looks like they’re headed backstage Rick!!!


Rick: Who knows what kind of trouble they can get into back there!!!


JD: OH Eye Scream Man just threw Predator right into a Coke machine!!! Look at the front of the machine it’s all busted up from Predator’s back!!  Eye Scream man has a garbage can…….right in the head of Predator with the garbage can……OH and another hard shot!! Look at the garbage can!!


Rick: He flattened it right out on that no good Predator’s head……that’s awesome!!


JD: Now they’ve found there way to a table!!! Eye Scream Man is going to try and powerbomb Predator right through the table!!! NO it’s blocked by Predator……OH great swinging neckbreaker right on the concrete floor!!! Now Predator is going to put Eye Scream Man on the table…..where’s Predator going?? He’s got a ladder……..he’s setting it up…….here he goes up the ladder!!!  Predator is on top of the ladder……if he hits this it’s over…….OH MY GOD what a splash off the top of the ladder right on Eye Scream Man!!! The table is destroyed…….here’s the cover….1…..2….3!!!!


Announcer: Here is your winner………..THE PREDATOR!!!!


Rick: What a great way to kick off Extreme Heat with some good extreme action!!!


JD: You right about that one Rick……and the night is only going to get better!!  I’m being told that Nick Lutz is standing by backstage with the former GCW World Champion…..the Paragon Blake Frederiksen…..let’s go backstage….




(Cameras go backstage where Nick Lutz is standing by with Blake Frederiksen)


Nick Lutz: I’m standing by right now with The Paragon, Blake Frederiksen, one of the competitors in tonight’s Ultimate Cage match and Blake I’d like to ask you what you think of your chances tonight.


Blake Frederiksen: My chances? If this was a horserace Nick I’d be the thoroughbred going up against, well hell, not even horses but mules. I’m in a different class to the others in the ring tonight like Sam McKee, Ace King and B.A.D. To be honest with you I’m still in some state of confusion as to how half of the guys in this match managed to get their way onto it. I could talk trash about my opponents now but there’s really no point is there as of all the many things I could say about them people already know. It’s a no-brainer tonight Nick, gold will be coming home to the UWA.


Nick Lutz: Well it seems that recently that UWA unity has been shaken with the departure of Max Power to rehab and that B.A.D. shirt discovered in the bag of Skip Jones last week.


Blake Frederiksen: Who are you to question us Nick? The UWA is an echelon above everyone else in this company and so who are you to try and speculate as to our goals and motives? Yes Max has gone from the UWA for the time being but his departure has only let us help make the UWA stronger with the addition of Skip. We’re operating as one cohesive unit here in Miami. Johnny Godless is going to end up in the trash he used to clean up tonight and myself and Shane Stevens are going to be taking full control of the Ultimate Cage match. The UWA has always faced adversity and overwhelming odds here in GCW but tonight, like the other nights, we will overcome it and emerge stronger and more powerful. There is complete trust between us all Nick and maybe you’ll see some of that by the end of the night. Whatever the new management wishes the UWA will not be broken apart.


Nick Lutz: Do you think it’s possible that the new management might make an appearance here at Extreme Heat tonight?


Blake Frederiksen: To try and steal the UWA’s thunder once we’ve finished cleaning up tonight? Good point Nick, I really wouldn’t be surprised. The new management has made it clear their partisan feelings and their dislike of the UWA but we’re more damn powerful than whoever may be sitting in some office in New York. We are the lifeblood of this company and it thrives and suffers at our whim. So let them make an appearance tonight and see Blake Frederiksen take back his World Championship and know who really is in control here. Now get out of my face Nick, I’ve matters to attend to.


(Cameras go back to the broadcast location….)


Rick: See I told you everything was cool with Blake and the UWA!!! I can’t wait to see Blake Frederiksen walk out of here with 3 GCW title belts….it’s gonna be great!!!


JD: Who’s saying he’s walking out of here with the gold?? There’s 5 other guys in that match……it’s anyone’s match Rick…..there’s no guarantee’s inside of the Ultimate Cage!!!


Rick: What do you know JD??


JD: I do know that it’s time for our next match here on Extreme Heat……it’s another Hardcore Match….but this isn’t any ordinary hardcore match!!! This match is the finals for the GCW King of Extreme tournament and the winner will receive the King of Extreme trophy as well as a $50,000 cash prize!!! We’ve narrowed it down to 2 finalists…….Ryder……and……..Zach Fighter……who’s going home GCW King of Extreme???




(Zach Fighter’s music stars and explosions go off in the arena……the fans don’t like him as they start to boo loudly.)


Announcer: The following contest is the FINAL match of the GCW King of Extreme Tournament!!! Now making his way to the ring….he hails from the state of California…….he is……ZACH FIGHTER!!!!


(Ryder’s music starts and fireworks go off in the arena…..the fans start to cheer as the fans love Ryder….he slaps hands with the fans….)


Announcer: Now making his way to the ring……hailing from Chicago, Illinois…….here is…….RYDER!!!!!


JD: Zach isn’t going to wait for Ryder to get in the ring as he attacks him out on the floor!! Right into the steps goes Ryder!! Zach Fighter is all over Ryder here in the early going!! Zach slams Ryder’s head off the guardrail……now he’s scooping him up…..OH he drops him right on the guardrail throat first!! Fighter has got the ring steps……he slams them hard across the back of Ryder!!  Looks like Zach Fighter is going to try a tombstone piledriver out here on the concrete floor…..NO…..Ryder is reversing it into his own tombstone piledriver…….OH MY right on his head out on the concrete floor!!


Rick: That’s gotta be it…..the match has got to be over JD!!


JD: Here’s the cover by Ryder….1….2….NO!!! He kicked out!! Ryder is getting back in the ring……..here he comes off the ropes…..what a corkscrew plancha right over the top rope out on top of Zach Fighter!!! This place is going wild Rick!!!


Rick: Well I don’t like him but what a great high risk move!!!


JD: Ryder is pulling out a table……..he’s gonna set it up in the ring!!! Now he’s going to get Zach Fighter……he’s going to try and put him on the table…..NO a thumb in the eye by Zach Fighter!!! Ryder can’t see……..OH there’s a vicious clothesline by Zach Fighter!!! Zach is going to get a chair…….he’s in the ring with the chair…….OH MY he just laid out Ryder with that steel chair!!! Look at the dent in the chair from Ryder’s head!!! Look at the blood Rick…….he’s bleeding bad!!


Rick: Wow look at the blood pouring from Ryder’s head!!! You know how much I love blood don’t you??


JD: Yeah we all know Rick…..we all know!! Here’s a cover by Zach Fighter….1…..2….NO!! I thought it was going to be over!!! How did he manage to kick out?? Look how upset Zach Fighter is with the referee!!  Zach Fighter is going for something under the ring…..what’s he getting?  What is that…..is that lighter fluid??  He’s not going to………I don’t believe it…..he’s lighting the table on fire right in the middle of the ring!!!


Rick: Look at that table burn!!! Don’t tell me he’s going to try and give him a super bomb through the table!!


JD: I think that’s exactly what he’s going to try……WAIT Ryder is fighting back……both men are exchanging blows up on the top turnbuckle!!! Who’s going to get the advantage??  It’s going to be…….Ryder…….he’s got Zach Fighter……..HOLY S**T…….SuperBomb right off the top rope through the table of fire!!!


Rick: That was unbelievable…….what a top rope powerbomb JD!!!  I don’t think either man is going to get up after that one!!!


JD: Here’s the cover by Ryder…..1…..2……3!!!! He did it!!! Ryder is the GCW King of Extreme…….unbelievable!!!  Ryder can barely even stand…….wait a minute…….IT’S THE MUMMY!!!! 


Announcer: Here is your winner……and the GCW King of Extreme……….RYDER!!!!


JD: He’s got the King of Extreme trophy……..Ryder is still too dazed to even see him!!! NO!!! He just shattered the K.O.E. trophy right across the back of Ryder!!!


Rick: WOW!!! I’ve never seen a trophy break like that!!!


JD: This is horrible folks!!! I can’t believe this asshole is out here ruining a great moment for Ryder!! This guy has come back from a knee injury and defeated the best of the Hardcore division and now is crowned the K.O.E. and this is what happens to him??  What in the hell is the Mummy getting now…….is that…….barbed wire??? Where in the hell did he get that……why is there stuff like this under the ring anyways?  He’s wrapping it around his fist……….NO NO…….I can’t believe this……..get someone out here!!!


Rick: He’s grinding that barbed wire right into the forehead of Ryder……..look at the blood JD…….he’s going to bleed to death right here on PPV!!!


(The Mummy helps Zach Fighter to his feet and grabs a mic….)


Mummy: You’re looking at the newest and MOST extreme tag team in GCW!  The entire tag team division is going to pay and suffer just like Ryder did here tonight! We’re going to make you all BLEED and then become GCW World Tag Team Champions!!!


(The Mummy throws the mic down……..the two men start to put the boots to Ryder again……..but GCW Security finally comes running down to the ring and they all attack Mummy and Zach Fighter…..)


JD: It’s about damn time!!! I can’t believe this bullshit went on for as long as it did!!! I’m just glad at least Zach Fighter didn’t win the match!!! I can’t stand these two guys!!!


Rick: They’re not too bad…..I mean they did give me the blood and violence that I like…..and for that I thank them. HAHAHA!!


JD: You’re just as sick as they are……I’m glad GCW Security is escorting these guys out of here!!!  I think we’re going to need some medics out here right away for Ryder……he’s still bleeding heavily!!!


(The GCW medical team come out with a stretcher and take Ryder out of the arena in a stretcher for medical assistance.)


JD: I hope that Ryder is alright after this brutal attack here tonight!!!  I’m getting word that a limo just pulled up to the arena…..let’s go out back and see who it is……




(The limo is just sitting there and no one is getting out of it.  After a couple minutes another limo pulls up next to the one we’ve been watching.  The other limo has B.A.D. on the license plate and when the doors open…..out steps the World Champion Weazyl with the title over his shoulder and then VIP and Stacey also get out of the limo.  The Weazyl and VIP are curious about who’s in the limo so they try and look in the tinted windows.  Then they knock on the windows but no one responds. They shrug their shoulders and then just make their way into the arena…..cameras go back to the broadcast location.)


JD: BAD is in the building!!!


Rick: Who cares………I want to know who’s in that other limo……it’s not the UWA cuz they’re already here!!! Who in the hell could it be?


JD: I don’t know but Weazyl and VIP didn’t have any luck finding out!!  I’ve been told that Ace King and Sam McKee are also already in the building so it’s not them.  Who knows maybe we’ll find out later tonight!!! All I do know is it’s time for a Dumpster Match……..will Johnny Godless get his revenge on the Ladies Man Skip Jones??




(Skip Jones’ music starts and fireworks go off as he comes out with Desire…..he stands on the entrance ramp as the fans boo.  He has Desire show off her goods on the entrance ramp then Skip tells her to go backstage because of the danger involved in the match.)


Announcer: The following contest is a Dumpster Match!!! Now making his way to the ring…….he’s from Tampa Bay, FL……..he’s a former GCW TV Champion…….here is……The Ladies Man…….SKIP JONES!!!


(Johnny Godless’ music starts and explosions go off in the arena……the fans start to cheer as he makes his way out……Godless walks over to the dumpster set up on the entrance ramp to check it out…….then he continues to the ring….)


Announcer: His opponent…..now making his way to the ring…..he hails from Seattle, WA…….he is the current #1 contender for the GCW TV Title…..he is……JOHNNY GODLESS!!!!


JD: Godless is waiting to get his hands on Skip Jones!!! Look at Skip run out of the ring like a coward!!! This guy talks a big game but he’s more concerned with his looks then wrestling!!!


Rick: You don’t know anything JD……these are called mind games that Skip Jones is playing with Godless!!! It’s pure genius by the sexiest man in GCW!!


JD: Oh come on……now he’s arguing with the fans…..look at him he’s showing off his body to the fans….what arrogance!!! Godless is going up top…….OH a double axe handle right to the back of the head of Skip sends him crashing into the guardrail!!! Skip didn’t even see Johnny Godless….what a great move!!


Rick: That was a damn cheap shot…….Skip was giving the fans what they want…..to see his body!!!


JD: Godless scoops up Skip Jones……OH he slams him back first into the ring post!!  Godless throws him back into the ring……now he’s getting a garbage can Rick!!!


Rick: Figure…..damn janitor……he’s the one that belongs in that dumpster on the ramp JD!!


JD: Johnny Godless just put the garbage can on the head of Skip Jones……off the ropes comes Godless……OH what a spin wheel kick to the garbage can on Skip’s head!!!!  If he could win by pinfall…..this one might be over….but he’s got to put Skip in that dumpster if he wants to win!!  Godless pulls Skip Jones to his feet…….he’s setting him up for something here…..NO there’s a low blow by Skip Jones to the former janitor Johnny Godless!!


Rick: Great move by Skip Jones!!! See I told you he’s a genius…..he’s in the UWA and he knows how to wrestle…..he’s learning from the best GCW has to offer you know!!


JD: Yeah I can see what they’re teaching him…..nothing but how to cheat in a match!!!  Skip Jones picks up Johnny Godless in a vertical suplex…….look at how long he’s holding him up there….letting all the blood flow down to the head…….OH great finish by Skip Jones!!!


Rick: I told you JD…….you know he learned how to do that to perfection from Shane Stevens and Blake Frederiksen!!!


JD: Skip is going up top……..OH he nails the moonsault off the top rope!!!  He’s still got to get Godless up to the ramp and into the dumpster all these great moves in the ring by both superstars are pretty much useless because they’re nowhere near the dumpster!!


Rick: Skip is just trying to show the world that the UWA truly possess the greatest technical wrestlers in the world today!!!


JD: Now Skip Jones is going to try and move out towards the dumpster as he throws Godless out on the floor!!! Skip has Godless and they’re making their way up the ramp…….Godless is fighting back…….what a great clothesline by Godless sends Skip crashing down on the steel entrance ramp!! Now Godless is taking Skip over near the dumpster…….OH he slams Skip’s head right off the dumpster!!!! He’s got Skip up and he’s going to put him in the dumpster!!!


Rick: NO!!! Come on Skip!!


JD: Skip is kicking his legs trying to fight off this attempt…………OH he pokes Godless right in the eye!! Another dirty maneuver by Skip Jones!!! Skip has Godless from behind…..he’s going to try a german suplex……NO Godless reverses it…….now he’s got Skip Jones……OH MY what a move by Johnny Godless right on the entrance stage!!! That german suplex I think knocked Skip Jones out!!!  All Godless has to do now is get Skip up and put him in that dumpster!!! Can he do it???


Rick: I sure as hell hope not!!!


JD: He’s got him up on his shoulders……can he get him in the dumpster and close the lid………YES he’s got Skip Jones in the dumpster….now he just has to close the lid on him.  NO Skip Jones is stopping him from closing the lid……..now Skip is trying to pull Godless in that dumpster full of garbage with him!!! Godless is going in the dumpster with Skip……..I don’t believe it…..both men are brawling inside of a dumpster full of garbage!!!


Rick: This is unbelievable…….but Skip you gotta get out of that dumpster!!!!  Come on Skip….do it for the UWA!!


JD: Skip goes for a clothesline but Godless ducked it…….OH…….a DDT!!!! Johnny Godless just DDT’s Skip Jones head into all that garbage inside that dumpster!!!! I can’t believe what we’re seeing here tonight!!!! All Godless has to do now is get out of that big dumpster and close the lid…….he’s going to do it……YES……he did it!!!


Rick: NO!!! NO!!!


Announcer: Here is your winner of the Dumpster Match……….JOHNNY GODLESS!!!!!!!!!!


JD: What a hard fought battle…..but the former janitor finally got his revenge on Skip Jones!!!! What a great match!!!


Rick: I can’t believe the sexiest man in GCW is out cold in some garbage…..some get out here and help him!!!


JD: That was a great match and Godless got the well deserved victory over the Ladies Man Skip Jones!!! I can’t believe the action we’ve seen here so far tonight…..and we still have 2 big matches to go……with the biggest match in the history of GCW as our Main Event of the evening!!!  I still can’t believe the size of that cage up there……..it’s huge….and someone is going to walk out of here with an unprecedented 3 GCW Championship belts around their waist!!!


Rick: We’re definitely making some history tonight here on PPV……and we still don’t know who’s in that limo out back do we?


JD: No we don’t…….the show’s not over so hopefully we’ll still find out!!! It’s time to find out who’s the #1 contender for the GCW World Tag Team Titles…..it’s time for a Triple Threat Tag Team Match!!!!!




(The Great Darkness’ music starts to play and pyro goes off as Shade & Great Krusher make their way to the ring…..the fans are split…..)


Announcer: The following contest is a Triple Threat Tag Match to decide the #1 Contender to the GCW World Tag Team Titles!!! Now making their way to the ring……..the biggest man in GCW the Great Krusher……and the former GCW U.S. Champion….Shade……they are……THE GREAT DARKNESS!!!!!


(DMG & Mighty Knight’s music starts and explosions go off…..the fans start to cheer as the former Tag Champs make their way to the ring…)


Announcer: Now making their way to the ring……..they are the former GCW World Tag Team Champions…….here is…….DMG & The Mighty Knight!!!!!!


(The Violent Dizazter’s music starts to play and fireworks go off……the fans start to cheer as they make their way to the ring….)


Announcer: Now making their way to the ring…….here is…….Violent Vick Vader…and….Dizazter…….they are……THE VIOLENT DIZAZTER!!!!!!


JD: This is going to be a great tag match folks!!! It looks like Dizazter and Shade are going to start off this match!!! The two men lock up…….who’s going to get the advantage……looks like Shade as he backs Dizazter into the corner.  OH a big chop by Shade!!! There’s another huge chop by the former GCW US Champ!!! Here’s the whip to the far corner…..OH follows it in with a huge clothesline!!! Shade is going for a quick tag as he brings in the largest man in GCW!!!


Rick: Look at the damn size of this freak……..he doesn’t belong in the ring……more like a side of the road freak show!!! HAHAHA!!!


JD: You wouldn’t say that to his face Rick….I know that for sure!!! Look at the hard blows the big man is delivering to Dizazter!!! Here’s a whip to the ropes by the big man…….here comes the big boot……NO…..Dizazter ducks it…….and there’s a great dropkick by Dizazter that rocks the big man!!! Here’s the tag by Dizazter to Violent Vick…….here comes a double clothesline……OH they just knocked the big man right over the top rope and out to the floor!!!


Rick: I can’t believe that!!!


JD: Violent Vick is going up top…….he’s going to leap outside on the big man…….NO he’s caught in mid-air by the Great Krusher!!!! OH he just slammed the back of Violent Vick off the ring post…..and he didn’t let go……now he’s going to throw him back into the ring!!!  The Great Krusher has Violent Vick by the throat…….he throws him into the corner of Mighty Knight and DMG.  Mighty Knight tags the back of Violent Vick and jumps in the ring!!! I don’t know if he really wants to be in the ring with the big man!!!


Rick: He’s definitely not the brightest guy on the GCW roster that’s for sure!!


JD: But he’s got guts Rick!!! The two men are brawling in the ring……..Mighty Knight is getting the upper hand……here he comes off the ropes…..OH big boot right in the face of the Knight by Krusher!!!! He almost took his head off!!! Now the Great Krusher picks up Mighty Knight and throws him into this own corner….he makes the tag to Shade!!! Now they’re double teaming Mighty Knight in the corner…..here comes DMG and she jumps on the back of Shade!!!!


Rick: Now Violent Vick and Dizazter are in the ring……this thing has broke loose!!! I love it!!!


JD: All 6 superstars are in the ring…….the ref has lost control of this one!!!! Now we’ve got wrestlers out on the floor brawling…..who’s even left in the ring??


Rick: Shade is in the ring with Mighty Knight…….he’s going for a chokeslam…..NO it’s blocked by Mighty Knight!!!


JD: Mighty Knight nailed him with the Slamming Facebuster!!!! It’s over Rick……1….2…..NO!!!  Dizazter just came flying off the top rope with an elbow right to the back of the head of Mighty Knight!!!  Violent Vick just tagged the back of Shade…….they’re in the ring and they’ve got the Mighty Knight!!! Violent Vick is setting him up for a piledriver……Dizazter is up on the top rope……OH double team spike piledriver to the former Tag Champ!!! What a double team move!!! Here’s the cover by Violent Vick……….Dizazter intercepts Shade…..1….2…..3!!!!!


Announcer: Here are your winners……and the #1 Contenders for the GCW World Tag Team Titles……..THE VIOLENT DIZAZTER!!!


Rick: Wow……I can’t believe they scored the victory here tonight!!!!  The Violent Dizazter are heating up in the tag division….and if I was Ace King & Predator I’d be concerned about my tag team titles!!!


JD: You’re so right about that one Rick……in 6 days on Showdown……the Violent Dizazter are going to get their shot at becoming World Tag Team Champions!!! That should be one hell of a match!!!  This match here tonight broke loose and maybe things might have been different if it were a team vs. team match…..but either way….the Violent Dizazter are the #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles!!!


Rick: I’m ready for the Main Event!!!


JD: Well first…..let’s go backstage where Nick Lutz is standing by for a one-on-one interview with “The New Age Icon” Perice McGee!!!




(Nick Lutz is shown on the Jumbotron above the entrance ramp. He is sitting in one of two chairs sitting side by side)


Nick: Welcome everyone. I'm Nick Lutz and i'm coming to you from backstage here at Extreme Heat! My Guest tonight is a former multi-champion in promotions around the world! He made his television debut on Showdown last week against the Mighty Knight. Please Welcome "The New Age" Perice McGee!


(Perice walks onto the set in a extreme Heat Shirt & blue jeans. His sandy blonde hair is put back into a pony tail. We hear the fans in arena cheering as Perice take his seat beside Nick.)


Nick: Welcome Perice. I must say you have only been here a little under month and you have done got a pretty big fan following!


Perice: Yeah I guess you can say that. I do my best to give these fans what they came for each and every time I step out there. That’s just the way I have always been since I started.


Nick: Ok Perice I have been doing some research on you and I found that you attended the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy for 2 years in Texas. Is that the only place you trained?


Perice: Well Nick there was more then one. Shawn seen how good I was while training there and he took me in to train personally. He taught me everything I know. I took that knowledge with me when I joined U.A.W.F. back in 2001. I was good but was not championship material according to the Prez but he said with a little extra training I could be the best there is. He told me to go see Levi Ash. Levi was an Icon in U.A.W.F. He trained me for a few months then the Prez gave me a title shot at the Television title. I won the match and never lost that title. Before the promotion closed I got to have a dream match with Levi Ash. I won that match and to this day that is and will always be one of greatest matches.


Nick: Wow! Shawn Michaels trained you!! That’s where you got your unique wrestling style.


Perice: Yeah he played a big part in it.


Nick: Perice as of right now you are 3-0. you hold victories over The Great Krusher, The Mighty Knight, & Skull. So far what are your thoughts on GCW.


Perice: GCW has a lot of great wrestlers and I look forward to facing them.


Nick: What do you think of B.A.D.?


Perice: Weazyl & Billy Stevens are to awesome wrestlers. Weazyl we all know is a 7-Time World champion that speaks for itself. Billy well he is the son of "The Mercenary" Shane Stevens. If he is anything like his father he will become greater with age. But you put them together and they can over come just about anything. I would love to face either one of them in match just to see who is the best.


Nick: That would be some awesome matches. I am one who can't wait to see them. Now Perice You are a Fan Fav. here is GCW what are your thoughts on U.W.A.?


Perice: The U.W.A. well you have Skip Jones, Shane Stevens, & Blake Frederiksen. Those 3 together are unstoppable. They are an elite force in GCW. I would not be surprised if a member of U.W.A. walks out of here with the titles. They are just that good. I'm know i'm going to get some heat for that comment.


Nick: So you think a member of  U.W.A. is going to win the ultimate cage match?


Perice: If they work together yes if not then no. Same goes for B.A.D.  I don't won't 2 members of U.W.A. to be at the top don't get me wrong if I had my choice of who I would like to see up there it would be Shane & Weazyl. Those two would put on a killer match.


Nick: Would you join either group?


Perice: I can't answer that Nick. If it is meant to be then you will find out when everyone else does.


Nick: So there's a chance you could join B.A.D. or U.W.A.


Perice: No comment Nick.


Nick: Ok! Then Perice What GCW Championship have you got your eyes set on?


Perice: Right now my eyes are set on the United States Championship.


Nick: Why the US and not the World?


Perice: Because I want to work my way up through the ranks I don't want to be one of those guys who goes straight for the World title and have to deal with everyone saying it was handed to me. I want to prove to everyone here that when I win the World title I earned it cause I am the best.


Nick: Well Perice I wish you the best of luck here in GCW and thanks for your time.


Perice: Thanks Nick & Your Welcome.


Nick: JD,  Rick back to you!


(Cameras go back to the broadcast location…)


JD: That was one hell of a great interview by Nick Lutz!! I see a great future here in GCW for the New Age Icon!!


Rick: What’s all the hype about?? It’s not like he’s beat anyone important around here!!! Why’s everyone making a big deal about his guy…..personally I don’t think I like him!!


JD: Well the fans in GCW have already accepted him and I’m positive he will prove to you and the fans of GCW that he deserves to be a champion some day here in GCW!!!


Rick: It’s finally time JD!!! It’s time to bring down that massive cage!!!!


JD: That’s right folks…..it’s time for the main event……the match the world has been waiting for…..it’s finally time….it’s time for the ULTIMATE CAGE MATCH!!!! Who’s walking out of here with all the gold????  Maybe Ace King?  What about Sam McKee?? Will it be a member of BAD?? Or will the UWA find away to get back the gold?  It’s time to find out!!!




(Fireworks go off in the arena and fire shoots out from the top corners of the cage…….when it stops a referee is lowered from the roof of the arena on top of the cage…..)


(Sam McKee’s music starts to play and fireworks go off in the arena…..the fans start to boo and throw garbage as Sam comes out wearing the remodeled GCW Canadian Title……he makes his way into the cage…)


Announcer: The following contest is the Main Event of EXTREME HEAT!!! It is an ULTIMATE CAGE MATCH for the GCW TV, US, and World Titles!!! Now entering the cage……..he hails from Toronto, Ontario…….and he is the GCW U.S. Champion…..SAM MCKEE!!!!


(Ace King’s music starts and explosions go off in the arena…..the fans go wild as the TV Champ makes his way to the cage.  He slap hands with the fans on the way….then enters the cage….)


Announcer: Now entering the cage…….hailing from New Jersey……..he is…..the ½ of the GCW Tag Team Champions….and the GCW Television Champion…………..ACE KING!!!!!!!


(The UWA’s music starts to play……fireworks go off in the arena and the fans start to boo very loud.  The Mercenary & The Paragon enter the arena……the fans hate them and start to throw garbage at them. The two men make their way down to the cage and enter…..)


Announcer: Now entering the cage….representing the UWA…hailing from Beverly Hills, CA….he is the ONLY EVER GCW King of the Ring and a former multi-champion……….THE MERCENARY……SHANE STEVENS!!!!!!  Also entering the cage representing the UWA…he hails from Northampton, England…he is the former GCW World Champion……..he is……..THE PARAGON……..BLAKE FREDERIKSEN!!!!!!!


(BAD’s theme music starts to play and pyro goes off in the arena…..the fans go wild and tons of fans are wearing BAD t-shirts.  VIP and Weazyl hit the arena and the fans are loving it……they make their way down and enter the cage….)


Announcer: Now entering the cage…….representing the New Generation BAD…hailing from Toronto, Ontario….he is the son of Shane Stevens…….this is VIP……BILLY STEVENS!!!!  Also entering the cage representing BAD……he also hails from Toronto, Ontario……and he is……the current…..GCW World Heavyweight Champion………….THE WEAZYL!!!!!!!!


JD: The cage door is being locked Rick…….and we’re ready to make history!!!! Well we’re not waiting for anything as Ace King and Sam McKee are brawling it out in the ring!!! It looks like the UWA and BAD are going to go at it already as well!!!  Sam McKee just dumped Ace King out of the ring to the floor!! Now Sam has got Ace King…..OH he slams his head right off the cage!! He’s going to try again…..NO it’s blocked…..and Ace King slams Sam McKee’s face off the cage……now he’s going for the cheese grater!!!!


Rick: Look at him grate the face of Sam McKee!!! That hurts like hell!!!


JD: Sam McKee is already bleeding Rick!!!! On the other side of the ring the UWA are putting the boots to BAD!!! OH Shane & Blake just threw VIP into the cage!!! Now they slam the Weazyl into the cage!!! Here comes Shane Stevens around the ring…..OH he nails Ace King from behind!!! The Mercenary just threw Ace King into the ring steps!!! Here comes Blake Frederiksen to help out…….now they’re putting the boots to Sam McKee!!!  The Weazyl and VIP are both in the ring……..the UWA doesn’t see them…….OH MY GOD…..double plancha right over the top rope out onto the Mercenary and the Paragon!!!


Rick: Unbelievable!!!!


JD: Now the Weazyl and VIP are going to try and set up that HUGE ladder and try and get to the top of the cage!!! They’ve got it set up in the middle of the ring…….they both climbing it together……..we might have both members of BAD make it out of this cage!!! Here comes Sam McKee……he’s trying to push over the ladder!!!! OH MY GOD!!! Both VIP and Weazyl just fell off that ladder and landed outside on the floor!!! What a fall that was!!!


Rick: Wow…….they had to have fell from over 15 ft up there…….hopefully they’re out of the match now!!


JD: Sam McKee is going to try and climb the ladder…….here comes Ace King…..he’s climbing up the other side of the ladder…….who’s going to make it to the top first??  Both men are brawling on the ladder…….Shane and Blake are climbing up to the top rope…..they’re on opposite sides of the ring!!! I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! Double Missle-Dropkick off the top rope!!!!


Rick: Unbelievable action here JD!!! Shane nails Ace King and Blake nailed Sam McKee!!! They went flying and the ladder when flying with them……what else can happen here tonight???


JD: Now the UWA are going to try and go up the ladder…….could we see Shane Stevens and Blake Frederiksen on top of the cage??? Wait a minute it’s VIP and he’s got a hold of the Paragon’s tights!!! OH he’s pulled down Blake’s pants!!!


Rick: Full moon JD!!!


JD: VIP gets Blake off the ladder…..but Shane Stevens is still climbing the ladder!!!  Stevens is going for the door……he’s got it open!!! All he has to do now is climb out….can he do it?? NO it’s the Weazyl!!!! The World Champion is shaking the ladder…….OH MY GOD Shane Stevens just fell off the top of the ladder and landed groin first on the top rope!!!!  That’s gotta hurt!!!! Shane Stevens is out on the floor!!!


Rick: Hey where did he go??  Did Shane Stevens just roll under the ring??


JD: I think he did…….I’m not sure why….but I don’t know he’s hurt after that fall he took!!  VIP just slammed Blake Frederiksen into the cage!!! The Weazyl is setting up the ladder……..but Ace King is back in the ring…….so is Sam McKee!!! All 3 men are brawling in the ring to see who’s going to climb the ladder!!! Here comes VIP and he’s met by Sam McKee!!! McKee whips VIP right into the ladder!!!  McKee picks up the ladder…….OH he nails all 3 men with the ladder sending VIP and the Weazyl out to the floor!!  Here comes Blake Frederiksen……OH he just dropkicked the ladder right into the face of Sam McKee!!! Now the Paragon has Ace King…….OH it’s the Paradigm!!!!!


Rick: YES!!! Get up that ladder Blake!!!


JD: Here goes Blake up the ladder……it doesn’t look like anyone’s going to stop him!! Wait a minute……here comes Shane Stevens out from under the ring…..what’s that he’s wearing??

Rick: No…….what the??


JD: He’s wearing a BAD t-shirt!!!! The fans are cheering…..has Shane Stevens turned his back on the UWA?? He’s pulling down Blake Frederiksen……..OH he just nailed Blake with a big right hand…..he just threw Blake out of the ring to the floor!!! Shane Stevens is out on the floor….what’s he getting from under the ring…..it’s a pair of handcuffs!!! What’s he doing?? He’s handcuffing his adopted son Blake Frederiksen to the cage!!


Rick: What in the hell is going on around here??? This is ridiculous….what is Shane Stevens doing to Blake??


JD: Now the Mercenary is helping up the Weazyl and VIP…….look at the look on the face of BAD!!! They look in shock over this whole thing……it looks like Shane is trying to apologize to his son and former best friend!!! YES……BAD is re-united…..all 3 men hug in the ring……I don’t believe what we’re seeing!!!  Now it looks like Shane is telling Weazyl and VIP to climb up the ladder!!!!  Shane Stevens just dumped Ace King out onto the floor and he nailed Sam McKee who was trying to get back in the ring!!!  The Weazyl and VIP are going to make it to the top of the cage thanks to Shane Stevens!!!


Rick: I can’t believe he did this…..why Shane…..why??


JD: VIP is letting the Weazyl go first……he’s got the door open……..YES…..the Weazyl is on top of the cage!!! Now all VIP has to do it make it out and we’re ready to start the match on top of the cage!!! VIP has a hold of the top of the cage……WAIT…..what’s Shane Stevens doing??? He’s trying to tip over the ladder…….what the??  OH MY GOD he tipped over the ladder….but VIP is still holding onto the top of the cage!!!!  The Weazyl is trying to help him up on top……..wait….what’s Blake doing??


Rick: He’s unlocking the cuffs……..he had the key the whole time!!!


JD: You mean this is just another UWA set-up??  Blake Frederiksen is up on the top rope…….OH MY GOD he just caught VIP hanging from the cage and gave him a spinebuster!!! I’ve never seen anything like that in my life!!!


Rick: Wow……he caught a guy who was hanging from the cage and turned it into a spinebuster…….I told u he was the greatest!!!


JD: Now Shane Stevens is ripping off the BAD t-shirt……..and he’s going to try and climb the ladder!!! Could you imagine it…..Mercenary vs. Weazyl 2 here tonight on top of the cage??  Sam McKee is back in the ring and here’s a brawl between the Mercenary and Sam McKee!!! OH Sam McKee slams the Mercenary into the ladder and he falls over on his face.  Sam McKee is going to try and make it to the top of the cage……..NO it’s Ace King and he’s got a hold of Sam McKee……..WOW…..what a powerbomb by Ace King!!! He powerbombed Sam McKee right off the ladder!!!


Rick: This is the most action I’ve ever seen!!!


JD: Ace King is setting up the ladder now…….he’s on his way up the ladder……will he get a shot to walk out of here with EVERY title in GCW …..and on his birthday??  Shane Stevens is up…..he’s climbing up the other side of the ladder….will he be able to stop him??  We’ve got a brawl high above the ring on the top of the ladder…….who’s going to make it out of the cage??  The Mercenary has got Ace King….he’s going to try and superplex him off the cage……NO he can’t do this…….WAIT he can’t get him……now Ace is going to try……..I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!! What an incredible move!!!! Ace King superplexed the Mercenary off the top of that huge ladder right down into the ring…….I think they’re both out of Rick!!!


Rick: Damnit!!! I think Ace King killed the Mercenary!!!  That son of a bitch!!!


JD: Neither man is moving…….now Sam McKee and Blake Frederiksen are going for the ladder!! Sam whips Blake into the ropes…..he misses a clothesline and Blake nails him with an enzeguri kick right to the back of Sam’s head!! OH Sam McKee just hit his face off the ladder!!! Everyone is out…….that leaves on the Paragon with that ladder!!! Can he make it to the top of the cage!!!!  He’s at the top of the ladder…….he’s got the door open…….he’s made it out!!! Either the Paragon or the Weazyl are walking out of here with 3 titles!!! 


Rick: We’ve still got a fight left on top of the cage…..I hope Blake don’t fall off the cage!!!


JD: The Weazyl is going right after Blake Frederiksen…….he picks up Blake and slams him on top of the cage!!! Weazyl drops and elbow on Blake and makes the cover…1…..2….NO!!! He just got his shoulder up in 2!!!  The Weazyl pulls Blake to his feet…..he’s taking him near the edge of the cage……he’s not going to try and throw him off is he??  NO there’s a thumb in the eye from Blake Frederiksen!!! Blake grabs Weazyl from behind…..OH what a belly to back suplex on top of the cage!!! Here’s the cover…1….2….NO!!! Weazyl is out in 2!!!


Rick: It looks like the fight in the ring isn’t over……..Shane Stevens and VIP are going at it and so are Ace King and Sam McKee!!!!


JD: Blake goes to pull the Weazyl to his feet……OH a low blow by the Weazyl!!!! He’s got Blake’s arms hooked…….looks like a double underhook DDT is coming……..WAIT A MINUTE!!!!


(Skip Jones comes down on a cord from the ceiling and lands on top of the cage right behind the Weazyl….)


JD: What in he hell is Skip Jones doing up there??  OH he just nailed Weazyl from behind……..OH reverse neckbreaker by Skip Jones!!!! Skip is telling Blake to finish him………it can’t end like this!!! The Paragon is setting up the Weazyl for the Paradigm……..OH MY GOD……right on top of the cage!!! What an unbelievable move on top of that cage!!!! Here’s the cover by Blake…….1…..2…..3!!!!! NO!! NO!!! Godamnit why did it have to end like this??


Rick: YES!!!! This is great…….Blake Frederiksen  WINS!!!!! Wooohooo!!!!


Announcer: Here is your winner of the Ultimate Cage Match…….and NEW GCW Television, United States, and World Champion……….THE PARAGON BLAKE FREDERIKSEN!!!!!!


JD: Why did a perfect night have to end like this??


Rick: Shut the hell up JD……that was the greatest match EVER and I thought the ending was the best part!! HAHAHA!!


JD: What in the hell are Blake and Skip doing?? They’re not going to try and throw the Weazyl off the top of that cage……are they?? They’ll kill him……..Don’t do it!!!


(Suddenly a voice can be heard throughout the arena……)


Voice: I wouldn’t do that if I were you!!! Well not if you want to keep your jobs!!! I’m the man running the show now…..and if you even think of doing that you’re both FIRED!!!!  It’s bad enough the UWA ruined this historic match…….you’re not going to end anyone’s career…..not unless your careers end with it!!!


(Blake and Skip drop the Weazyl on the cage and are trying to figure out where the person is)


Voice: Don’t try to figure out where I am……or who I am……all you need to know…….is I’m running the show now……and things are going to be a hell of a lot different around here!!!  I’m going to make sure things run more like they did in the past…….when I was in the ring……back when GCW had some order!!!  You’ll find out soon enough who I am…….just remember that things are going to change……DRASTICALLY!!!


JD: We’ve finally heard from the new boss here in GCW!!! One can only wonder……who is it??  He made a comment about being in a GCW ring…..so he must be someone from GCW’s past……but who??


Rick: Who cares…..it could be anyone!!! I can’t believe the nerve of this guy threatening to fire two of the biggest stars in GCW!!!


JD: Well we’re out of time folks…..what an unbelievable night of action…….what in the world is going to happen this Wednesday on the premiere of BLAZE?? What about this Saturday Night on Showdown???  Things are getting hotter and hotter here in GCW and now with the new face of the GCW management…….it sounds like order might actually be restored to GCW!!!  It’s been another amazing night of GCW PPV action……join us September 24th on PPV for GCW TOTALLY EXPOSED!!!!  Goodnight everyone from Miami…….see you on Blaze!!!