GCW UltimateBrawl ‘06


July 30, 2006

MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada



(Cameras open inside the MGM Grand in Las Vegas where a fireworks spectacular and explosions are going off in the arena to kick off UltimateBrawl ’06.  After the opening is done cameras go to Johnny Diamond and Ramblin’ Rick Rogers at the broadcast location……)


Diamond – Welcome everyone to UltimateBrawl 2006……we are LIVE from the gambling capital of the world….Las Vegas, Nevada!! My name is Johnny Diamond and I am joined by my color man…..Ramblin Rick Rogers and what a night we have in store for the return of GCW wrestling to PPV!!


Rick – That’s right Johnny we’ve got one hell of a show for all the drunken gamblers here in Vegas and all the people watching at home.


Diamond – You’re right this is going to be a huge night for GCW, but what about what went down last night on Showdown?  Shane Stevens and Blake Frederiksen together?  Shane also hired Max Power for his personal protection……..and what about the fact that they calling themselves the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance?


Rick – Fans of GCW might remember the UWA from the past…..it was the forming of the most elite-wrestling group in the world at that time.  I mean B.A.D. and the Crippler Corp. who were bitter enemies…..turned their backs on everyone in GCW and formed an alliance.  It was the greatest night I could remember in GCW history until last night when the UWA returned.  Shane is right……Blake Frederiksen is the greatest wrestler I’ve ever seen and I’ve been doing this for a long time now…….you know I’m right Diamond!!


Diamond – I wouldn’t go that far…..what about the 6-time former World Champion…..I mean you can’t be buying into the Presidents ego about making him what he is…….are you?


Rick – Come on Johnny you and I both know that The Mercenary was the greatest wrestler in the history of GCW……I mean Shane Stevens held the World Title longer than ANYONE in GCW history!! Hell he never was defeated for that title……they forced him to give it up…..he never lost it in the ring where you’re supposed to lose titles!! He was the first and only EVER GCW King of the Ring…….a 3-time U.S. Champion!!!! Now he’s found a guy that he knows has the potential to be an EVER BIGGER superstar than the Mercenary Shane Stevens was before he retired!!  This kid has everything……he’s got the right attitude plus he’s got all the in-ring ability…….I don’t know how Shane got a hold of this guy before anyone else…..but I guess that’s why he calls himself the Ultimate Genius right?? HAHAHA!!


Diamond – Whatever Rick…..are we going to star arguing already?  All I know is Shane Stevens has done one hell of a good job giving the Weazyl almost no chance in the world at becoming the GCW World Champion here tonight on PPV!! I hope the Weazyl has the ability of David Blaine of Chris Angel and can make some magic happen here tonight because I don’t see there being anyway he can win!!


Rick – He’s not going to win!!! He turned his back on Shane Stevens and now he’s going to get his ass kicked here tonight by the Paragon the greatest wrestler in GCW!!!


Diamond – Well it’s time to get down to ring for the opening match here on UltimateBrawl…..a match between the giant…..The Great Krusher and GCW Hardcore Legend Sikopath!!!




(Sikopath makes his way to the ring…..the fans boo the hardcore legend as they’ve never liked Sikopath as long as he’s been in GCW)


Announcer – Now making his way to the ring…….weighting 325lbs…….the Hardcore Legend……SIKOPATH!!!!


(The Great Krusher comes out and the fans can’t get over the size of this giant of a man…….there is no cheering or booing….mostly silence…)


Announcer – And his opponent……he weighs in at 575lbs….and stands almost 7’5”…….he is……THE GREAT KRUSHER!!!


Diamond – Look at the size difference in that ring!! Sikopath is a big man and he looks like a cruiserweight besides the Great Krusher!!  Look at Sikopath he’s not wasting any time going after the big man nailing the giant with some running clotheslines that aren’t knocking the big man down Rick!!


Rick – I can’t believe how big this guy is…..holy shit he’s big!!! Sikopath needs to go get a chair or something because he’s not doing much damage to him!!


Diamond – Sikopath is working on the knees trying to chop the big man down.  He’s got him rocking…….Oh man there’s a big boot to the chest of the Great Krusher!!! Look at this he’s all tied up in the ropes……Sikopath has the advantage!!


Rick – Get a chair Sikopath…….damnit get a chair!!


Diamond – He’s getting a chair Rick……this isn’t even a hardcore match.  Sikopath is in the ring with the chair and he’s going to nail the Great Krusher with it…….the ref just called for the bell!! OH MY GOD what a chair shot to the face of the Great Krusher!!! OH MAN another chair shot!!! Look at the chair is broken!!!


Rick – Yes….Yes!!! I love this Diamond!! Don’t let him out of the ropes you idiot……..what is he doing??


Diamond – He’s letting out the Great Krusher……he’s going to try and powerbomb the big man…..the match is already over!!! He can’t get him up……and the Great Krusher has got him by the throat!! He’s choking the life out of Sikopath!!! He’s not even bleeding after those chair shots……and not he’s choking out the former hardcore champion!!! NO….NO….don’t do it!!! OH MY he just chokeslammed the Sikopath out onto the concrete floor!!!  The Great Krusher already won the match by DQ and I think he just crippled Sikopath!!! He’s not moving Rick!!


Rick – What in the hell was that!!! Sikopath didn’t do anything to deserve that!!! Get this guy out of here!!


Diamond – Let’s get the official decision from the ring announcer.


Announcer – Here is your winner….as a result of a disqualification……..THE GREAT KRUSHER!!!!


Diamond – What an opening match here at UltimateBrawl!!! I’m being told that the President of GCW Shane Stevens is backstage and Richard Head is backstage standing by with the President!!


(Cameras go backstage where GCW Reporter Richard Head is in the office of Shane Stevens and he is with Blake Frederiksen and Max Power.)


Dick – Thanks Johnny…..I’m here with the President of GCW Shane Stevens.  Shane…..why did you do what you did last night to the Weazyl?


Stevens – First of all Dick Head……it’s President Stevens and if you call me Shane again….I’ll have you cleaning toilets in the men’s room!!! Why did I do what I did…….it should be…..Why wouldn’t I have done what I did!!! I am sick and tired of the Weazyl and now that I have the Ultimate group of wrestlers that are going to take GCW further than anyone would have thought would be possible!! I’m all about the money Dick……why did you think I bought the rights to GCW from the previous owner?  I don’t care about wrestling anymore……I would much rather sit back and watch the new generation……the Ultimate Wrestler…..the Paragon Blake Frederiksen take GCW to the top of the industry and make me a billionaire!!!


Dick – So you did this all for the money?  What about B.A.D. and all the time with the Weazyl…..it didn’t mean anything?


Stevens – Are you f**king moron Dick?  I got tired of carrying the Weazyl and B.A.D. on my back…….now I have a man that can carry GCW on his back all by himself…….he’s already World Champion for crying out loud!!! Max Power here is the enforcer……he’s the guy that’s gonna make sure that nothing EVER happens to myself or Blake Frederiksen…..and once I find him his tag team partner…….Max Power and whoever his partner is will bring home the GCW World Tag Team Championship belts and the UWA will have all the gold!!! If we have the gold…..GCW will get bigger than EVER……and that’s why the Weazyl will never have the title……because he will bring GCW into the ground and stop me from becoming a billionaire!!! Tonight Weazyl you have no chance of EVER winning the World Title…….so how do you like that buddy?? HAHAHAHA!!!


Head – I’ve just been told the Weazyl has just arrived to the arena……and he’s out back in the parking lot!!


Stevens – So he’s dumber than I thought!!! HAHAHA!!  Are you sure he didn’t roll up in his Rascal scooter…..or a wheelchair?? HAHAHA!!!


(The JumboTron & the TV in Shane’s office show The Weazyl out in the parking lot……..)


Weazyl – Good one last night Shane….good one!! Well I don’t feel like waiting to get a piece of that big dumb giant of yours….so I’m right here out back…..let’s get this shit on right now!!!


(Cameras go back into the Presidents office…..)


Stevens – That stupid son of a bitch……..alright…….go cripple him for good this time Max!!! Make sure we don’t even have a Main Event tonight!!! HAHAHA!!!


(Max Power leaves the office and heads out back……cameras follow him until he is outside in the parking lot.  When he gets outside there is no one there and there is only a portable washroom sitting there.  Max looks around in confusion and slowly walks up to the porta-potty and he slowly opens the door and the Weazyl is inside and throws powder in the face of Max Power.  Weazyl slams Max into the porta-potty and then opens the door and throws Max Power inside, closes the door and puts a lock on it.  Weazyl then gives a sign and the porta-potty begins to lift up off the ground.  It appears to be attached to a crane or something and the porta-potty is lifted about 30ft. in the air with Max Power inside……)


Weazyl – Oh man…..now that’s some funny shit right there!!! HAHAHA!! Have fun Shane getting him out of there…..and Blake get ready because tonight I will become the GCW World Champion for the 7th time!!!


(Cameras go back into Shane’s office where he is extremely pissed off….)


Stevens – What in the hell!!! That son of a bitch!!! F**K!!!


Blake – Don’t worry Shane…..with or without Max……there’s no way the Weazyl can beat me!! You and I both know that!!


Stevens – I know….I know Blake!!! How in the hell am I gonna get him out of there…..I don’t know how to operate a crane….and who in the hell was helping the Weazyl?? I’ll fire his ass when I find out who it is!!!  Get the hell out of my office Dick Head!!!!


(Shane Stevens throws Dick out of his office and slams the door in his face……cameras go back to the broadcast location…..)


Diamond – Can you believe that Rick??? Max Power…..locked in a porta-potty???


Rick – You find that funny…..that’s Max Power…..maybe I should tell him so he can break your neck too!!


Diamond – Don’t get your panties all in a bunch Rick!!


Rick – Keep it up and you’ll be doing this show by yourself!!


Diamond – You really mean it?? (laughing)  We’ve got to get to our next match……a debut match for two new superstars as Sam McKee faces off against Zach Fighter!!!




(Zach Fighter makes his way to the ring…..the fans are split as some like him and some don’t……he doesn’t seem to care either way….)


Announcer – Now making his way to the ring……in his debut match……weighing in a 255lbs…….ZACH FIGHTER!!!


(Sam McKee comes out to a nasty reception from the fans as they don’t like some of the comments the Canadian has had…)


Announcer – And his opponent….also in his first match in GCW….weighing in at 229lbs…..SAM MCKEE!!!!


Diamond – Fighter’s not wasting anytime as he’s already putting the boots to Sam McKee!! Here’s a whip to the ropes…..oh nice drop kick by Zach Fighter as it sent McKee out to the arena floor.  Zach is going right after him……OH there’s a poke in the eye from the Canadian!!  Sam McKee just slammed Zach’s face right off the ring post!!


Rick – Did you here that ding?  I kinda like this guy!!


Diamond – The action’s back in the ring and Sam McKee has him up in there air…….nice vertical suplex there by Sam McKee!! Here’s a cover….1…2…NO!! Sam starts to chop Zach back into the corner…..he looks like he’s setting him up for something on the ropes!! OH MY what a hurricanrana off the top rope….this might be all…..1….2…NO!! Sam picks him up and goes for the whip…..but he misses the clothesline……OH and Zach Fighter catches him with a DDT!! Here’s a cover…1…2…NO!!! Shoulder up in 2!!


Rick – What a match!! Back and forth….I love it!!


Diamond – There’s a great underhook suplex by Zach……and he followed it up with a great leg drop!! Zach Fighter is going up to the top rope….what’s he going to do here?? Here comes the big fist off the top…..OH right in the face of Sam McKee!! This has got to be all she wrote….1….2….NO!!! Again Sam got his shoulder up!!!  Zach is giving the sign for his finisher…..if he nails this it might be over!! NO…..it’s a low blow by Sam McKee…….he’s got Zach…..OH MY there it is……Toronto Slam by Sam McKee!! Here’s the cover…1….2….3!!!!


Announcer – Here is your winner……..SAM MCKEE!!!!


Diamond – I think Zach would have had him if not for that cheap shot!!


Rick – Shut up Diamond……he finished him off and got the win and that’s all that matters!! This guy’s got a future here in GCW that’s for sure!!


Diamond – Wait a minute……here comes VIOLENT VICK VADER!!! He’s got that barbed-wire bat that Zach busted him open with last night on Showdown!! What’s he going to do?? OH MY GOD…..he almost knocked his head off!!! He’s beating the hell out of him with that bat!!! Zach is bleeding from his face and his arms!!!! Get security out here!!!


Rick – What’s wrong with this?? The fans like it……and hell an eye of an eye…..right???


(Security come running down to the ring and gets the bat from Violent Vick and gets him out of the ring…….)


Diamond – It’s about time they get him out of here!! Look at the blood on Zach Fighter!! But he’s up and somehow he’s walking out of here on his own!!!


Rick – That’s not really walking…..he looks drunk!! HAHAHA!!


Diamond – How would you feel after that kind of beating??


Rick – People like me so I don’t have to worry about that!! HAHAHA!!


Diamond – Yeah that’s what you think!!  Next up we’ve got a match for the GCW Television Title….between the #1 Contender Ace King….and the GCW TV Champion…..Skip Jones!! Will Stacey be with Skip?  Earlier tonight he couldn’t even find her!!!


Rick – Skip Jones is the sexiest man in GCW and he doesn’t need that bimbo Stacey Valentine!! She’s just a distraction…..this guy is great and now she’s involved with the Weazyl and they’re messing this guy’s head up!!


Diamond – Well it’s time to find out…..so let’s get down to the ring!!




(Ace King hits the arena and the fans go wild as they’ve really taken a liking to this GCW superstar….)


Announcer – The following contest is for the GCW Television Championship!! Now making his way to the ring…..the challenger and #1 contender….weighing 234lbs……ACE KING!!!


(Skip Jones comes out wearing the GCW TV Title and without Stacey Valentine. He looks very upset and the fans aren’t helping by booing him….)


Announcer – Now making his way to the ring……he is the GCW Television Champion…..weighing 220lbs…….SKIP JONES!!!


Diamond – Look at how upset Skip looks?? I guess he didn’t find her did he?


Rick – Shut up Diamond……his girl is screwing around on him……he’s got to defend his title…..give him a break damnit!!!


Diamond – He’s not even getting in the ring……it doesn’t look like Skip Jones wants to wrestle!!


Rick – Can you blame him??


Diamond – Ace isn’t going to wait……here he comes after the TV Champion!!! He’s got the champ and he slams him into the guardrail!! There’s a big suplex by Ace King out on the arena floor!! He rolls Skip in the ring.  Ace is going up top already…….OH what a moonsault off the top rope!! Here’s a cover…..1….2…NO!!! Here’s a whip to the ropes…..big back body drop by Ace King!! Ace has Skip……great belly to back suplex!! It looks like Ace is going for a Figure 4 leglock……can he get it on Skip……he’s got it locked in Rick!!


Rick – Come on Skip get to the ropes!!!


Diamond – Skip Jones made it to the ropes to break the hold!! Now Ace King has Skip in the corner……here’s the whip to the far corner……Oh Skip hits the corner hard!! Here comes Ace……..OH MY GOD…..Skip Jones just back body dropped him right over the top rope out to the arena floor!!  Skip Jones is going up top…….and he nails Ace with the flying crossbody out on the floor!! Skip gets Ace back in the ring…….he makes the cover….1…2…NO!! Ace is able to kick out in 2!! Skip Jones is giving the sign for the Big Time!!!


Rick – If he nails this it’s over folks!!!


(All of a sudden on the JumboTron we can see the Weazyl sitting backstage and who is sitting with him but Stacey Valentine…….)


Weazyl – I might not have any gold yet……..but I have your GIRL Skip!!! HAHAHA!!!


Diamond – Oh my god…….did you see that??? Look at Skip he doesn’t know what to do!!! Wait a minute…….Ace King nails Skip from behind…….he’s got him set up for the BlackJack!!! OH what a move by Ace King!!! Skip Jones is out cold!! Here’s the cover…..1….2…..3!!! We have a new TV Champion!!!!


Announcer – Here is your winner……AND NEW…..GCW Television Champion………ACE KING!!!!!!


Rick – That’s f**kin bullshit!!! Skip Jones had the match won…….this isn’t fair!! Damn you Weazyl……first you lock up Max Power and now this??  I can’t wait until Blake Frederiksen ends the Weazyl’s career here tonight!!!


Diamond – It doesn’t really matter because Ace King is the new GCW Television Champion!!!! The Weazyl is causing all kinds of problems for people here tonight at UltimateBrawl!!! I don’t even think they’ve got Max Power out of that porta-potty yet and he’s supposed to be in the Main Event!!


(While Ace King is still celebrating……Sam McKee comes running out and attacks Ace from behind…..)


Diamond – It’s Sam McKee!!! What’s he doing out here…..and why is he ruining the new TV Champ’s celebration?  This damn Canadian can’t keep his nose out of other people’s business!!


Rick – He’s the only reason Ace King won the match last night!! He should be thanking Sam McKee!!


Diamond – He’s got Ace King’s belt……OH he just nailed the new champ right in the face with the belt!! Now he’s putting the TV title around his waist and look at him acting like he’s the new champion!!! This is disgusting!!!


Rick – What’s wrong with this…….like I said he’s the reason Ace has the belt and he’s probably going to be the guy to take his belt too!!!


(Sam McKee takes off the belt and throws it on Ace King and leaves the ring……..)


Diamond – This guy has only had one match here in GCW and he’s already stirring up all kinds of controversy!!! What a night so far and we still have 3 more matches to go!! Up next we’ve got a Triple Threat Hardcore match between some of the toughest extreme athletes in the world…..and falls count anywhere folks like in all Hardcore Matches!!! Who’s going to come out on top…..The Mummy…..Violent Vick……or newcomer Dizazter?? Let’s go to the ring!!




(The Mummy makes his way to the ring and the fans don’t seem to like him very much and let him know it….)


Announcer – The following is a Triple Threat Hardcore Match….and falls will count anywhere in the building!! Now making his way to the ring…..participant #1……weighing 256lbs…….he is…..THE MUMMY!!!


(Dizazter comes out and the fans start to cheer and he seems to be fired up from the crowd’s response….)


Announcer – Now making his way to the ring……participant #2……weighing in at 257lbs…….DIZAZTER!!!!


(Violent Vick hits the arena and the fans have a mixed response for the hardcore veteran….)


Announcer – And their opponent…….weighing in at 279lbs…….VIOLENT VICK VADER!!!!


Diamond – This one is underway and we’ve got a brawl in the ring!! Violent Vick just nailed Mummy with a viscous clothesline and OH there’s a clothesline to Vick by Dizazter!! Here goes Dizazter out to the arena floor to get a chair.  He’s back in the ring…..OH he just nailed Violent Vick with that chair!! OH and there’s a chair shot for the Mummy!! This crowd is fired up now!!! Now what’s he going to get………he’s pulling out a table from under the ring!!! He’s setting the table up outside the ring and here he goes back in the ring!! Dizazter has the Mummy…….OH the Mummy pokes him in the eyes!! The Mummy just powerbombed Dizazter!!! OH there’s a kick to the back of the head of the Mummy courtesy of Violent Vick!!!


Rick – I love these kind of matches…..I hope someone gets hurt!!! HAHAHA!!


Diamond – The action is out on the floor now…..and Violent Vick just threw the Mummy over the guardrail and into the crowd!! They’re fighting in the crowd…….where in the hell are they going?? Dizazter just went over the guardrail after them!! They’re headed to the bathroom!!


Rick – Maybe someone has to take a piss??


Diamond – Dizazter has a garbage can and he just nailed Violent Vick with the can!! There’s a shot to the head of the Mummy!! He covers the Mummy….1….2..NO!!  They’re in the bathroom Rick…….OH MY and Dizazter just threw the Mummy through one of the stall doors!! OH Violent Vick just slammed the stall door off Dizazter’s face!! Vick just ripped the dryer off the wall and he smashed it over the head of Dizazter!!! He’s busted open……look at the blood!!! Here’s a cover…..1…2…..NO it’s broke up by the Mummy!! The Mummy has Violent Vick and they’re leaving the bathroom!!! The Mummy is going to try and piledrive Vick on the concrete……OH MY he drove his head into the cement floor!!! Here’s the cover….1….2….NO!!! Somehow Vick kicked out….I don’t believe it!!


Rick – Look how pissed the Mummy is!!! Wait a minute……what in the hell does Dizazter have??


Diamond – It’s the bathroom mirror!!! OH MY GOD he just shattered that mirror over the head of the Mummy!!! The Mummy is out cold and bleeding bad……here’s the cover by Dizazter…..1…..2….3!!! Violent Vick was too late to make the save!! What a crazy match we just saw!!!!


Announcer – Here is your winner…….DIZAZTER!!!!!


Diamond – What else can happen here at UltimateBrawl ’06?  Now it’s time to find out who will be crowned the new GCW United States Champion….and inside of a Steel Cage!!! We’ve got 4 men going in……and the first one out will win the vacant GCW U.S. Title!! Who will it be??? Skull? Shade? What about THC? Maybe the Mighty Knight will add more gold to his collection tonight!! Let’s get down to the ring for what’s sure to be a great match!!


THC vs. SKULL vs. “The Shadow of Life” SHADE vs. MIGHTY KNIGHT


(THC makes his way to the ring…and the fans aren’t too happy with him after almost ending the career of Ryder…..)


Announcer – The following contest is a 4-Way U.S. Title Match…..and will be fought inside of a Steel Cage!! Now making his way to the ring……weighing 230lbs…….this is THC!!!


(Shade hits the arena and the place goes wild…..and Shade is getting fired up from the crowd’s response…)


Announcer – Now making his way to the ring……..he stands 7’1” tall…..and weighs 310lbs……here is……”The Shadow of Life”…..SHADE!!!!


(Skull makes his way to the ring and the crowd is letting him know how much they don’t like him….)


Announcer – Now making his way to the ring…….standing 7’3” tall…..and weighing in at 304lbs………SKULL!!!!!


(The Mighty Knight makes his way into the arena wearing his tag title belt……the fans are going wild as they love ½ of the tag team champions…)


Announcer – And the final participant now making his way to the ring…..he is ½ of the GCW World Tag Team Champions…….he is….THE MIGHTY KNIGHT!!!!


Diamond – The cage door is locked Rick and we’re ready to rock and roll!!


Rick – I love this……someone’s gonna bleed here in this match and you know how much I love blood!! HAHAHA!!


Diamond – You always make that perfectly clear Rick! This one’s underway and we’ve gotta a brawl in the middle of the ring!! All 4 men are beating the hell out of each other!! Mighty Knight just threw THC into the steel cage…..OH MY did he hit that cage hard!! Skull just scooped up Shade and slammed him in the middle of the ring……now Skull and Mighty Knight are into it!!


Rick – I can’t believe he slammed him with ease!! THC is helping out Skull and they’re double teaming Shade!! I didn’t think there were any friends in this match but maybe these two just hate that no good Shade just that much!!


Diamond – Now they’re going after Shade……they’ve got him up on their shoulders…….NO……OH they just rammed him face first into the cage!! Shade is already busted open Rick!! THC is going to try and get out of the cage……wait a minute…..Skull is stopping him……and now they’re both up on the turnbuckle!!  Here comes Mighty Knight…..he’s going to try and take them both down……….now the bloody Shade is in the corner with them!! Shade and Mighty Knight are going to try a double suplex to both THC and Skull……they can’t do it…….OH MY GOD……they did it!! What a move!!!


Rick – Holy Shit……I’ve never seen anything like that from such big guys!!! What a match!!


Diamond – Mighty Knight is going for the door…….Shade’s got him though!! Shade just slammed Mighty Knight’s face off the cage!! Now he’s going to try and suplex the almost 350lbs Knight……can he do it!!! YES……he got him over for the suplex!!! Great move my Shade!!! The big man is going to try and climb out of the cage…….here comes THC to stop him!! Now Skull is climbing up the other side of the cage……..and there’s the Mighty Knight to stop him!! We’ve got all 4 guys up on the cage in opposite corners!! What’s going to happen next!! Knight and Skull and slamming each other’s heads off the top of the cage!


Rick – We’re gonna see more blood!!! I love it!!


Diamond – Good call for once Rick…..because both Mighty Knight and Skull are busted open and they can’t have much left in them.  THC is almost over the top of the cage…….Shade is having a hard time stopping him!! Wait….he’s got him by the hair…….he’s pulling him back in!!! He’s going to try and chokeslam THC from the top of the cage…..NO…..he can’t…….


Rick – HOLY SHIT!!! What a f**kin move…….I can’t believe he chokeslammed him off the top of the cage!!!


Diamond – He broke THC in half!! Shade’s going to try and get out of the cage…….Mighty Knight and Skull look like they’re about to fall off the cage!! What way are they going to fall?? Mighty Knight is falling into the ring and Skull is falling out…..NO WAIT…..Mighty Knight pulled him down with him and both men just fell off the top of the cage and into the ring!!! They’re covered in blood and exhausted!! Look at Shade……he’s almost out of the cage……he’s gonna win this thing!!! YES!! He did it……a bloody and battered Shade has just won the GCW United States Title!!!


Announcer – Here is your winner……AND NEW…….GCW United States Champion……..”The Shadow of Life”…..SHADE!!!!


Rick – I don’t believe this!! How in the hell did he end up winning this thing?? I mean this was one hell of a match but come on!!


Diamond – What do you mean Rick…..he deserved every bit of this win!!! You’re just going to have to deal with it because Shade IS the new GCW U.S. Champion…..whether you like it or not!!


Rick – Well I don’t like it!!


Diamond – No one cares Rick……no one cares!!  It’s time……it’s time for the Main Event of UltimateBrawl ’06!!! A Triple Threat Match for the GCW World Championship!!! The Weazyl and Blake Frederiksen are here……but we still don’t know if Max Power ever got out of that porta-potty Weazyl put him in earlier tonight!! Wait a minutes folks……I’m just getting word that cameras are out back and apparently Shane Stevens is trying to get Max Power out of the porta-potty!! Let’s get out there and see what’s going down!!


(Cameras go out into the parking lot where Shane Stevens finally has someone that can drive the crane to get Max Power down……..)


Stevens – You sure you know what you’re doing?


Driver – No problem….I do this all the time.


Stevens – Well if you f**k this up…..you’re not going to have to worry about me…..but the 7 foot….300 plus pound monster…..MAX POWER!!!


Driver – No problem sir…..I’ll have him down in a few minutes.


Stevens – Excellent!! My plan is going to unfold perfectly…….not even George Bush could stop me now!! HAHAHA!!!


(Cameras go back into the arena to the broadcast location…..)


Diamond – Well it looks like we still might have a Triple Threat here Rick!!


Rick – Oh we will……President Stevens always comes through!! There’s no way in hell…..just like the President said……that the Weazyl is EVER going to win the title here tonight….or on any night!!! HAHAHA!!


Diamond – Well it’s time to find out…..and we still only have two men!!!  Let’s go to the ring!!!




(Fireworks go off in the arena to signify the Main Event of UltimateBrawl ’06…..)


(The Weazyl hits the arena and the roof blows off the place…….he comes down to the ring looking pretty happy considering what has happened to him….)


Announcer – The following contest is for the GCW World Championship and is a Triple Threat NO DQ Match!! Now making his way to the ring…..he is the former 6-time GCW World Champion….weighing 260lbs…….he is……..THE WEAZYL!!!!!!!!!


(Blake Frederiksen makes his way out to the ring wearing the GCW World Title…..the fans begin to boo and some fans throw garbage at the GCW World Champion……)


Announcer – Now making his way to the ring……he is……the GCW World Champion……..here is….”The Paragon”……BLAKE FREDERIKSEN!!!!!!!!!


Diamond – Here we go……..and with no Max Power…..we’re going to get to see these two superstars go one-on-one with NO DQ!!! Look at them just stare each other down……..The Weazyl just went after Blake but he dropped out to the floor to kill time!!


Rick – He’s not killing time dumbass!!! This is his strategy……he’s playing mind games with The Weazyl because he knows he’s better than the Weazyl ever was!!


Diamond – Now you’re just getting ridiculous Rick……why did they even bring you back to GCW??  The Weazyl has got Blake out on the floor….there’s nowhere to run now!!! OH Weazyl just threw Blake into the ring steps and the champ hit them hard!!! The fans want Weazyl to get a chair…….he’s got one……OH right across the back of Blake Frederiksen!!! Anything goes here folks so this is all perfectly legal!!


Rick – Who cares…….get in the ring and wrestle…….why is he using chairs??


Diamond – Because he can……damn you get dumber and dumber every year don’t you Rick?  The Weazyl threw Blake back into the ring and he’s bringing the chair in with him……what’s he going to do with it!!  The Weazyl is putting the chair on Blake’s head and he’s going up top!! What’s he going to do?? WAIT…..the World champ is up and he just nailed the Weazyl in the head with the chair and Weazyl landed out on the concrete floor!!! I think the Weazyl is hurt……..who wouldn’t be after that?? Blake Frederiksen isn’t wasting anytime…..he’s getting the Weazyl back into the ring!!! OH there’s a great fisherman suplex by the world champ…..he’s the cover…..1….2….NO!!


Rick – That’s wrestling right there Diamond!! Now this match is going to change and you’re going to see the best “wrestler” in the world today show you how it’s done!!!


Diamond – Blake got Weazyl…….what’s he going to do……..OH great sitdown powerbomb by the world champ!! Here’s the cover…1….2…NO….The Weazyl’s foot was on the rope!! Blake’s pulling Weazyl back into the middle of the ring…….he’s trying to put on a sharpshooter…..can he get him over…….YES he got him over!!! The Weazyl’s only hope now is he can make it to the ropes or somehow reverse it!!!


Rick – NO WAY….it’s over!!! He’s gonna tap out!!! I love it!!!


Diamond – The Weazyl is too far from the ropes……..it looks like he’s going to try and reverse it!! Can he do it?? He’s got Blake’s leg……..YES YES….he’s reversing the sharpshooter……but wait he’s turning it into a figure four!!!! He’s got it locked in right in the center of the ring!!!! Wait a minute……what’s going on out in the parking lot??


(Cameras go out into the parking lot where they are slowly lowering the porta-potty back down.  Shane Stevens can’t wait any longer and heads back into the arena……)


Diamond – I don’t think Shane is going to make it this time!!!


Rick – Hold on Blake!!!


Diamond – Here comes Shane Stevens!!!! He’s in the ring and he just dropped the leg right across the throat of the Weazyl!!! He has no business being out here…..he’s not in this match!!


Rick – He can do whatever he wants Diamond…..he’s the BOSS!!! I’m telling him about this and I think at the next PPV I’ll be sitting next to someone else if you keep disrespecting the President of GCW like that!!! Go Shane….Go Blake!!! Wooohooo!!


Diamond – Oh look at this…..Shane and Blake are stomping the Weazyl repeatedly…..the is horrible!!! Shane is telling Blake to give him “The Paradigm”…..if he does this it’s all over!!!  Blake is telling Shane to relax and go get Max!!! Shane is leaving the ring…..look at the smile on his face!!! Here it comes…….OH there it is…….THE PARADIGM!!! The Weazyl can’t get up from this!!!


(The lights in the arena go out…..)


Diamond – What in the hell?? The lights just went out……..right when Blake looked like he had this match won!!!


(The lights come back on and Blake Frederiksen is out cold in the ring and the Weazyl has been placed on top of him. Blake also has a sticker on his forehead that says…….”Courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood…..B.A.D.”……..)


Diamond – What the??  The ref is down to make the count……can Shane get back to save him….1….2…..3!!!! NO he’s too late!!! NEW WORLD CHAMPION!!!!! I don’t believe it!!!


Announcer – Here is your winner……AND NEW……GCW WORLD CHAMPION…..for the 7th time………THE WEAZYL!!!!!!!!!!


Rick – F**K!!!!! This isn’t right!!!! This so isn’t right!!!


Diamond – Look how pissed off Shane Stevens is!!!


(The lights go off in the building again………when they come back on……VIP Billy Stevens the son of Shane Stevens is standing behind his father wearing a B.A.D. t-shirt…..the fans are going wild…..)


Diamond – NO……it couldn’t be!!! It’s VIP BILLY STEVENS!!!! I don’t believe it!!!!  Shane hasn’t even realized it yet!!!


(Shane Stevens turns around and when he sees his son it looks like he’s seen a ghost…….)


Diamond – Look at the look on his face!!!! That’s priceless!!! VIP just kicked his father right in the nuts!!! The fans are loving this!!! VIP has him set up for the Very Impressive Piledriver……..OH MY GOD what a spike piledriver!!!! Did you see how high he jumped!!! I think he broke Shane Stevens neck!!!!


Rick – NO NO NO!!!! What in the f**k is going on around here!!!! Where is security……..this guy doesn’t even work here!!!! If Max Power was out here he would have crippled both of these jackasses by now!!!!!


Diamond – VIP just stuck the same sticker he put on Blake on the head of his father Shane Stevens who is out of it!!


(Suddenly the JumboTron has a giant B.A.D. logo on the screen and it says……….The New Generation……)


Diamond – Does this mean what I think it means?? I think B.A.D. is BACK in GCW!!!!!!  What a night……..new World Champion…….VIP makes his return to GCW and B.A.D. shocks the world one night after Shane Stevens shocked cable television announcing the Ultimate Wrestling Alliance!!!! What’s next??  What in the hell is going to happen on Showdown this Saturday night??


Rick – It better be the execution of B.A.D…….because this is bullshit!!! They ruined the Pay Per View!!! Now GCW is going to go into the toilets without Blake Frederiksen as the World Champion!!!! I’m….I’m…..I’m outta here!!!!


(Rick gets up and leaves the broadcast location….)


Diamond – It’s about time he left!!! What a night folks here in Vegas!!!! The biggest weekend in GCW history was just that and what in the world is in store for us in the weeks to come here in GCW??  Make sure you tune into to see this week’s Saturday Night Showdown for Los Angeles, California!!!!  Goodnight everybody…….see you next month on Pay Per View at…….GCW Extreme Heat!!!!!


(Before the show ends……the cameras go back out into the parking lot where Max Power is finally out of the porta-potty and is losing it out in the parking lot.  He knocks over the porta-potty and starts kicking and punching cars in the parking lot.  Max puts his fist right through the driver window of a car…..when he pulls his arm out it is cut and bleeding.  He continues to destroy stuff as cameras fade to black……)