“OOC” Statement from the Owner of GCW


First I’d like to start off by saying that everyone is doing a great job and I really appreciate all the support that GCW is receiving and we’re on our way to making GCW one of the best e-feds on the net……AGAIN!  I also want to let everyone know that if it was up to me no one would lose matches in GCW. J   I am trying my best to be as fair as possible to everyone and please try to follow the storylines or the direction I push your character because I have to find a place for everyone.  Not everyone can be in the World Title scene right now just like they all can’t be in the Tag Title scene, etc.   If you see that I’m putting your character in matches towards the TV title or U.S. title or in tag matches, etc……please try to follow the story and maybe focus on other wrestlers in your “title bracket”.  That’s not to say you can’t ever go for World titles, etc…….but when I feel your character is ready for that level believe me I will do my best to work your character into the picture and then you can start shooting at the wrestlers in that “title bracket”.


Also I’m trying my best to actually try and make GCW feel like a “REAL” wrestling promotion and the storylines and the matches are very important to making the simulation feel real.  I realize a lot of people in GCW are in an e-fed for the first time and that is great, we all started somewhere and some people have better typing skills then others too.  The challenges being made have to slow down a little…….people are challenging EVERYONE and you can’t have feuds with EVERYONE in GCW.  Think about when you watch wrestling on TV…….if it’s not happening like that on TV then it’s probably not going to or suppose to happen like that in GCW or any other e-fed.  I’m sure some people have noticed that I haven’t given them the exact matches they want or not made some of the matches they’re requested and it’s not that I’m trying to be a jerk or anything…..it’s just I am trying to create storylines and it makes it hard to make certain matches if I’m trying to create feuds and creative storylines for the characters and matches, etc.  Also…….GCW is not an EXTREME e-fed……yes there is hardcore matches, etc…..but it is based more along the lines of traditional wrestling promotions like WCW or WWF (not WWE).  Some of the crazy matches that involve burning wrestlers, etc. I can’t use because it’s supposed to be sorta real right?  If they wouldn’t light people on fire on Smackdown or RAW then they probably won’t be doing it on Showdown.  I don’t mind making some new creative matches and even extreme ones…..but the more ridiculous they get the harder it’s going to be for me to write the results for the show.  I don’t use a program or anything to generate results…..it all comes from in my head and the harder it is for me to picture a wrestling match…..especially one that I will never see on TV……I can’t guarantee how great the results will be. I don’t like that because I’m trying to offer the best possible results and storylines to keep everyone having fun and stay interested in GCW.


Another thing…..please don’t use other wrestlers in your roleplays unless you have their permission or they’re at least in a stable with you or something like that.  Also I think I will have to cancel the Showdown for this week and possibly every week there’s a PPV event.  The reason why is I try to put a little more into the matches on the PPV and it does take a long time to write and trying to handle two shows in a weekend makes it really hard to come up with creative ideas, etc.  I hope everyone understands as it’s just to try and make the PPV’s as good as possible and I feel too much of a workload will effect the quality of the results.  I’m also glad to see some Tag Teams forming in GCW because that’s something we definitely DO NOT have.  I would like to see the tag team division heat up a little because it always did pretty good in GCW past.


I hope everyone understands all of this and if you have any questions at all please EMAIL ME and I will answer any questions you have.  I want to thank everyone for all their hard work and to keep it up so we can make GCW better then it’s EVER BEEN.  Please keep having fun and ALWAYS REMEMBER IT’S ALL FOR FUN AND DON’T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONAL IT’S JUST A STORY AND YOU’RE ALL PART OF IT.


Thanks for reading,


Glen (GCW Owner)