2 new superstars signed with GCW!!

Report by: “GCW Insider” Nick Lutz


There’s another 2 signings to announce here in GCW.  The first is a wrestler who has won several championships in different companies. His name is “The New Age Icon” Perice McGee and he’s ready to make his debut in GCW. Perice has been on the wrestling scene for years and has held most major championships in every other promotion he’s worked for.  Will all those championships really matter here in GCW?  How does Perice stack up against a superstars like Blake Frederiksen or the Weazyl?  I’m sure we’ll find out very soon if the New Age Icon will live up to his hype.


The other signing announced was that of a guy by the name of Stoner Steve.  There’s not a lot known about his wrestling history, but my sources tell me that this guy can handle himself in the ring.  He’s had apparent drug problems in the past and hopefully he’s cleaned himself up because he’ll need to be clean with the competition on all levels here in GCW.  Will Stoner Steve have what it takes to be a star, or will he end up just being a stoner?


See you next time on the GCW Insider Report.