More signings announced!!

Report by: “GCW Insider” Nick Lutz


I have two more signings to report today. The first is a man they call the Snow Plow. He hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and has won titles in local promotions in the Calgary area.  He may only stand 5’4” tall but he is built like a little tank or like he calls him self, a Snow Plow.  With High Flying ability I think he will fit in nice with the current GCW roster.  Will the Snow Plow be able to plow down the competition here in GCW?


The other signing to announce is a man named Sledge who is somewhere around the 7’5” mark.  He is from New Jersey and has won titles in wrestling in Jersey and was also involved in gangs when he was young.  GCW has a lot of big men and how will this big man stand up against the fierce competition here in GCW?  Will Sledge be able to become a champion in GCW like he did in his hometown?


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