More signings announced today!!

Report by: “GCW Insider” Nick Lutz


More signings announced today on the biggest weekend in GCW history.  The first name is a guy by the name of Jake Knave….a high-flyer out of Virginia Beach.  Jake is only 23 years old and possesses a great arsenal of high-flying offensive moves.  He’s had success in other smaller promotions and now he has the chance to make a name for himself and a lot of money here in GCW.  Will he be able to continue his success here with the best wrestlers in the world?


Another female star joined the ranks of the best in the world as Toronto Terror signed today.  This Canadian female superstar is a multiple time women’s champion and has won a number of other prestigious awards and titles in women’s competition all around the world.  GCW only has a few female superstars as of right now but I think with the signing of Toronto Terror a lot more women are going to realize GCW has some great female superstars as well as the male superstars.  Will she compete against the male superstars in GCW??  Will she have as much success as Dark Magician Girl, ½ of the World Tag Team Champions?


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