A couple more stars sign with GCW today!!

Report by: “GCW Insider” Nick Lutz


The signing never seem to stop here in GCW as two more stars joined the roster and will look at making a name for themselves in GCW competition.  The first signing is a little shocking as the 59 year old Black Dragon was announced to appear at GCW shows.  My first thought is how many shows can this guy have left?  I do know some of his history and he is a well schooled athlete and has appeared in tons of different wrestling/martial arts style events around the world.  With all the youth in GCW how will an almost 60 year old man fair in the ring?


The other signing is a young star out of Belfast, Ireland by the name of Tiarn Phoenix.  This 21 year old knows his way around the ring and like most Irish is probably tough as nails too.  Phoenix is a very technically skilled wrestler and should make a great addition to the roster as well as add a little more culture to a company full of different cultures already.  Will the technical youngster from Ireland be able to out wrestle his opponents in GCW?


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