7 more wrestlers join the GCW roster!!

Report by: “GCW Insider” Nick Lutz


When I told you before that everyone is looking for a shot in GCW I wasn’t kidding as 7 more signings are announced today.  I know one of these 7 like the rest of the roster are all looking to fulfill the dream of becoming a World Champion.


First of the signings is a very extreme athlete known as Violent Vick Vader.  This guy is a 39 years old and finally has his shot at the big time after spending a lot of time in small promotions and also spent some time in prison on a murder charge that he was later found innocent of the crime.  Will he be able to control his temper and keep a job in GCW?


Next up is now the largest man in GCW standing close to 7’5” and weighing well over 500lbs.  The Great Krusher is what this massive man calls himself and I don’t know much about his background but he a massive man and his size is going to be hard for some of the GCW stars to overcome his size alone.  What kind of impact will he have here in GCW?


Another guy signed today was a strange masked man that goes by the name of The Mummy.  No one knows exactly why he doesn’t show his face but one can only imagine why the reason might be.  The Mummy is another strange hardcore athlete to join GCW in the likeness of other weirdo’s like Sikopath.  It seems to me that to be hardcore you also have to have something a little wrong with you upstairs.  With all these hardcore stars at least the fans will get to seem some blood I’m sure.


Next is another young star to add to the roster, the 25 year old from Pittsburgh Dizazter.  Also a member of the hardcore division here in GCW, Dizazter brings a reputation of success in hardcore style matches.  Having success in other places is one thing but all that really matters is the success a wrestler has here in GCW.  Will Dizazter continue his hardcore success here in GCW?


Hailing from California comes another hardcore attitude in Zach Fighter.  Not a lot is known about his past history but I have received a tape of a couple matches this guy has had and I must say they looked pretty good.  Is it good enough for the competition here in GCW? Only time will tell who is going to be able to call themselves the most extreme wrestler in GCW.


Another Canadian superstar joined the roster today that goes by the name of Sam McKee.  Sam was originally born in the U.S.A. but moved to Canada and is now a full Canadian supporter and has an Anti-American attitude.  Will the American superstars in GCW appreciate this anti-american attitude?  Will he end up joining forces with some of the other Canadian superstars?


More young talent signed today as a 19 year old athlete out of the ATL will be competing here in GCW.  Seth Jacobs calls himself the “Eighth wonder of the world” and has been a part of wrestling his whole life as his father ran a local promotion in Atlanta.  Even though he’s young he still has experience and will get to test all his skills here in GCW. 


That’s all the signing for today and remember to stay tuned to the Insider Report for all the news from the world of GCW.