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Cast your vote for the GCW RingMaster Awards!  You decide who is the best wrestler in each category, so vote today!


The deadline for voting is: August 27th, 2006


Each person (handler) is allowed to vote up to 7 times.  Please do not vote more than 7 times, this way you can't just keep voting for yourself to win.




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Wrestler of the Month

Blake Frederiksen
The Weazyl
Max Power
Skip Jones
The Mighty Knight
Ace King

Match of the Month

Battle Royal (1st Showdown)
Frederiksen vs. Weazyl (Ladder Match)
4-Way U.S. Title Cage Match (PPV)
Triple Threat Hardcore Match (PPV)
Ryder vs. THC (Table Death Match)
Max Power vs. Weazyl (F.C.A. Match)

Most Shocking Moment

Stevens & Frederiksen form the U.W.A.
VIP screws U.W.A. and B.A.D. returns
THC & Sikopath injure Ryder
Max Power gets arrested after PPV
Skip Jones loses Title and Girl
Blake screws Weazyl & Max as referee

Most Hated

Shane Stevens
Blake Frederiksen
The Weazyl
Sam McKee
Zach Fighter

Hardcore Wrestler of the Month

Violent Vick Vader
Zach Fighter
The Mummy

Top Roleplayer

Blake Frederiksen
The Weazyl
Max Power
Skip Jones
Sam McKee
Ace King


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